Saturday, 17 October 2009


Sei-Chan: Yay! It's my day of the week again. I always wake up on Saturdays with a purr in my heart and an extra pounce in my step! Talking of pouncing, little Yuu-Chan and I are busy demolishing the house, according to #1. And she says we move so fast that she has yet to take a proper photo of us in action. Once again, she has no proof!!!

But she did get a rather good whisker shot of me this week:

In fact. I think we can call this week "Sei-Chan's Portrait Week":

I am still trying to figure out that flappy thing in the window to our run. #1 keeps trying to show me but I just think it's a lot simpler if she comes and opens the window for me. No?

By the way, I have uncovered something terrible. I often lie on the Boogie Mat between the Mac and the keyboard, pretending to be fast asleep. But I am paying close attention to whatever #1 happens to be doing, and she has been booking hotels in...gulp.... Japan...! I have a really bad feeing about this...


  1. I think you may have to move from your boogie mat to lying on the keyboard so #1 can't book any flights to Japan!

  2. Oh no. Japan is a long way from France. This is Not Good.

  3. Sure #1 can find lot of good treats in Japan!
    And imagine the fun with the House Sitters.....
    And may be i will visit you.

    ViVi & AB

  4. Maybe you'll go to Japan too! Looks like you do have lots of whiskers there.

  5. Can you take your boogie mat and fly there too?

  6. Japan, sounds like fun. Can you stow away in her luggage? Those definitely are nice portraits of you Sei-Chan

  7. Those are excellent whisker shots.

    Looks like you will have to work out the flappy thing before she goes to Japan!

  8. Nice work woo are doing with the remodeling!

    The last pikh of woo made both of us go ahhhhhhhh!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  9. You all should teach her a lesson and book yourselves flights to come to Wellington NZ to visit US!! hehehehe

  10. Lovely whisker shots, Sei-chan. Don't worry, even if #1 goes to Japan, I'm sure you're going to have a good time with the house sitters.

    I am very envious of #1's trip. I might go next year with some friends, or go to England, Scotland and Wales with my parents. Shhh... haven't told 9 and Chani yet!

  11. What lovely portraits! You have the sweetest face. We hope #1 has a wonderful trip to Japan. Fortunately she always leaves you with wonderful sitters.

  12. We really like those portraits... but leaving France for Japan? C'est pas vrai!?!

  13. Sei-chan, those are wonderful whisker shots of you! oh no, we are so sorry that you didn't intervene sooner in #1 making her plane reservations to Japan. Our Meowmy said she'd be delighted to come take care of you while #1 is away, but then who would take care of us???

  14. We love Seiturday! Those are all wonderful pictures of you!

    And Japan - wow that will be exciting for #1!


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