Thursday 9 September 2010

Thankful Thursday and Goodbye to a Friend

We were saddened to learn that our dear friend and mentor, MICA, had gone to the Bridge yesterday. He lived a good long life and was loved and cherished every moment of it, but all that means is that his Mom, Jane, misses him even more. When you have shared each and every day with someone for 20 years, their departure leaves a giant void. Run free, Mica, and take our greetings to Ikkyu, Sen-Chan and all the others who have gone before.

We are all thankful to be together again. We love to help #1 with her work!

#1 is watching Yuu-Chan like a hawk as he approaches the date for the sart of his Interferon treatment. We need him to stay as healthy as possible as he embarks on a heavy course of treatment which we hope will give his immune system a real boost.

I am thankful to have many wonderful toys, so I can even nap with my paw on my favourite one!

Sei-Chan is thankful to have the best sleeping spot in the house!

Bibi is always thankful for good places to nap:

And Tommy is thankful that he can once again frolic through the fields with #1 and play Frisbee (it was very foggy this morning!)


  1. You were lucky #1 could see you Tommy - it was very murky out there.
    We see it is another sleepy day today - Sei-Chan you look very cosy there in your bed.
    We are keeping our paws crossed for Yuu-Chan and his treatment.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We're so sorry about your friend Mica. What a wonderful long life he had. We're purring for his family.

    Much to be thankful for today and everyday! xoxo

  3. What beautiful photos. We are sad to hear about the passing of Mica but he must have had an amazing life, full of richness and companionship. it makes us grateful to be together and to know other kitties have such loving homes too. Purrs.

  4. That was a purry nice post fur Mica!

    Yes, so many things to be thankful fur!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I'm glad to see woo having such fun!

  5. How sad to learn about Mica! Many purrs to his human mom. By what we read on your blog he was very healthy and happy until only some time ago - we consider a fast passing one of the biggest blessings anyone can hope for. Run free at the Bridge, Mica!
    Many purrs on this Thankful Thursday!
    Siena & Chilli

  6. I was so sad to hear about Mica....

  7. Sad woos from us for Mica's family - 20 years is a long time and he was such a sweet kitty.

    Paws crossed for Yuu-Chan and his treatment, we aren't familiar with that, but we hope all goes well.

    Great to see Tommy frolicking in the fields.

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your friend. :(

  9. I am very sad to hear about your friend Mica. Hope he enjoys his life over the bridge.


  10. Very sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. :(

  11. So sorry to hear about your friend. It really does make you thankful to be altogether. I wish you all good health!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  12. I am sad about Mica and know his family must miss him horribly. Many strong purrs of support for Yuu-Chan to help him get ready for his treatments.

  13. We are so sad for Jane and Petey, they will miss Mica so much.

  14. We are very sad to hear about Mica. 20 years is an amazing long life for a cat...but not nearly long enough for one so well-loved. All your sleeping and snuggling pics are wonderful. We sure hope that the Interferon will help Yuu-Chan...all of our paws (16 paws!) are crossed for him.


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