Sunday 21 April 2024

Snuggles on Sunday


Tama-Chan: #1 is still in Belgium, but she did help me put together this post before she left. Just in case you thought that I only snuggle with #1, let me start with this photo of me snuggling with Mr. G's Dad, Mr. R:

Needless to say, I do of course snuggle with #1!

Here's a two-tier scene, with #1 snuggling with Benny and Ryū simultaneously:

The ongoing Ollie-Benny love story:

A cute on of Ryū giving his big bro, Benny, a kiss:

Mr. G took these cute ones of #1 and Benny:

Benny is defiunitely a champion snuggler. Ryū, on the other hand, requires some serious wrangling to get a snuggle pic unless he decided he wants one!

Odd as it might seem, Momo snuggle pics have been a little thin on the ground recently. The best we can do this week is this one of him hanging with his bro, Benny, at the window:

Last but not least, we have a couple of cute snuggle pics of #1 with Miss Violette:

We wish you all a very snuggly Sunday!


  1. They are all lovely snuggles, and it is nice to see Mr.R enjoying a snuggle too. Violette, what are you doing? You are making #1 laugh!

  2. Beautiful post of a snuggly bunch! I am sure you will all have snuggles for #1 upon her return!

  3. Snuggly smiles all around!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - when we were visiting Auntie Di and Khousin Emmy last Friday, I locked on and started watching something - Auntie Di noticed it was the TWO NAT colored SPRINGERS!!! They lived up on the next street!

  4. everyone snuggles well and all the photos make me feel happy and make me smile

  5. Those are all great snuggle pictures.

  6. Good Snuggle photos! My cats are all wrangling with each other. . . Not as much fun! Linda

  7. I declare Miss Violette bigger each time we see her! Glad to see all available leg and radiator space is used in your household 🙂

  8. Such happy and wonderful snuggles everyone!

  9. Those are all great snuggles this week. I especially like the ones of #1 and Benny.

  10. Chaplin: "We're not sure who loves snuggles more, you all, or the humans!"


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