Thursday, 8 October 2009

Thankful Thursday

Yuu-Chan: It is a whole week today since I came to my Forever Home and I wanted to tell you all how thankful I am to be here! I love my new family! #1 is an endless source of cuddles (as are ALL human visitors to the house!). My brother Tommy is so sweet. I have not been cuddling with him yet but I am probably going to take the plunge very soon! As for my sisters, I love them both! Sei-Chan (actually, I should be calling her "Sei-Chama" to convey the proper combination of respect and affection I feel for her) is no longer hissing at me and we are beginning to get pretty close to one another.

Tama-Chan ("Tama-Chama!") is very lovely too although she is a little bit more reserved.

I now have a little basket of my very own, and for some reason, everybody squees when I sit in it. People are a little strange, don't you think?!

I have been rather hogging the blog lately, and #1 says he promises there will be photos of ALL of us tomorrow!


  1. Yuu-chan, literally
    you are a golder boy!

    cute, cute, cute!


  2. You are a sweet little boy! You are like a little toy in your basket.

  3. Are you a bit redder than Sei-Chan? We love to hear how well you're settling in, sweet boy. And we don't mind you hogging the blog at all!

  4. We are so happy to hear that you are settling in so well, little mancat! We must admit, we squeed when we saw you in your basket.

  5. Ah so I was right Yuu are the mancat of the house little Yuu-Chan and as such need to let the girls groom you and #1 fuss over you and love you lots and lots. Funny how we're both in the same sort of family set-up, one gorgeous sorrel mancat to two lovely Aby ladykitties! ;) This is a very nice number I think as one can groom your head and ears while the other works on your back and belly - I tend to save my tail for those quiet moments when even I feel the urge to groom myself! ;)

    Yes, it's a good life, so make the most of it and purr your heart out! :)


    PS: Apparently I have to tell you that Setra thinks you're very cute...

  6. Even I skhwee when I see woo in your basket!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  7. Squeeeee~!!!

    Yes, humans are a bit odd. Our mom squees over us and cute kitty pictures all the time. Lately, she's been squeeing every time she visits your blog, but we understand. Yuu-chan, you are quite adorable. Weird, but we think we'll keep her ;)

    9 and Chani

    p.s. Marlene here... love how your older sisters have the -chama designation! It fits them both quite well!

  8. Yuu-Chan you are such a cutie - of course everyone goes crazy when you sit in your basket - they probably do whenever they see you!

    I am so glad you are getting along well with everyone - I am sure Tama-Chan will warm up to you soon. And we are sure that once you take the plunge with Tommy you will love it! He is so good at kitty snuggles!

  9. Yuu-chan, "you can" show us your lovely pics all day - you are one special kitty. But do let us see the others too, especially our sweet boy Tommy.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  10. I'm looking forward to sseing a giant Aby cuddle pile with you three.

    Oh, and by the way, Mummy says "Squeeeeeeeeeee!".

  11. You are such a cute little guy!!! I am happy that you have settled in! Please tell everyone not to worry about PIF, I wanted to play twice! Whenever you get time to play is fine!

  12. My human is still squeeeing at that photo, you have the power my little friend, use it wisely!!!

  13. Yuu-Chan yoo certainly do make our the mom squee! We fink yoo all has dat cuteness dat all beans lub so much!

    Fank yoo fer guessing Trooder's weight, we will has the weight announced on Monday October 12 (Mancat Monday).

  14. Yuu-Chan, it is so nice to meet you. We can definitely see how that basket can cause all that squee-ing. ;)


  15. You are adorable in your basket. Mommy is squeeing here. ~S,S,C & F

  16. We can see why people make the squee noise - you color coordinate beautifully with your basket in additional to being a handsome boy!

    We're glad that you're settling in and things are more play and less hiss.

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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