Friday, 10 September 2010

Fun and Friends on Friday

As I am such a well-behaved boy and I like the outdoors, #1 takes me out into the garden in my harness when the weather is good and she has a little time. Yesterday was such a day, and I had a wonderful time sniffing the outside smells:

And of course hanging out with Tommy!

On the subject of fun, you know that my big sister Tama-Chan loves to play with any kind of wand toy. Here she is set to go:

And here she is again in blurry action mode!

Remember our little friend TORA-CHAN who was adopted by Ms. N and her family? He has grown into quite a looker and leads the happiest of lives. He regularly sends us photo updates. I personally think he is more than qualified to have his own blog!

It seems he is also a contortionist and pretty adapt at the Bitey...

And he too likes to go outdoors on his harness!

Last but not least, we felt we could not leave you on this Friday without a shot of flying ears...

PS: Our friend PINAPIPPURI, aka King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) is celebrating his second birthday today. If you haven't been already, go over and celebrate with him!


  1. Yuu-Chan, you look cool in your green Puppia harness! I got a pink one! But I have not been Outside in a long time. Have a happy weekend!

  2. We wish Momma would get us a harness, but she says no more Outside for us, except for our screened patio! You look so very happy in your harness, Yuu-Chan!

  3. That's a cool harness! You look so dapper in it :)
    Thank you for advertising my birthday - everyone is welcome to drop by: the poro (reindeer) is roasting away right now. Tervetuloa!

  4. I have a harness somewhere, but I've never tried it on. Maybe I should.

  5. We are thrilled to see yoo enjoying your harness. We each have a harness and LOVE them. Mom says we walk as well as dogs on them ~ really nicely ~ and the bonus is we're safe.

  6. Wow -- I don't think any of my kitty brothers or sister would wear a harness. You are so cool! So Tora-Chan can write? I haven't tried to write with the pen in my mouth yet. Have a fun filled weekend!

  7. We have been to visit Pinapippuri - he is a VERY handsome mancat. It is lovely to see you having a stroll round the garden with #1
    Yuu-Chan and also spending some time with Tommy.
    We loved Tama-Chan's action shot and Tora Chan looks as though he is going to make a great secretary for Ms.N.
    Hi Tommy see you are in action again today - we hope you don't lose your frisbee in the mist.

  8. You look as cute as ever. I've always been curious about the outside. We get hundreds of birds in our trees this time of year. I think they are going to Florida.

  9. Yuu-Chan, you look pretty snazzy in your collar and harness!
    We have been away for a couple day, Mommy would like to say that Eve Rose is a gorgeous sweet.
    We enjoyed the photos of all of you helping #1 with her work. Cat supervision is SO important!
    Tommy, you take care of your Feline family and especially Yuu. We are purring for a good outcome from his treatment.
    Happy Friday, all!

  10. Yuu-chan, you have the most serene expression. Tama-chan works the fierce look well when she goes after the feather wand. And Tommy is always so wonderful.

    Wow, Tora-chan has grown up so much! He's a looker too :D

  11. Good to see you, Yuu-Chan, you look wonderful in your harness. We bet you enjoy getting outside too.

    Tora-Chan is beautiful too, quite the contortionist:)

    We hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  12. Yuu Chan, I love that you get to go out in youw hawness cause you'we such a good kittie..I bet tommy is happy about it too....I agwee that Towa-Chan has cewtainly gwown into a vewy handsome boy and should have his own bloggie..thank you fow that lovely flying eaws pictoowe
    smoochie kisses

  13. Hello Abys, Tiny here...when I was little(er), Mom used to take me and my son Red (who looked just like Yuu) out for walks in the nearby park (in our harnesses - OF COURSE!) and once, when it was just Red with Mom, a man came up to her and said: "I like your looks just like a cat!!" Another time when Red was with Mom in the park, he CAUGHT A MOUSE in a bush and what was really funny is that he did an about face, and did the whole walk in reverse (the would do a sort of 'loop' walk) and carried that mousey in his mouth the whole way...people would say 'Oh! Look! A cat! Oooohhh! Eww! He has a mouse in his mouth!!" Red was so proud of his catch Mom didn't have the heart to not let him 'keep' it. It is good to go out, isn't it! Purrs, Tiny

  14. I must comment on these handsome harnesses. How wonderful to get to go out and sniff and explore in the safety of a harness. You have very smart humans who are serving you well.

  15. I'm khwite green with envy at all that fun!

    Purry nice pikhs!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Great flying ears fur Friday!

  16. Yuu-Chan you look so handsome in your harness! I used to have one but didn't like it! Do you like it?


  17. Lovely photos of you in the garden Yuu-Chan and Tommy's flying ears are fantastic.

    take care
    Clive and Murray

  18. Tora is SO cute, we think he totally wants a blog, that's why he's picked up a pencil!

  19. I can't figure out if your friend Tora-Chan shows more potential as an author or an acrobat!

  20. Yuu-Chan, we love your harness! It's nice you got go outside.

  21. Happy Birthday to your friend.

    Tommy, I sure do wish you lived closer. You would have so much at our weekly Frisbee play group.

    Wow...kitty on a walk. My mom had to kind of laugh because there is no way my kitty sisters would do well on a leash at all.


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