Sunday, 11 October 2009

Snuggles on Sunday - The Expanded Edition!

Tama-Chan: To be perfectly honest, I barely know where to start this week. There has been so much snuggling going on around here that we are confused! So... let me see... why don't we start you off gently with our traditional snuggles, us girls and our Tommy.

I got in some excellent cuddle time this week. In fact, I am feeling snugglier than usual these days. I wonder if it means anything...

And Sei-Chan of course never misses an opportunity to snuggle with Tommy!

The boys have not started to snuggle together yet, but they have been "hanging out" in a very guy fashion...

Little Yuu-Chan is a major cuddlebunny and took full advantage of our guests this week...

If he could, he would wrap himself around #1 every minute of every day!

I have to say, however, that the little scamp is not unappealing. He came up to me the other day, asking nicely if he could have a cuddle.

Well, one can hardly say no, can one?

One thing led to another and before we knew it, we had our very first CUDDLE PILE!

With winter approaching, I have a feeling that this will not be a bad thing at all!


  1. Oh my Cod it happened again: First mom snorted at the hanging out in guy fashion pic and now she has this grin on her face and her eyes are watery. She goes all mushy for your snuggle pile pictures. Aren't you just the best cats #1 could wish for?! Mom read a nice comment about Abys. She got The Cat Whisperer from Vicky Halls (the author the Forever Foster mom swears on) and one of her cases had to do with Abys. She said that these cats are wonderful and rarely cause any problems. What a compliment! Tama-Chan, we also wonder if that means something...
    Purrs, Siena & Chilli

  2. Its cuddle central at your place. How do you find the energy?


  3. Oh such a comfy snuggle pile - we're all for snuggling.


  4. Woohoo! We love cuddle piles! How sweet are you three and your Tommy:)

  5. Hahaha, check this out: #1, the mom of Forever Foster and ours are all reading The Cat Whisperer at the same time! Ours already finished it, but we say it still counts. Fun!

  6. Our Sundays would not be complete without Daisy's comics and your Sunday Snuggles. Your beautiful snuggly pictures always brighten our day. It looks like Yuu-Chan is already a world class snuggler.

  7. I wish my cats would cuddle with me, you are a very lucky dog Tommy. ~Fenris

    We thinks you all look very happy together. ~S,S & C

  8. You are all so cuddly cute. The sweetest photos ever!

  9. Thanks for visiting my blog. You said you came from Huffle's and she is a favorite with both me, Stella and our tortie, Ali Zophia.

    I am envious of your cuddle piles, our Ali Z, will not cuddle with me because she doesn't trust me not to do something annoying. I just like to sniff her butt a little. Maybe someday!

    Please come visit again! Kisses, Stella

  10. Oh, how we love the guy-style photo - Way to go, Tommy. Now as for the winter snuggling, something tells us, Tama-Chan, you will be snuggling with a lot more than just Tommy, Sei-Chan, and Yuu-Chan.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  11. We still have a long way to go to become master cuddlers like you are. We get close, but not THAT close...only me and momma or momma and Bennette will snuggle that close. We will study the pictures some more. Purrrssss....

  12. What a cuddly crew you all are. Bet if feels wonderful and warm. But it will be a cold day before I snuggle with Ambrose.

    Your friend,

  13. That is so cute. We have a surprise at the blog!

  14. You know, you will not ever see that happening here. I only snuggle with my mom, Molly and Shadow tend to snuggle with their bean kids.

    Thank you for my Happy Gotcha Day wishes! I love my fur-ever home, my mom makes me feel so safe and secure now.

    Sir Trooder Lioncourt

  15. Love the cuddle pile and the manly guy fashion shot. So male :D

    Since Siena and Chilli's mom mentioned the Cat Whisperer book, I think our mom is going to have to find that book too.

    9 and Chani

    and how appropriate is our word verification of: dighoto?

  16. So many nice comments!
    Congratulations snugglers!

    ViVi & AB

  17. Just look at those precious kitties all together in a pile!! So sweet. But where were the flying ears?

  18. I am looking forward to seeing lots and lots of cute cuddle piles!

  19. Cuddle piles are beautiful things. We are gonna come over and bronze you.

  20. Tom kun, Tama chan, Sei chan and Yuu chan!
    日本の友達 マチルダ

  21. Yay I am so glad there was a snuggle pile! That is so good! And I think it is ok if you and Yuu-Chan don't get snuggly right away - as long as you are hanging out that is good too. I am not surprised that Tama-Chan is snuggly though - after her experience a few weeks back it doesn't really surprise me at all.

  22. It pays to stick together, especially when it's getting colder... only thing is that humans find it irresistible to take pictures of you all!

  23. Oh from one delightful snuggle picture to the next, finally ending in a snuggle pile! you can probably hear the Meowmy going "awwwwwwwwwwwwww" all the way from here...she's really quite disgusting in how much she thinks you all are so cute and sweet.

  24. Yay for cuddle piles! Aren't they the greatest?

    Charlemagne and Tamar


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