Monday, 22 November 2010

Manly Monday and Update on the Girls!

: Sorry we are a bit late posting today. #1 has not had one moment to blog between when she got up before 7am and now, almost 7pm! We are happy to say that the girls are safely back home and I have had my annual shots and pronounced to be in perfect health! Tama-Chan is in great shape too but Sei-Chan, poor little darling, has been told she needs to go on a diet! She put on an awful lot of weight after going on the pill so we are hoping some of it will come off following the operation, but she may need some "help." Dr .C said not to do anything drastic but she would like for Sei-Chan to weight the same as Tama (there is now adifference of one kilo between them!) by this time next year. Oh and Sei-Chan had her second FeLV/FIV test and she is negative. Hurray!

Now onto manly things. I have some extremely manly photos of myself for you today:

Firstly, true manliness means loving your stuffies!

True Manliness means knowing when to be quiet and just supervise. This is Titan, a young Percheron gelding, who is going through "basic training":

And finally, utter manliness is knowing when to show your cute side!

Bibi-Chan: The Bibi here! Guess what? It's my birthday soon! I will be a whole year old on December 4th! Do you think I look devastatingly handsome?

I think it is very manly to play with your woofie brother:

It is sharing #1's bed so as to keep her warm on cold winter nights...

... And discovering the joys of "hanging over" the radiator during the day!

Vidock: I think that manliness is making sure your brother knows who's the boss. That would be MOI, Viking!

This just in: I just sent #1 a photo of myself and Viking playing in the mud!

Followed by a heavenly relaxation session!


  1. I am glad all the news is good news. Now these gorgeous pictures and soon you will be a whole year old. That will be a lovely day I am sure. HUgs GJ x

  2. So glad that the girls are doing well. Tommy we love how you treat your stuffies and wish that Ambrose could do the same!

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. So nice to see you all!! We are so glad that Sei-Chan and Tama-Chan both are back home safe and sound! Take it easy recuperating you two.

    Great photos of the boys too!

  4. The Bibster will be one year old so soon? That just can't be. Mom remembers you as the little pipsqueak you were just yesterday. Many purrs to the girls for their recovery. Loving the manly news and pics from Tommy and Vidock!

  5. Glad the surgeries went well! Vidock, Tommy and Bibi are all EXTREMELY manly today!

    Very glad the second FIV test came back negative!

  6. HouBibi will be a year old!?! My how time flies.
    Tommy, you are just adorable, and manly. But especially adorable.
    Purrs for the little patients, and need a bath!

  7. Delighted to read all the news was good from the vet! The photos are wonderful today - we enjoyed them all so much!

    Tommy, that last one of you is so handsome and Murray really enjoys seeing Vidock!

    take care

  8. LOVE all the good news from the vet.

    You are all SO darn cute. :)

  9. Well, all in all that is a wonderful and pawsitive report, as well as being mainly manly, of course. Sorry about the diet. That's a bit of a drag. Of course, maybe the operation will do the trick.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  10. Hurrah! Hurrah! The kitties are home and the surgery has gone well. Answered prayers! Now we offer prayers and purrs of thanks.
    Tommy, you are such a beautiful doggie with your soft sweet eyes. A darling dog! Bibi, you are breathtaking, absolutely breathtaking. But you must know that by now. And Vidock, what a strikingly handsome boy! You photograph beautifully. Tha t last pic of you and your bro relaxing is such a heartwarming photo. We think your mum might like that photo to be framed. Love to all.

  11. YAY!! Its ood news all around and such great pics of The Bibi :)Vidock is very handsome and looks very strong.We love all the pics.

    amigos and san

  12. Great report for all. We are sure the weight issue will be gone in no time. We bet you are happy that all went so well. Great to see you do love those stuffies, Tommy. Great pics - we love your eyes. And Bibi, we are so jealous that you get to sleep in #1's bed, we are banished from the bedrooms:( Vidock, Ciara thinks she might like to play in the mud with you too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. PS Thank you for all of the joy and happiness you brought to todays post.. Our brother was helped to the bridge this AM. and we are all so sad.

  14. There is certainly a lot of manliness going on in this post! But on the female side of things, I'm glad that it all went well with Tama and Sei-Chan, even if it turned out that Sei needs to loose a bit of weight.

  15. Glad the girls are OK. Nice to see all the men in the family.

  16. we like the good news!! Purrty soon its time for birthday presents
    Benny & Lily

  17. I'm glad everyone is doing so well. Bibi, my mum agrees that December 4 is a great day because that is her birthday too.

  18. Hooray for all the manly photos and the girls being home. Hooray for Sei-chan's negative test.

    Mom thinks that Bibi is devastatingly handsome hehe, but won't tell 9 that.


  19. My heart is going pitty pat!


    Tommy and Vidock!



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