Sunday, 28 November 2010

Snuggles on Sunday

: With #1 going away again, we are looking ahead to two Sundays without a "Snuggles on Sunday" post (more like "Shopping in Shibuya" knowing her...). But we DO have one for you today!

I shall, as usual start with myself. I was just so delighted to be reunited with Tommy when #1 let me and Sei-Chan out of the back room yesterday evening!

I also did a lot of snuggling with #1 when we were in the back room:

Sei-Chan, on the other hand, was just waiting to get back onto #1's bed and resume her evening, night-time and early morning cuddles!

Bibi is also a "Bed-Boy" dividing his time between inside and outside the bed. Here he is, sitting on #1, perhaps in a vain attempt to keep her from leaving?!

During the day, he always spends considerable time snuggling with Tommy:

We have recently been asked a number of questions in the comments and thought we would answer them today.

Why is this blog called "The Poupounette": The blog was first started by Tommy and his older brother Sen-Chan, who went to the Bridge in January 2009. Sen-Chan was a total sweetheart and his nickname was "Poupounet" which means something like "sweet little thing" in French. When the idea of the blog came up, we looked for a title in the spirit of "gazette" and thus was created "The Poupounette"!

How are the girls' incisions? They seem to be doing really well. Neither is licking or pulling at the stitches. #1 was a bit worried yesterday when they came out of the back room and started galloping around the house and jumping onto the high beam in the study, but they don't seem to have harmed themselves.

How do we find all our wonderful house-sitters? Mainly through a website! In three years of doing it, we have had one bad experience and many wonderful ones. We really love sitters who come back again and again, such as our Australia friends. The PEI sitters coming this time are friends of friends.


  1. That is some very enthusiastic snuggling. I hope Tommy can breath.


  2. We cannot believe you are bering abandoned again (but we know it is for good reasons). Keep snuggling!!!!

  3. We can see that you girls are happy to be out of the back room and snuggling up with Tommy. Bibi has the right idea. Why don't all of you snuggle on top of #1 so she won't be able to leave?

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  4. It looks like the snuggling was quite successful. Thanks for the info on the title and the boo boos
    Benny & Lily

  5. It was nice to find out where your blog name came from. We always wondered where your pet sitters came from - we never realised there was a website!!
    We expect the girls were going "stir crazy" when they were confined after their operations.
    Enjoy your Sunday snuggles
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  6. Tommy is a snuggle magnet!

    Thanks for answering those questions, that was interesting. Have a good week with your #1.

  7. Hey Tommy -

    I so hope woo don't get any khat khooties!

    PeeEssWoo: Great snuggles one and all!

  8. About our rabies shots and licenses: since there is rabies in some of the raccoons in the area, and feral cats, Mom and Dad do always get their cats vaccinated, and I believe it is the law to do so. But now the town has added the requirement of a license and tag, starting in january. Mom doesn't know how it is really going to work out, but she thinks they will let me be collarless indoors, but if I DO go out, I will need to wear something. Their has been a campaign by some folks to get rid of the feral cat colonies, so we think this may be related to that. Mom doesn't want to think about those feral kitties and their future too much as it is upsetting..

  9. Well, we think all that snuggling will last us a couple weeks! MOL, we like #1's red flannel jammies! They look quite fashion-forward.

  10. My human has a regular house-pet sitter that we love. Unfortunately, she is not available this year and has not been able to find a replacement, so my human may have to cancel her out-of-town trip for this month. Too bad for her, too good for me!

  11. I love watching the snuggles. Alas I just don't have a nice cat to snuggle with... I liked finding out the reason behind your name--we had looked up the approximate translation in French and just found that it was an endearment.

  12. Ahhhh - we fel all warm and contented now we've filled up on some snuggling Poupounette style! Wonderful! We're quite envious of your petsitters - we've only had the one BAD experience which is why we now go to the kennels which we enjoy. It's a shame though - we know our humans would prefer us to remain at home. Still, we're glad you've had such good experiences with them. Schnauzer snuggles - JD and Max.

  13. That is a lot of cute snuggling! :)

  14. Store up those snuggles before #1 leaves you again. Glad everyone is doing OK.

  15. You all are the best snugglers of all we have seen. And oh that shot of Tommy with Bibi-Chan - Mom is just smiling away.

    We wish we could find some really good sitters so we could stay home with Mom and Dad go away - that would really be nice.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  16. Looks like you all are getting some extra snuggles in today!!

  17. Superb snuggle shots!


  18. I can't believe #1 would abandon you again! You would think with all your snuggling she'd NEVER leave! I hope she has time to buy you cool stuff in Tokyo!

  19. Good work with the snuggling. Best to get in credit with that before #1 leaves.


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