Sunday, 18 October 2009

Snuggles on Sunday

Tama-Chan: Time has been flying of late. There is so much going on around here and, yes, Sei-Chan's fears of yesterday are justified. #1 is abandoning us on Wednesday for a 12-day horse-business trip to Japan. Our house-sitters are arriving tomorrow and we are crossing our paws that they will be as nice as all the others have been.

In the midst of all this, we always find time for cuddles, so we have a lot of good snuggling pics for you again today. One thing about this week is that little Yuu-Chan has started to snuggle with Tommy. Not quite as closely as we girls do, but it's a great start!

The little scamp still loves to cuddle with #1 best, and he generally settles in with her in the evenings. I like to be nearby too, so it's a warm and cozy feeling.

As you know, I also love to cuddle with Uncle U. The other day, he came all the way into the run to snuggle with me!

Yuu-Chan and Sei-Chan aka "the red terrors" are well on their way to becoming best friends. They hardly ever sit still together for more than one second, but #1 did capture them plotting something the other day...

Needles to say, Sei-Chan remains completely devoted to her Tommy. Here she is, in an interesting sandwich position between his paws:

and in a more "classical" pose:

Happy Sunday and Happy Snuggles everybody!


  1. It is decided. You will come and stay with us, and there will be cuddles and tuna and cuddles and chicken and cuddles and warm fresh laundry.

    And cuddles.

  2. Ah yes!

    The plotting pikhs was khute as was the paw sandwich!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  3. It is wonderful to see the boys getting snuggly. How cute:) We hope you get the most awesome house sitters ever!:)

  4. I think all that snuggling will keep you busy until mom gets home.


  5. You are so lucky Tommy, my cats won't snuggle with me yet ......but they are letting me get closer. ~Fenris

  6. We're sorry you're gonna be abandoned for so long!! At least you have each other to snuggle with and make the time go fast!

  7. You guys would never be lonely with all those snuggles for everyone :)

  8. Is there enough Tommy to go around now?

    And how could #1 leave you again and not be coming to visit me? I might have to go over there and steal you all while she's away.

  9. Snuggles and plotting... I can't wait to see what the Red Terrors do next!

    Have a good trip to Japan, #1!

  10. Excellent cuddles as usual. I'm glad the little guy is learning the ropes. Too bad that your #1 is abandoning you. I hope that she leaves you lots of treats to make up for it.

    Your friend,

  11. Great snuggle pictures. I am sure your house sitters will be very nice indeed!

  12. We absolutely love the cuddle photos! That is so great that Yuu-Chan is starting to cuddle with Tommy. Japan for 12 days! What fun!!

  13. We want to be your housesitters, it's so not fair!!!
    How wonderful that Yuu-Chan and Tommy start snuggling. The spirit of snuggling is such a wonderful thing to share. We wonder if the Acer in Japan still display their Fall leaves? That would be beautiful!

  14. Those are especially sweet pictures with Tommy.

    Tell #1 I don't think whisker counting is important. Especially with so many of you and a trip to Japan coming up!

  15. You are being abandoned for 12 days?! That is just no not right.

  16. It's so nice that Yuu-chan is already learning how to snuggle with Tommy...he's a fast learner, that little guy! And the foot sandwich picture of Sei-chan is very'd think she'd find it uncomfortable but she looks very happy. 12 days in Japan on horse business sounds wonderful for hope the house sitters are the very best!

  17. You are all without a doubt the best snugglers in the world!

  18. That 'sandwich' photo is just wonderful!

    A great 'snuggling' selection.

    take care

  19. Ah! Mes amis, attention! Il y a danger, #1 pars bien au Japon, pour acheter des harengs, n'aime pas ça! Je ne viendrai plus déjeuner chez vous, pour manger des harengs? Non, merci!
    Et puis Tommy attention elle parle de vendre la voiture, j'ai entendu "-jet-Jag", alors seraient finies pour toi les promenades?
    Je suis très inquiète pour vous.

    Votre ViVi

  20. OK, mom, stop, stop with the aquealing!!!

  21. Oh those are all wonderful snuggle pictures! I am glad Yuu-Chan is more snuggly with Tommy now!


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