Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sweet Boy on Sunday

Hello everybody! It is such a privilege and a pleasure to meet you all! I came to live with my new family on Thursday and am still settling in. I have one big brother, and two big sisters. The big brother, Tommy, is really, REALLY big and he looks pretty strange for a kitty, especially his ears. But he is so nice! He has been very welcoming to me and has made me feel safe. My big sisters are both totally awesome. The first one I met is "The Princess." Her actual name is Tama-Chan, apparently, but she will always be the princess to me. She is so regal and stunningly beautiful. She has hissed at me a little, but not too much. My other sister is "Bossy Boots." No? That's not her name? Oh, apparently, it is Sei-Chan. She is a beautiful red colour, just like me, and I can't wait for her to play with me! So far, she has mostly been hissing and snarling but, this morning, we actually played with a ball for a little while. I think she will be a fantastic THoE partner!

Photos? We need photos? OK. Well, the one at the top was taken when I was about 2 months old. #1 has been trying to take photos of me since I arrived, but she says the big problem is that I am always glued to her for cuddles!

Here is one she took of me last night:

and here I am with my sister "BB"... I mean "Sei-Chan"

and helping #1 make up the bed in the guest room (we have guests coming tomorrow):

What else can I tell you? I have two brothers and one sister. Three of us are sorrel Abys and only one little boy is a ruddy. #1 says she decided to call me Yuu-Chan because I am so incredibly sweet (blush...). I purr as soon as she comes near me, and I love sharing cuddles with her more than anything. But I am also a typical sorrel Aby, which means I am very boisterous! Somehow, it seems that we reds are particularly turbulent!

I am really looking forward to living here. I had decided when I came to stay with my family in August that I would love this to be my Forever Home, and now it is!

PS: Apparently the Sunday tradition here is to post "Snuggles on Sunday" pictures, so here is one of Tommy and Sei-Chan for you:


  1. Yuu-Chan, you are adorable! And such a lucky kitty to have this new family and home!

    We think you're going to need a new header photo now!

  2. PS. Bossy Boots... har har har!

  3. Yuu-Chan. You are one lucky boy to have such a beautiful family. BB is actually very sweet just like you.

  4. Dear Mr. Whippersnapper aka Yuu-Chan,
    first and foremost a big hello! I can tell by the way you introduce yourself that you are a very sweet and charming boy. You managed to get yourself a place in this loving family, so you must be very smart too.
    I have to tell you though that I had to hide your message to my little sisfur Chilli. You are far to young at the moment! I suggest you grow up a little, get to know the world and - let's say when you have the weight to wrestle my very boisterous sisfur down we'll talk again. ;)
    It is very nice meeting you. And yes, WE NEED MORE PHOTOS!
    Purrs, Siena Snowfox

  5. WELCOME Yuu-chan, I think you will be happy here

  6. You are very adorable! I like your sisters too. Many years ago my Mom and Dad had a sweet girl Abby cat. Who had sweet little kittens a lot like you.

  7. It's nice to meet you, Yuu-Chan! You're too cute and too much of a sweetheart for the girls to ignore you for long. Tom must be happy to have another male around the house. He's going to be a great manly model for you.

  8. How do you do!
    I'm glad to meet you,
    sweet boy 優助 ♪

    I look forward to the growth
    that you are healthy
    and your activity.

  9. Woo are a khute little devil!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - do woo need my help yet?

  10. Hello Yuu-Chan. Nice to meet you! Stick close to Tommy, he can show you the ropes. Tom, you are one special big brofur. You'll have to give me tips when the puppy shoes up.


  11. Yu-Chan, welcome you cheeky boy! 4months old and already making a play for the ladies (although you have amazing good sense to choose Miss Chilli)!

    Looking forward to your adventures and contributions to cuddle piles.

  12. Dear Yuu-Chan...You are beyond beautiful, just like your sisters. You couldn't be in a lovelier home or a more loving environment, you lucky boy. Give a snuggle to Tommy for me, too!

  13. oops! made a mistake in the deleted comment >blush<

    はじめまして 優ちゃん! どうぞよろしくお願いします。 かわいいいいいいいいいい!

    Hello Yuu-chan! We are so very happy to meet you. You are a very handsome boy and we're glad that your wish to live with #1, Tama-chan, Sei-chan and Tommy-kun came true. We're sure you're going to have a lot of great adventures too and we can't wait to read all about them.

    That was our mom at the top. She's crazy for the cute!

    9 and Chani

  14. So very pleased to meet you Yuu Chan! xxx

  15. Nice to meet you, little Yuu-Chan! You sure are a cutie. Welcome to your new home! I cannot wait to get to know you better.

  16. Hello, Yuu-Chan! welcome to your new forever home! it sounds like you've already gotten great insight into your sisfurs' purrsonalities, and yes, Tommy is the best brofur ever! If sister Bossy Boots gets too much, just put Tommy between the two of you. And it sounds like you've already got #1 wrapped around your little red paw...wonderful!

  17. Hi Yuu-Chan....YUU are so beautiful to me :)

  18. gordy,georgie and pesto4 October 2009 at 19:08

    YuuChan, you are one lucky and handsome kitten. Welcome to your family. Don't worry, BB will turn around and become your buddy.

  19. welcome little Yuu Chan! we are happy to see you and you are such a handsome little kitty! we can't wait to see some snuggles with Yuu and Tommy! thanks for putting that picture of Tom there. we have missed you kids. Tom has a lot of snuggle friends now!


  20. Welcome Yuu-Chan. You have a great family. I am sure that you will soon get the hang of snuggling with Tommy. He is such a sweet boy.

    Your friend,

  21. Nice to meet you, Yuu-Chan. You are quite adorable. We don't understand why Sei- Chan is being so bossy. Imagine the team you two can make and all the fun you can have together. It will only take some time and then you two will be really great friends.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  22. If you listen very carefully, you can probably hear Mummy squeeing all the way from New Zealand!

  23. Oh Little Helper, you have just joined the most wonderful family and we think by next Sunday maybe even BB will let you have your own SoS photo to post...

  24. Welcome, Yuu-Chan! We can't wait to see more of your turbulence.

    One of Ms. C's friends said that if she died and came back as something else, she would want to come back as a cat at your house. You are lucky and so is the rest of your family for being chosen by you!

    Abby & Stygia

  25. It is so nice to meet you Yuu-Chan! You seem like a very sweet young mancat!

  26. Hi Yuu-chan, you do look like a sweetie. Sweet Sunday Snuggles!

  27. Yuu-Chan welcome!!!!! We sure do hope your sisters stop hissing at you! We are sure they will!! We're so glad you have a forever home!!!



    and meow

    Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom

  28. Hello Yuu-Chan! It is so nice to officially meet you! You are quite the adorable little kitty! I am sure you will love your new home very much - and Sei-Chan will get to love you soon!

  29. It is very nice to meet you! You have a wonderful family to live with and you will be so loved.
    Mom thanks you for putting in the snuggling picture at the end of the post!

  30. Nice to meet you, Yuu-Chan!

    Bajas & Virus

  31. AAAh,this is so sweet....a new friend,and I agree,the more the merrier...but I believe Gustave is in love...please...keep it a secret;)

  32. Welcome to the family, Yuu-chan! We can't wait to read more about your adventures with Tama-Chan, Sei-chan and Tommy!

    Tamar and Charlemagne


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