Friday, 2 October 2009

Family Friday!

Tama-Chan: Hello everyone! It has been quite an eventful few days around here (and around me!). I barely know where to start... I was feeling rather hot and bothered early this week and #1 told me that the time had come to do something about it. So, on went the Puppia harness and we went for a drive. I screamed blue murder all the way but when we got there, I was comforted to find my 'Pei friend ViVi waiting, as well as Uncle U!

Well, I was placed in special accommodations and I was not alone! This handsome mancat was there and he purred at me! Of course, Misha is where my heart is, but this, apparently, was what my dear friend Isis calls my "professional boyfriend." Here he is:

His name is Boukhara, and he is known to his friends and fans as "Boubou." Our honeymoon lasted 48 hours and I must say that he was quite the gentleman...

And where, may you ask, will all this lead? We will know more about that in a little while. In the interim, I wish Sei-Chan would stop hissing and spitting at me. She keeps saying I smell terrible. How rude!

Now it just so happens that whilst I was hanging out at Uncle U's, I came across one of the kittens who had stayed at our house several times this summer. He said that he was in the process of looking for a forever home and was wondering whether, by any chance, we might have room for him. He was terribly polite and he told me that he is a genuine "Insta-Purr" kitten! What can you do?? I said OK. Maybe I should have consulted with Sei-Chan first because she hasn't stopped snarling at him too since he arrived. Sigh...... Well, I have been sending the occasional hiss his way too, just so he is quite clear about my being the one and only princess around here. He is one plucky boy, though, and keeps trying to be friends... #1 doesn't seem too worried. She says it always take a few days for things to settle down. Crossing paws...

He will be introducing himself properly to you all this weekend, but here is a photo of him. As you can see, he is a sorrel, like Sei-Chan, and he has little ear tufts !!!

I know you are all wondering how things have gone between him and Tommy... Well, you know Tommy, the peace-maker, the sweetheart, the nanny! He immediately made friends with our new family member!


  1. Wonderful! Quite the family Friday!!! So much happening at your place, we don't know where to start. Except for saying all the best for the future. Tama-Chan, your professional boyfriend is quite the charmer. We are so happy it were 48 good hours. When can we come and pick one of your kittens? And we so understand you took the sorrel boy home with you. Those ear tips! Concats efurryone!
    Siena & Chilli

  2. Tommy! Living with all those cats must be like, um, herding cats!


  3. Love the pictures. Can't wait to see the kittens. I'm glad you enjoyed your vacation.

  4. OOhhhhh Tama Chan, what an exciting trip!! I can't wait to see where the results of that visit go....If it weren't for the TM I'm pretty sure we'd be lining up for the fruits of that visit :).

    And your new brother is so cute!! I really am trying to learn how to open the LL's wallet to get the credit card so I can move in with all of you! Some days the LL even says she'd join me hehe.


  5. I'm so glad woo had fun on your 'date' -

    That was nice of woo to bring bakhk a khytty fur me!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - if they get to be too much, please let me know - we'll try and get woo here!

  6. Oh! Oh! Welcome! Welcome handsome boy! We are so happy to meet you:) Tama-Chan, it is wonderful to see you back home. We are so excited to see what the results of your trip are:)
    What an exciting post:)

  7. Wow, your furamily is expanding and it sounds like it may get even bigger. We figured that's where you went. We hope you had a wonderful honeymoon. Tommy, we think it is about time you demanded a pup to cuddle with too.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  8. OH BOY! I can't wait! I love your new "brother" he is beautiful! Hope Sei-Chan chills out soon.

    Angie, TN Bull Terr0rs' DawgMom

  9. While you are a purebreed, I am still a little disturbed that your mom decides to breed you.

    We have enough stray cats problems without the need to add on to more cats intentionally.

    If your mom wants kittens she would just need to drop by the local animal shelter.

    Sigh, anyway wish you well.

  10. Oh, BouBou is so handsome!!! And Tama-Chan, we hope that was 48 hours well spent! We can't wait to hear about the results!

  11. ANONYMOUS you are a coward. You are obviously not clear enough about your convictions to say who you are. You either believe in something or you don't, and in either case, you should have the courage to own up to your beliefs.

    In addition, you don't know anything about us or about the background to this whole story. Standing in judgement is easy enough from a distance and behind a mask.


  12. #1 Thank you for standing up to Anon.and telling whoever that is off. It simply pisses me off when people make comments such as that! It's just not their place.

    On to more positive things: Hooray that the family is growing. Can't wait to learn what the new brofur's name is and to see how Tama-chan's baby(ies) progress!

    Tommy, you are the sweetest! I wish 9 and Chani could meet you so they would be come less afraid of woofies :D

  13. Oh my gosh! You have a new little brother? Both of our houses are sure getting full with furries!
    Tommy is the sweetest, making peace with everyone. Maybe Tommy can teleport over to our house and help out sometimes?

  14. I knew it--kittens! And arriving in two "shifts"! :D

  15. It took that mancat 48 hours to romance you? Don't know why I was so jealous! I'd have had you swooning in my arms at "Bonjour"!

    can't wait to see more of your cute little brother.

  16. Well, I was half right on my guess (and I guess sort of indirectly right). I thought that you might be meeting with a mancat - but I didn't think the kittens you would be bringing would be "done" yet. I hope Misha doesn't get too jealous (although your professional boyfriendcat is very handsome and would make cute kittens I am sure). Your new little brother is a cutie -I can see why #1 couldn't resist. And I think you and Sei-Chan will grow to love him soon. Although be patient - he is a boy and boys are usually a little crazier then girls! I am glad that Tommy is there to show him how good boys behave - he should be a great influence!

  17. How exciting! Boukhara is very handsome. We hope you have more exciting news in a few weeks too. Your new brother is gorgeous! We look forward to getting to know him.

  18. Oh my goodness! Mom just got home and let me peek at the bloggies and...oh my goodness! I was thinking that maybe there might be little buns in the oven, but I had no idea you'd be bringing home a sweet little brother! This is beyond exciting news! Ginger is beside herself that she didn't figure it out and spread it all over the place first!

  19. So much has happened this week. A new sibling and you can have baby kits on the way!

  20. The little guy is very cute! I think it's great that you agreed to give him a furever home! So, umm, when will you know if your work this weekend paid off?

  21. What a handsome addition to your family. ~S,S,C & F

  22. Oh we remember when that little guy visited you this nice that he is now a family member. Tommy is such a wonderful peacemaker. Sorry that Sei-Chan is being so hissy, but of course there has been a lot of change for her... It's very cute that Tama-Chan has come home, maybe with a crop of kittens on the way, as well as with a pre-cooked kitten as it were :)

  23. What exciting news! Cats are very dependant on scent, so anytime a new smell comes in, even if it's on a friend, it can cause hisses and huffing. Hope that passes soon.

    Our mewmie is planning for another litter soon too, as she has 2 people waiting and while she may retire next year, she said she will take it one litter at a time, HaHaMeow.

    Ps: Our mewmie has people say to her the same thing as Anon said to you, but she too is a responsible breeder, has a 4 page adoption application and will take a cat back for any reason. When people say that shelters are full of cats needing homes and to go there rather than get a purebred.

    Well, some people are seeking out a specific purebred cat personality, or have had bad experiences getting unhealthy cats from shelters or ones with undisclosed behavior issues because some shelters don't screen their cats very well, or put them into foster homes to evaluate their personalities.

    Shelters just find homes for cats, and not necessarily good homes...that's what fries our mewmie!


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