Monday 19 October 2009

Manly Monday - The Brothers

Tom: I must say that it is fun to have someone with whom to share Manly Monday again. I used to really enjoy my big brother Sen-Chan and now I am very much enjoying little Yuu-Chan.

But onto me! We have another photo in the nice series #1 took last week:

Me in excellent frisbee form!

And me doing my best "#1, could you please throw the tennis ball one more time" pleading look.

The other day, when I was playing with my tennis ball, Basha, the neighbour cat, was supervising!

As far as I am concerned, chewing is one of the manliest activities ever! I love wood sticks and, thankfully, there are many around here. #1 generally keeps my frisbee out of my reach, except when we are playing, but I do have a retired one to munch on in the house:

and finally for me this week, here I am looking extra manly at the local pizza restaurant!

Yuu-Chan: Purrs everyone! Life is good! I have been playing and sleeping in the hammocks and just enjoying one wonderful day after another. There is talk of #1 going away for a while soon. What is "away" and what is "a while?" Will she still love me and give me cuddles?

Here are some manly action shots of me playing with a few of my toys:

I think it is very manly to show your sisters how much you love them, so I decided to hop into the indoor hammock with Tama-Chama last night!

And finally, here is what #1 calls my first "official mancat-in-training" portrait!


  1. That is a most excellent please throw it one more time look. Gosh, even I would have thrown the blasted thing.

    But that first photo with your tongue all HUGE! EEEE!


  2. Tom, what a frisbee catch!! Good job! And Yuu-Chan, you are fitting in so well in your new home!!

  3. What awesome pictures today! I don't know what I like best. The tongue shot was cool, jumping for the frisbee. Yuu-Chan's photos look as good for a magazine shots. You all have lovely ears.

  4. What a manly post! Great pictures and lots of manly things going on.

  5. Tommy, I wish I could go to the local pizza joint. My boybeans work there and their clothes sure smell good when they get home from work. ~Fenris

    Yuu-Chan, you are growing up well and we knows wherever she may be #1 will still love you. ~Socks, Scylla & Charybdis

  6. Happy Manly Monday to you brothers. You both seem to have endless fun.

  7. Excellent pleading shot, Tommy. Very manly indeed.

    And cheers on the mancat in training portrait, Yuu-chan. Very nice indeed!

  8. You've got the pleading look down Tommy! How could your #1 resist? Little Yuu-Chan looks like he is getting into Manly Mondays.

    Your friend,

  9. You are perfectly Manly featured

    ViVi & AB

  10. What an exellent shot of you going for the frisbee. You're both good looking guys!


  11. Lots of good manliness there Tom, and Yuu-Chan, that's a great first Mancat in training picture. Boys rule!
    Pei Laughter!


  12. Tommy, your "pleading" look is completely irresistible!

  13. What a good frisbee player you are!

  14. Yuu-Chan, you will make a great ManCat! And with Tommy to guide you, you can't go wrong!

  15. What wonderful men, Tommy you make us want a puppy brother every time we come here!!

  16. Oh to see Mango throw the frisbee fur woo!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Great pikhs as usual!

  17. Love your pleading look, Tommy. You've been practicing that one in the mirror, I can tell!

    As for little Yuu-Chan, I think my Mummy is in love. He's such a sweet little man!

  18. I nominated your blog for a blog award, because you are in a different country from me. Come to my blog to find out about it!


  19. What excellent group of photos!! You are all in fine form!!

    We especially like Yuu-Chan's mancat portrait and Tom's "Elvis lip".

  20. That picture of Tom in the pizza place is my favorite. He is so lucky to be able to go to restaurants with #1. There are always big signs on all the restaurants and cafes here with a big red slash over a dog.

    Yuu-Chan, you look very dignified in that last photo. There is obviously a lot of manly potential in you.

  21. You both did a superb Manly Monday!

    take care

  22. Uh oh, now Grete is jealous because she doesn't get to go out for pizza. So much cuteness today it's hard to pick a favorite picture...but we kind of are in love with the man-cat-in-training portrait!

  23. Pizza? I heard that woofies like that food...I'm not so sure about it Tommy! My humans like it a lot though. Yuu-Chan -- what a great mancat in training photo! So young, but already so good at your job...

  24. Yuu Chan yoo are a very gud lookin mancat in training. We is sure Tommy will has sum good fings fer yoo to learn even though he is a woofie.

    Tommy yoo has sum really curly furs when it is wet - it made the mom go "Awwwwwwww ".

  25. We are rather envious of your wonderful hammock.
    Tommy, do you really get to go out for dinner with #1? That is SO cool!

  26. Bonjour, la famille chats et chien !

    C'est devenu un vrai plaisir de prendre des nouvelles de tout ce petit monde à poils.
    J'espère que Virginia ne va pas être trop malheureuse pendant les jours qui suivent, loin de ses "poupounettes".

    A très bientôt !

  27. What great pictures! Meowmy was especially tickled about it being Manly Monday with such a great picture of Yuu-chan's manly bits! We don't think they are that interesting (hummmmmph) but she thinks they are really cute!

  28. What great pictures of you boys! And Tommy you will have to be a good big brother and reassure Yuu-Chan that even though #1 is gone she will miss you all and will come back to cuddle again!


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