Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Japan Diary - Food!

My time in Hokkaido is coming to an end, and this evening I fly down to Tokyo where I shall probably have no time to blog. So, next time, the Poupounette Gang should be back at the helm! In the meantime, I thought I would leave you with some food-related shots. Thanks for coming along with me!

First off, here is where we had lunch every day at the racetrack. Hardly gourmet food but excellent noodles nonethelesss!

One evening in Obihiro, we ate at a tiny place specialising in "Yamabe" a kind of trout. We first had sashimi (raw fish), followed by a "domburi" which is a bowl of rice topped with, in this case, yamabe tempura, and accompanied with miso soup.

Kushiro is a seaside town and so the fish markets are really impressive!

Hokkaido is particularly well-known for its crabs!

A typical lantern outside a restaurant:

And finally, one of Japan's famous musk melons. This one was selling for about US$35. They can be even more expensive!


  1. OuahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhHouououououou !!!

  2. So. Much. Deliciousness.

    The musk melon must be very yummy to cost that much!

  3. Tank woo fur sharing this aspekht of your trip!

    It has been yummy fun!

    BUT woo khan keep the melons!

    I think melons are one of the ONLY foods in the universe that my mom doesn't khare fur!

    Happy and Safe Travels!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! It won't be THAT long now!

  4. Wow, that is one expensive melon. Our human brother was telling our pawrents that it cost $11 in Hawaii for a gallon of milk - but this is even more ridiculous. Mom loves fish but still can't bring herself to do raw. Nice to have such a great selection.

    Woos, the OP Pack

  5. That food looks fantastic. Is the musk melon worth that much money?

  6. I wouldn't mind tackling one of those crabs!!!

    Safe travels home #1!!!

    Purrs Goldie

  7. mmmmmmmm those fishies look yummy!! thanks for sharing the culinary aspects of your safe travels to the big city!

  8. Very expensive melons! The crabs look delicious. We're soooooo hungry now.

  9. oh those melons and the crab! Talk about making my mouth water.

    In Fukuoka, where my relatives live, there is a squid restaurant that serves squid like they did the trout... sashimi, then tempura... so delicious!

    Have a safe trip back to the gang!

  10. Hello there! I'm Maxx and me just came from Khyra's and she was kind(as always) to refer us to your blog. Just wanted to paw a hi!


  11. Nice photos! I saw the link from Khyra too. Nice to meet you all. Looks like a cool trip!

  12. Wow that is a lot of fish they have! But wow those melons - it is so hard to believe how much they cost!

  13. Ooo, fishies and crab!

    My Mom and Dad have recently tried sushi for the first time - they like it! Though they like their bigger bits of fish cooked.

  14. All those fish and crabs! Japan must be a wonderful place for a cat to live and eat...

  15. So no chance to get a melon, no raw fish....(et les harengs?)

    ViVi & AB

  16. こんにちわ #1さん
    日本の友達 マチルダ


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