Wednesday 1 September 2010

Washer Wednesday

Actually, this is the dryer, one of my new favourite places. It is so lovely and warm just after it has been used! #1 is not hugely keen on this interest of mine, and carries out thorough checks before switching it on.

My other new favourite place is the new sky hammock. Don't I look cute in it?

I managed to lose my break-away collar (again) yesterday and #1 hasn't found it yet. She says it's getting really hard to tell me from my Mama Tama unless I have my collar on. But I'm not telling her where it is. Hee Hee Hee....


  1. Trust me, Bibi-Chan, the sky hammock is WAY better than the dryer!!

  2. Woo..careful there..I'd prefer the hammock
    thank you!! Besides I don't think I'll ever fit in a dryer..


  3. How comfy you look in the sky hammock. Keep away from the dryer, Bib. And how cool that you look so much like your Mommy Tama.

  4. I don't have a hammock so I am going to test our dryer for comfort this weekend.

  5. I like going around nekked too. Nothing wrong with that.

    The dryer is most inviting. Hope you don't clog the lint filter.


  6. Bibi you look so sweet in your last picture with just your face showing - we don't blame you for wanting to be collar free - we don't "do" collars either!! If we see your collar anywhere we won't tell.

  7. Please be careful in the dryer ~ we're not allowed in ours 'cos mom gets all worried just in case ...

  8. Perhaps Bibi is more like B B as in Bad Boy? You are certainly a handful Bibi Chan!

  9. Our mum's old cat used to love sleeping in the tumble drier. That was until one day mum accidentally threw a load of clothes in on top of him and turned it on. She let him out as soon as she heared the loud bonk, bonk, bonk when the drier started.

    After that he wasn't so keen on sleeping in there.

    Our mum says she had terrible trouble with the break away collars as they came away too easily and were always getting lost. She bought some wonderful leather cat collars with a buckle, but a speacial area that pulls apart if the cat is caught and struggles. We haven't lost one since. She got them from a seller on E-bay and can search outht eh link if you like.

    Oh btw, mum now has toddlerbean hooked on Chi's Sweet Home, only we're waiting for season 2, Chi's new address to become available in the UK. The books are easy to get, but everything else is proving difficult.

  10. I wonder if I could fit in the dryer?

  11. Little Bibi-Chan, you are just full of mischief, aren't you? Now go be a good kitty and find that collar.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. I'm a pro at loosing my collar too, Bibi. Why tell the moms where they are? You do look very cute AND handsome!
    Purrs, Siena

  13. Oh that hammock looks snuggly-good!

  14. The Woman always gets so freaked out when we are in the dryer because she worries that someone will forget to check it and then we will get locked in and go for a spin...

  15. I think your sky hammock is the greatest!

    ps: I was catching up on your posts, and it was so neat to see all of Tommy's relatives. What a special thing!

  16. You look quite comfortable in both places, but I do understand #1's stress of you in the drier! Q who came before us loved the drier. Such sweet memories.

    And yes, Mom was commenting how much you looked like your mama the other day. You're a handsome boy to your mom's beauty!

  17. HA!


    Now to my khomment: I end up in the dryer too BUT my khontribution IS in the filter!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  18. Naturally, you look extremely cute, but I think the new dryer interest could be a bit dangerous -- likely what makes it so thrilling! No wonder #1 checks first!

  19. Bibi we think that the sky hammock is a much better place to nap then the dryer! We can't get to our dryer (it is stacked on top of the washer) and our mom still checks a bunch of times to be sure we are not in it (and the washer too). We hope you will grow out of that spot.

  20. Bibi, be careful in that dryer, the hammock is a much safer option!

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  21. Oh boy...I know that dryer feels nice, but please be careful in there. Glad #1 does a good search before she starts it up.


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