Friday, 16 October 2009

Funny Stuff Friday

Tama-Chan: Funny as in strange and not funny "Ha-Ha"! You know how much we love our run but we had noticed #1 making noises about it getting colder and the window couldn't just stay wide open through the winter, and that something would have to be done. Well....

Is it not the strangest thing you have ever seen? With a little help from #1, I did go through it in both directions but none of us are quite sure if it's safe yet... #1 says we'll figure it out. I hope so because I just love my run!

But #1 says it makes for an excellent frame for Frootbat Friday photos!

Double Frootbat!

Are you wondering about Yuu-Chan? Well, he decided to take up residence in the hammock for the morning!

He gets a pretty amazing view from up there:

Of course, no Friday would be complete without Tommy's flying ears!

The ears aren't really flying in these two but we love the action in it! So, they can be filed under "Fast and Furious Friday"!


  1. That looks like a scary force field to me. I guess you guys will figure it all out if you want to go sun bake badly enough.


  2. The view from your run is magical. Yuu-Chan is wise to choose such a great vantage point. Your new door is a good addition to your run:)

  3. We just realised how long your run is. The humans did a very good job. We certainly wouldn't trust the strange thing in the window, is it some strange sort of door or what? Doors normally require a human to get up from a comfy position to open it. We don't get it...

  4. Not that is weird.

    But if it allows you to out more then you should give it a try!

    You guys have the best run ever!!!!

  5. We had one of those appear in our door a while back. It was scary at first but then we realised it was a special kitty portal to the outside.

    Yuu has certainly chosen the best place with the best view.

    Tom is looking very fast this Friday!

  6. Curiuous if Tama will continue to love her run with the cold, but probably yes for short runs.
    YuYu is the king here

    ViVi & AB

  7. Great froot bat shots!!!

    Cool window door you kitties have there, but we don't think we could fit through.

    Tommy looks like us when we do zoomies in the yard.

    Happy weekend, the OP Pack

  8. Very nice Frootbat frame. We think you're very lucky to have your run, Our Mom doesn't let us outside at all, and to be honest, we're not all that interested yet. There's a lot to explore in Grandpa and Grandma's house, so we're pretty busy.

    Chani loves the hammock picture of Yuu-chan. Reminds her of her liking for high places. 9 is impressed with Tommy's flying ears.

    9 and Chani

  9. Seriously, I have dreams about running away to live with you. OK, so maybe the Lap Lady is the one having the dreams but I'd sure go with her!!!

    You all look so happy, I wish I could nap pile with you in your hammock!


  10. Wow, that door thingy looks pretty confusing. But I bet you guys will figure it out.
    Awesome ears today (as always!)!
    Happy Weekend!

    Your pal,

  11. What a great FSF!

    I love all the ears!

    Of khourse, the view is pawesome!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! We thought it was a heron also! Mom did see the egret down at The Pond yesterday afternoon but it was too far away and too wet to subjekhkt it to the flashie beast!

  12. Great double froot-bat ears and the flying ears are a nice bonus!

  13. What a neat little cat door! You do seem a little puzzled by it though!

  14. We think we would love that run! And the view from the hammock...we know we like that!!! Awesome!!

  15. Wow that is so cool that you have cat-door access to your run! I am sure you will get used to it right away! And those were great action shots of Tommy! Oh, and of course all the frootbat pics are great too - even the distant one of Yuu-Chan!

  16. Nice cat run! They must love it. Great idea for the door.

  17. Love that first photo of you two! Looks like you're both trying to get through everywhere but the door!

  18. Wow yer run is so neat! The mom hopes to has one fer us one day, jus not yet though. *sigh*

  19. Wow, we just love the expressions on your faces, such wonder and happiness!! Also we'd like to come and hang out cause that shelter looks AWESOME!!

  20. yay that you can get out to your run and the house can stay warm.

  21. I think you will figure out your cat door to the run quickly. Your run is awesome. I love the view from the hammock. Tommy is really flying.

  22. Thanks for visiting our blog. Your fur is a gorgeous color, Lesley is striving for a similar color,... >;-)

    Your door to your outside run is elegantly installed in the glass, most cool. We've got the same brand door but in a wood door.

    It looks like you all have a good time, which is most important.

    Enjoy. T,U,V,L,L

  23. What great pictures! We love the frootbat frame! I'm sure a few treats on either side of the window/door will quickly help you all make up your minds to go in and out of it.

  24. Pretty nifty space hatch that you've got there - it will make it easy for you to go out to the run during the cold months!

    Looks like you are all having a great time,

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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