Monday, 12 October 2009


Tom: We had a great weekend over here, with #1 catching up on stuff and indulging us. The weather was mainly sunny and it is still warm for the season. We have not even turned on the heating yet! My little brother Yuu-Chan continues to integrate himself well into the family. I must say that he and Sei-Chan indulge in some pretty awesome THoE sessions together!

As usual, #1 has had her camera in her pocket every minute of every day, and she was particularly pleased with this very manly shot she got of me on Saturday:

Then there is the classic shot of me munching on one of my woods sticks....

and the fun new activity of hanging with my brother (not quite as "manly" a picture as the one yesterday, but Yuu-Chan is hoping that Khyra will approve of his paw placement):

And talking of Yuu-Chan, it's time to hand the keyboard over to him...

Yuu-Chan: Purrs everyone! Isn't life grand! I just love my family and my every day! There is so much to discover! #1 tells me that I am already an excellent mancat-in-training! She says that I have real style! Can you believe that? Here is the evidence...

Of course, I don't always look quite that serious!

I am a kitten after all! By the way, we have a fun new installation in the cat run. It is a hammock high above and I made it my own as soon as it went up!

Have a great week everyone!

OOPS! We almost forgot to say a big thank you to our friend, Ms.C of T'Abby Normal, for redoing our banner to include ME!


  1. I am not certain it is a good idea to run around with your mouth open quite that wide. Anything could fall into it.


  2. You both look adorable and very manly. ~S,S,C & F

  3. You are both very manly in your different ways.

    Where is your run located? Is it attached to your house? Can you get in and out of it by yourselves? I wish my M and D would turn our whole deck into a run for me. Or maybe THEY wish they could turn the deck into a run for me. I am not sure which it is.

  4. Oh Yuu-Chan! What a beautiful photo of you! You have quite a different, masculine look to your sisters.
    Tommy, your stick looks outrageously manly:)

  5. Yuu-Chan, you are indeed a great mancat-in-training! You look like you are settling in very well with those girlies!

    Tommy, you make me want to chew on sticks too!

    Purrs Goldie

  6. Tommy, I always think you look most manly in your pictures..except for the belly up ones..then you're very silly!

    Little Yuu-As the littlest -Chan of the family, I must say you're shaping up nicely! I can't help think you might do very well as a skwerl feeder..wouldn't you like to pop over and prepare the wee dishes yourself? I think Ol' Harold would be quite nonplussed to be served by such an erudite young feline!

    ::wink, wink""

  7. The hammock seems to be
    very comfortable.

    I can imagine that
    yuu-chan will mature into
    a very handsome mancat.
    ((o゚▽゚)o)) ♪

  8. Oh, wow... we wish we had a hammock like that. We love the expression on your face as you peep over the side at the world from above...

    Abby & Stygia

  9. Great pix - and the new banner looks great.

  10. I see the answer to my question -- Yuu-Chan is a new addition! I can see that Yuu-Chan has style indeed! Excellent pics of Tommy! Sammy also enjoys munching on wood sticks. I think your cat run is very ingenious.

  11. Oh yes!

    We noticed the new banner! I guess that means he's a keeper!

    And Tommy, I loved woo munching the stikhk!

    AND OF KHOURSE, the paw placement was spot on!

    Tank woo fur sharing all of this and more!

    PeeEssWoo: Woo really are fetching little khytties!

  12. Very manly photos Tom! I think that you will have to show your little brother how to chew sticks!

    Your friend,

  13. Lovely new banner!

    Great manly pictures too. The hammock is quite the addition. I might have to try to make one for 9

    hugs and snuggles,

  14. Oh're fitting in so well there!!

  15. That hammock was a great addition! I can tell you are really enjoying it, Yuu-Chan!

  16. Nice idea with the hammock. You're very lucky to have such an excellent Mummy in #1!

  17. Love that banner - you have become quite the family!!!

    And silly or serious, Yuu-Chan is very handsomely adorable.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  18. I love your new banner! Yuu-Chan fits right in. He certainly looks like he's enjoying that new hammock.

  19. Tommy those are great manly pictures of you - I love you chewing on your stick! And it is also so manly of you to share your blog with your new little brother - who is still in training to be manly! And speaking of Yuu-Chan, those are great pictures of him - he is great a posing!

  20. We love the new banner - most impressive.

    Great manly photos Tommy - we managed to get some of my ears today that we think you might like - must get them uploaded tomorrow.

    Yuu-Chan seems to be settling in very well.

    take care

  21. What does wood sticks taste like, is it good?

  22. What a good rePURRt from alla' you's. It was so informative and PURRsonal. It is so nice that the weather is still goods in you's neighborhood cuz we is gettin' some sleet and really cold rains.

  23. What a fantastic place to hang out! I love manly Mondays!!

  24. Tom and Yuu, both of you are looking good on this Monday. Yuu-chan, even as you grow older, keep the kitten alive, inside you.

  25. Yuu-Chan, you got style! We are so happy to see you on the family banner!

    Grete wants to go run and play with Tommy.

  26. You ever need help with those man cat lessons, let us know. You're welcome here any time.

    (and bring your BOOTIFUL sisters... heh heh heh)

  27. Yuu-Chan, you are growing up so well! It is good to be well-loved, and you are!

  28. what a happy family!! Two boys and two girls!! Boy, we sure do love the new hammock!! It looks super comfy!!

    Woof Velcro
    Meow Kodak, 3 Perf and Blossom


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