Monday, 8 November 2010

Marvellous Monday!

Hello everyone! The Bibi here! The weather is absolutely stinky today but we don't care! Our #1 is back home with us! Not that we were neglected when she was gone. Ms. P. looked after us so well and loved us to pieces. But our #1 is, after all, our #1! She is feeling pretty woozy and not good for very much at the moment, except napping, which is great by us!

As soon as she got back, I had to investigate the suitcase.

It's big enough. I think she should take me with her next time!

Sei-Chan and Mama Tama also came to investigate:

#1 and Ms. P decided to go and have pizza and take Tommy with them. I decided this was grossly unfair, so as they opened the door, I thundered out into the night. They then spent the next hour trying to find me in the pitch dark, rain and mist. I had so much fun!!!! I eventually let them lure me into the garage where #1 grabbed me, saying a number of rude words, and flung me back inside the house. Tommy still got to go and have pizza. NOT FAIR!

But they did come back, and #1 collapsed into bed. Guess where The Bibi was?????

All is right with the world again!


  1. Hi! We are visiting from

    We are glad to see you made it back safely, and have really enjoyed reading your blog!


  2. Hooray!!!! Welcome home #1! Bibi, you sure made a little bit of a pest of yourself, didn't you ;)

  3. Oh, Bibi! That would NOT have been good for you to get lost on the night #1 got home. Be a good boy, now.

    You all must be very pleased to have her home. Did she bring any horsies in her suitcase?

  4. The weather is really bad here too. So bad that we don't want to go out and that is BAD.

    We're gald #1 is back with you, but you really shouldn't run away. It just makes beans mad and sad

  5. We agree they should have taken you for pizza too.

  6. Oh goodness you must have the same weather we have got today too - misty, murky, wet, windy and cold!!
    Welcome home #1!!
    We bet #1 and Ms P enjoyed playing hide and seek with you last night Bibi - it would help #1 get over her jet lag haha!!
    We have missed you all - thank you for asking about Lucy we will know more later when mum takes her to the v-e-t place.

  7. YEA!!!!!!!!!

    #1 is bakhk!

    As fur Tommy getting to go and not woo...

    Being khanine certainly has its privileges!

    That was so NOT a great welkhome home purrrrprise fur #1

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! KHATS!

  8. Welcome back to #1 ! We would hide the suitcase so she can never go away again!

  9. I'm glad your Mom is home. You went out in the rain ... didn't you get your paws wet ? Do that on a sunny day next time.

  10. I am glad she is back. No one is the same as your person.

  11. Ha! Great job escaping, Bibi! There's no such time as outdoor time. We are very happy to hear that #1 is back home with you.
    little silly Chilli

  12. Welcome back to #1! Rest, relax and savour your holiday memories today. Jet lag is the worst!

    Bibi, dearest, no running away! It is not good for your health to be out on cold wet nights. And it really upsets the one who loves you most. Besides there are lots of exciting things to sniff in #1's case. Maybe even a present for you!

  13. When humans return from being away, it is always important to show them who is boss! Even though you are young, Bibi, you have already learned that lesson well! Given just a little more time, you may have full domination at your paws, and your human will be bringing home special treats whenever she goes out to dinner!

  14. Glad #1 is home!
    Where in the world are you in the last pic, Bibi? Looks cozy!

  15. Oh Bibi-chan, we are glad that #1 is home safely and all is right in the world with you. But, really, to dash out like that must have really caused #1 a lot of stress when she was so tired from her long trip.

    Please take good care of her!

  16. Naughty Bibi - don't do THAT again. #1 would be so sad if something bad happened to you. We knew she wouldn't stay upset with you for long. Now let's help her get some rest and then be a good kitty.

    Welcome home, #1.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  17. The Bibi, you are a kitten of my heart...I LOVE to escape too! I hope you got some pizza, it's Not Fair if you didn't.
    xx The Baby, Escapista Cat

  18. So glad you got your mum back. But oh naughty to run out and glad you were found ok.. Alls well that ends well as they say.. HUgs GJ x

  19. That is so cute. Bet you're so happy to have her back. :)

  20. Great to see #1 back with you all!

    Although she must have got a fright when you took off out the door Bibi and on her first night back!!

    Lucky Tommy getting to go for pizza - hope he got some pizza crust. Murray always looks after Clive with some!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  21. Hehe! That last pic sure is hilarious!


  22. Yay, #1 is back home and time to snuggle.

  23. Yippee #1 is go Tommy have some pizza
    Benny & Lily

  24. Tommy got to have pizza....IN the restaurant??? Now Grete is definitely teleporting over...she's hoping for a table for 2!

  25. Bibi-Chan
    You awe soo wight..this is the best way to stawt the week..all of you togethew again, just as it should be!!!
    I'm suwe youw Mama had a gweat time but is so happy to see all of you and snuggle
    smoochie kisses


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