Saturday 4 September 2010

SEIturday Sighs.....

I am in denial about #1 going away again. It is simply NOT FAIR!

I shall be on the lookout each day and every day for her return:

I shall protect her bed from intruders...

And I shall dream of her being back and giving me lots of scritches...

How many days is it till Tuesday?


  1. Oh you poor thing!! I absolutely HATE it when my Mom goes away...luckily she doesn't do it very often, but I have recently heard that she might go away for 2 weeks in January to some place far away called Vietnam and I just CAN'T BEAR to imagine not having Mom for sooo long...I'm already sad just THINKING bout it so I really feel for brave...Tuesday is really not so far away. I promise and I would never lie to you. Your buddy, Lautrec

  2. Not long Sei-Chan. #1 will be home before you know it!

  3. Tuesday is not very far away. Only eleventy three naps.

  4. Oh, Sei-Chan, Huffle Mawson has it right. You need to nap and nap, and only wake up long enough for a snack and a tiny bit of exercise. This is how I cope with awful Sundays when the Library is closed. But this week we are closed on Monday for Labor Day, so I'll have to work extra hard at napping.

  5. We're sure #1 is missing you just as much. Those are gorgeous pictures of you. You are such a beautiful girl.

  6. Yes, the other cats are right Sei Chan, just nap and nap and #1 will be home in no time.

  7. If woo nap enough, it will be soon!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  8. We feel for all of you...your #1 has done a lot of traveling this summer! We're sure she misses you bunches, too.

    Our advice is to nap, eat, bathe and run riot around the house. Before you know it, it'll be Tuesday!

  9. I know how you feel, Sei-Chan. When my human goes out of town I have to work overtime protecting her office!

  10. We gotta figure out how to keep these mummies at home!!

  11. Hi Sei-chan!
    Sorry to hear that #1 will be going away but i'm sure you'll get lots of goodies from her!
    Eat, sleep and play and before you know it, she's back!!


  12. We don't care for our Mom leaving us either. But, we are so happy when she comes back and snuggles with us.

    You're doing a wonderful job guarding her bed!

    9 and Chani

  13. If you take many, many naps, it will be Tuesday right away!

  14. Do you have to put your paw up to get some snuggle time with #1 - its a good job you have lots of brothers and sisters to snuggle and play with. It's not long until Tuesday now.

  15. Hang in there! We know it's tough. I bet she misses you so much when she's gone.


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