Monday 15 April 2024

Manly Monday


Benny: Happy New Week, Everyone, and welcome to the post featuring the best boys, ie all the boys, of The Poupounette! We had a great time yesterday celebrating Ryū-Chan's first birthday. Mr. G took some great pics, so here are some:

And here I am giving Mr. G's Dad a good licking!

Ryū-Chan: I had a visit from someone called Rainbow Beebs, and I paid him my respects.

Momo-Chan: This is me wearing my scary face. Are you scared?

Ollie: Mr. G took this nice pic of me out in the garden.

We wish you all a very good week!


  1. It was nice that Rainbow Beebs came to wish you a happy birthday. Lovely photos of all of you.

  2. Well done best boys! Mr G took some lovely photos!!

  3. Ollie you look so good in the grass. every boy looks good today as always. I love the stare down.

  4. Sorry to disappoint Momo, you never look scary, you are too floofy to.

  5. Wow - Ollie had told me there were some great pictures captured - OUI!

    NARB was an honourary Husky due to his escaping traits!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - yes - furry nice!

  6. Ryū-Chan has such a fabulous coat.

  7. Your boys are so handsome, #1. I love them all. Linda

  8. You boys are all looking great! How special that you had a visit from the Rainbow Bridge on your birthday, Ryū-Chan.

  9. Beautiful photos. Nice to see that gorgeous shot of da Beebs.

    Woos - Misty and Timber

  10. Such wonderful photos, you made our day!

  11. Chaplin: "That is a great scary face, Momo-Chan! It's a vampire impression, right?"
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, Ollie has the best seat in the house! Or in the grass as the case may be!"


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