Saturday, 27 November 2010

SoothSEIying SEIturday!

OK, so what is the deal? My name is NOT Cassandra so why do I always get to announce impending catastrophe? I say it's really not fair! Anyway, I do have a sense of duty so I shall just get on with it: the bad news is that #1 is about to leave us again! Can you believe it? She has only been back from the States for about two and a half minutes! This time, she is going to Tokyo. The only consolation is that she will only (only!) be gone 10 days. She was originally going to go just for fun and then suddenly finds herself with a zillion client meetings. She is even going to the Japan Equine Federation and the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture (on "you know what" business...). She keeps mumbling that she REALLY hopes she will have enough time for shopping. Apparently, shopping in Tokyo is totally awesome! Our house-sitters this time are coming from Prince Edward Island, and will arrive on Tuesday, and #1 leaves on Thursday.

Anyway, today's good news is that Tama-Chan and I have been released from the back room and are free to roam the house again. Believe me, its nice to stretch one's paws! And reclaim my supervisory position overlooking #1's desk!


  1. Well it's about time. And maybe you should sit on #1 so she stops leaving you all so much!

  2. That would work

    Sei-Chan you look lovely there in that pic! Love all the cats!

  3. #1's trips make ours look like a jaunt to the grocery store!

    I do hope she khan find time fur some shopping!

    Great sleepy pikh!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Make sure woo get LOTS of extra snuggles and khuddles!

  4. Maybe #1 will bring back some Japanese toys for you! (Christmas is coming!)

  5. What nerve leaving you again. We would make sure upon her return there are no coconuts in her bags from a nice tropical island vacation
    Benny & Lily

  6. Oh goodness me! What is #1 thinking?
    Leaving you again! However, Mom says she is jealous because she wants to go back to Japan again. We are trying to discourage her by sitting on her at night and bring all cute and stuff...

    We hope #1 has a wonderful trip though!

    9 and Chani

  7. We forsee some really cool Christmas presents in your future, and lots of spoiling from your cat-sitter. (and Tommy-sitter!)

  8. That Number One really gets around! Hey, client meetings are good, more green papers mean more Japanese cat toys for the Chans and dog toys for Tom. And maybe some good horse stuff for Vidock. We hear the Japanese culture really embraces cats. (as all highly developed cultures should!) We hope your cat sitters are very nice and maybe #1 will do some remote blogging.

  9. we're so glad to hear that you kitties are out of solitary confinement and back where you belong.

    that's a bummer that #1 is going to leave you again. poor kitties and Tom.

    hey Tom, we wanted to tell you not to feel bad about the springer who smashed into Baxter. we didn't blame him at all. Baxter was running and very focused on getting his ball and the springer was doing the same. the springer came in from the side and neither one noticed the other one because they were each so focused on what they were doing. it happens. and Baxter was okay. not the springer's fault and definitely not your fault!


  10. Sorry, but it just should not be allowed. Mind you, sitters from PEI sounds phabulous!

  11. You need to tie your human's feet down so she stops running all over the world like this! My human takes off for no more than four days at a time - Kitty Orders!

  12. Glad to hear that you are feeling back to normal but not glad that #1 is abandoning you again. Make her feel very guilty so she brings you lots of treats from Japan.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  13. Wow...your #1 sure does get around huh? hehe

  14. We are happy to see that you and Tama-Chan are now free from the special room. But we are sorry #1 is leaving you again. Maybe she will come back with some great pressies for you.

    Our sister-in-law was just in Korea and Taiwan. She had wanted to go to Japan instead of Taiwan, but her girl friends said they had been there enough. We are all just so happy that she has finally gotten out of Seoul.

    Tell #1 to have a safe and fun trip.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. We are glad you beauties are feeling better. How do your surgical areas look? You must remember to take it easy ,even though you feel well,because internal healing takes longer.

    We cannot believe #1 is departing again! So soon after your surgeries and so close to Christmas. Where does she find these cat sitters from all points on the globe? It was Texas last time, wasn't it?. Well, if she must go, we wish her a very wonderful trip. We'll be looking forward to the pictures. Hope she finds lots of exciting things to bring home to you.


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