Monday, 5 October 2009

Manly Monday!

Tom: Good Morning and a happy week to all of you. It's raining! This is the first rain we have had for weeks and weeks and weeks, so we are happy. Although #1 is a little sad that it is supposed to rain during the entire time her friends are here.

Anyway, I found a "wet look" manly photo of myself taken on a very misty morning last week:

and another...

One of my favourite manly activites is to munch on sticks of wood!

And guess what? Now that I have a little brother, I am no longer the only one to post on Mondays! He is still very much a Mancat-in-Training, but he submitted a couple of pretty cool photos from his first outing in the run. So, here is Yuu-Chan!


  1. Tommy, your little brofur is extremely cute. We like the last picture very much! We had very bad weather for some days now and wouldn't mind if the sun went on to visit us. ; )

  2. Tommy! At last another guy that you can share stories with. You deserve a buddy.


  3. What a week!!!!! Wow! We have missed all the excitement. Welcome, welcome sweet Yuu-Chan!! What a cute little man you are! Not just Tom and the girls now.

    Tama-Chan, quite the adventure you had also. Sounds very intesting!!!

    Purrs from Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  4. We wishes we could give you our rain. It has been raining for months. ~S,S,C & F

  5. Tommy, you are soaking wet!! And we love Yuu-Chan! He is adorable and we can't wait to hear more stories from him!

  6. Little Yuu-Chan, you must be having a lot of fun exploring your new home! What a wonderfully exciting time it must be for you all. Tommy, you look exceptionally rugged and handsome today.

  7. Hi Tom kun!
    You are really
    "水もしたたるいい男" ですね。

    Yuu chan!
    You are so adorable and also handsome!

    日本の友達 マチルダ

  8. Tommy, do you smell like wet dog? I'm glad you got a new brother to bite, ah, bond with.

  9. Great photos! It must be lots of fun having a new baby brother!

  10. I'm glad that you have another guy to hang with Tommy. But I am a little worried that the cats are taking over your place. Your number #1 should think about adding a puppy to the family. Oh gosh-what am I thinking? What if the puppy turned out to be like Ambrose?

    Your friend,

  11. Tommy, you are an excellent brofur and we're sure you'll be teaching Yuu-chan all the ropes of being manly on Monday (and on all other days).

    Yuu-chan, you look like you're really enjoying the cat run! We've never really been outside except for on the deck in our last place. Still we have lots of fun exploring our grandparents' home!

    9 and Chani

  12. What grrrreat shots of woo looking so manly!

    I'm sure your new man-khat-in-training is keeping woo amused!


  13. Do you have a lot of things to teach a Man-Cat-in-Training Tom? Besides stick biting, fetching, and floppy ears? I'm wondering if I'll have to teach our new not-yet-here puppy how to do things. I might need pointers.


  14. It's been raining over here too. Mom always has plenty of towels by the door for when Tagpi and I come in front outside. It must be exciting having a little brother to teach all your manly ways!t

  15. Tommy you have another boy in the house now - that is so great! I am sure you will be a great big brother and teach him all the important things he will need to know!

  16. Good for you, Tommy, to get another male in the house. We still think you need a pup playmate too. Your manly photos today are grat, and speaking of manly, that last shot of Yuu-Chan is awesome.

    Tail wags, the OP Pack

  17. I was wondering what days Yuu-Chan would get to post (unless he pretended his name was Wuu-Chan so he could post on Wednesdays), so it's very nice of you to share your Mondays with him, even though he's not at mancat stage yet!

  18. Tom
    You aways look wondewfully manly and sweet at the same time..I'm happy you got a little bwuvvew and now things awe mowe even in youw family, hehhe Yuu-Chan is vewy handsome..I hope he settles in and is as happy as the west of you in youw bootiful home
    smoochie kisses of welcome to him

  19. You sure are manly, Tommy, and the wet look is great!
    Are you taking care of your kitty siblings?

  20. Tommy, it's so nice of you to share Manly Monday with your little brother!

  21. Great pics!

    We hope your little brother do not like the "wet look".
    I make my run outside as short as possible when raining.
    I love your brother Tom.

    ViVi & AB

  22. Tommy you look great with the water dripping from your ears...and wonderful chewing your stick. And baby brother Yuu-Chan looks like quite a little man cat in training out in the run.


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