Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: I can't believe it is already the second half of July. 2019 has been so crazy so far we really need a little peace and quiet around here. But #1 is a little worried as Genji is a little off his food. We are crossing paws, fingers and hooves that it's just a passing thing. He had lost a little weight when he went to the vet for his shots last week, so we need to keep an eye on him.

I, on the other paw, do not appear to have any problems related to losing weight... Still, I am sure I lost a bit the other day when #1 sat down to give me my first good brushing in a while, You should have seen the hair!

I have been keeping a close eye on #1's online activity, just in case she gets any ideas about going anywhere...

It's also nice to spend some time in the cat run. #1 says that my eyes are the same colour as the green surrounding me! 

And there is my regular naptime on the sofa:

Let's hope that things stay quiet for a while.


  1. yes that's what we hope too.... and your eyes are really so perfectly colored that they fit to da nature around ya! well done mother nature ;O)

  2. We also hope you all get to enjoy a few weeks of quiet and lots of #1's company.
    You are looking quite lovely Tama :)
    Purrs Georgia,Julie and JJ

  3. Tama, you can pull the plug on #1's computer, so she cannot search for any travel deals!

  4. Tama, I just want to say - it's good to see my human isn't the only person who has a bunch of windows open on her computer! I hope Genji's appetite gets back up to speed soon.

  5. Oh dear, we do hope Genji is OK. We don't need him getting sick. That is a beautiful photo of you in the run on that tire, Tama. So pretty.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. Purrayers and POTP that all goes well for the whole Pouponette Crew !

  7. Tama, we hope you enjoy some wonderful days with #1 around. Looks like you have a comfy sofa spot for your naps. Thanks for the share. Have a great day.
    World of Animals

  8. Me and mum agree, sometimes some quiet is a good thing.

  9. Count us in for the calm and quiet thing!

  10. You're looking great Miss Tama. We have our paws crossed that Genji gets well and gains some weight.

  11. Meow meow Tame mee ree-latess! All tho LadyMeow not a globe trotter like Numburr #1 butt shee can go out efurry day if mee wuud let her..
    Mee put mee paw down an meowed to her that shee needss to rest. Shee iss lissenin to mee! HURRAH! Mee likess havin her ''round!
    Calm an quiet iss furabuluss. An yore eyess are minty green like mine Tama...maybee wee are diss-tant Couzinss???

  12. Sending good thoughts for Genji and hoping it is just the hot weather making him not eat as well as he should be.


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