Thursday, 4 November 2010

Hey CORY!!!!!!!

Look what #1 found today!

She bought some to bring back for us!

The Chans (and Tommy too)


  1. It is furry tasty stuff!

    We are lukhky in that our lokhal grocery store kharries it - and THAT is only five or six minutes away!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Behold The Power of CHEESE!

  2. Love Tillamook Cheddar cheese!

  3. You guys are in for a super treat!

  4. Looks very yummy!

    We are catching up on #1's big trip!! How exciting!! What gorgeous horses.

    We are sure you are all anxiously awaiting her return! Enjoy the welcome home snuggles!!

  5. ::chirp::

    Oh wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm getting woozy just thinking about it. If you have a chance to sink your claws into the black label extra sharp cheddar, you'll know why I twitch just thinking of it!!!!!

    Tillamook. Land of the cheese. Place of my birth.

    xoxo Cory

  6. We hope you enjoy your cheese. We are very sure France has some lovely cheeses indeed. But a taste of a far away place is always fun.
    Looks like #1 is having an amazing trip. Hope she enjoys the remaining days in the states and that the weather holds. We look forward to seeing your sweet faces again when she gets home. Maybe she'll show us more of the horse photos too, if Vidock doesn't mind.

  7. Not long until #1 is back with you all and bringing you shedloads of presents (or if not we think she'll deserve the back of disrespect!) We have never had a taste of that cheese but we like all the ones we have tried. Now then Tommy and The Chans - tidy up before #1 gets home so you'll get lots of kisses for being tidy girls and boys.

  8. We love it when the staff makes herself a Tillamook cheese sandwich. If we stare at her long enough, she always cuts a slice of cheese just for us.

  9. Oh wow...Rumblemum says she misses orange cheese!!

    Thank you guys for stopping by and sending sweet words to Inigo. We all appreciate it so much.

  10. wowwee!! we love tillamook cheese! we hope that you ALL ( we mean Tom) get to share it. and dogs need lots of cheese - big pieces. oh yummm.... cheese is the BEST. we are drooling now....


  11. OOOH, Tilamook is mom's favorite cheddars!


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