Tuesday 21 September 2010

Tama-Chan Tuesday

I have to say that things have been a bit strange over here. You know what the strangest thing is: it's at bedtime, when Tommy and #1 disappear behind the door that leads to the back room and don't come out again until morning! So they are here without being here...

Anyway, we have been enjoying truly glorious weather these past few days. It gets chilly at night now but the sun is just shining bright all day! Needless to say I have been enjoying the run:

We have also been trying to take advantage of #1's feeling of guilt at not spending enough time with us to try and get more ham out of her. Sei-Chan is particularly good at ham-getting, so I put her at the forefront of the negotiations:

Not much else to tell, really. #1 has promised that she will get little papers organised for our hammock draw so that we can pick a winner and let you know tomorrow!


  1. Ham always makes every day a little bit better!

  2. Ham is a good thing. We support your quest for more of it.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  3. Well done Yuu-Chan - you want to look your best for your fans on the blog site. We hope you will feel a little better each day - how great that #1 and Tom spend the night with you. If you can't find Sei-Chan at ham time send for Hannah and me because our mum says we're experts at begging for ham!!

  4. Tee hee. Sei-Chan, are you singing for your supper?

  5. Sei-Chan looks like she is doing some smooth talking. Did you get extra ham?

  6. On one paw we have food. On the other attention... Decisions Decisions. Can I have both?

  7. Ham!!! Last year, our friends, Siena and Chilli, sent us some lovely ham looking treats. We've been bugging Mom to let us try some of her ham and other foods... and by "we", we mean 9 hehehe

    9 and Chani

  8. What is this HAM all you other kitties are always talking about? My human does not eat this mythical substance, and has never brought it home.

  9. How dare they go nitey nite and leave you guys to fend for yourselves! The nerve...hope you are enjoying the nice weather
    Benny & Lily

  10. Sei-Chan looks like an expert ham procuress. Does she do freelance? We could always eat more!

  11. Sorry about #1 disappearing at night, but we understand it is all for a good cause. We bet you all understand too. AND we bet you get lots of extra ham to make up for it.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and ciara

  12. Sei-Chan is a pro at ham-getting! I could send Siena over too her ways of begging would melt #1's heart. we are so sorry that the routine at your home is disturbed, Tama-Chan. We purr and purr that things will get better and better and will be purrfect again one day!
    Little Chilli

  13. Hi Tommy!

    Khats feel they just have to know evPURRYthing!

    Yes, that is khonsisent with our weather - it has been PAWESOME!

    I hope your special projekht is going well!

    PeeEssWoo: Wait 'til woo see my special guest on Wednesday's blog!

  14. Oh we got so behind and just read about Yuu-Chan! Oh, mom is all leaky but she knows that you will take wonderful care of him, and hopefully he will gain weight and be able to be healthy and happy for a long time - we are sending him so many purrs and prayers!

    Ok, so on to this post - Tama-Chan you are looking beautiful - that picture of you in the run is amazing - your eyes look so cool!

    And well, we think it is smart that you are trying to get more ham - more ham is always good!

  15. Ham is always a great treat ... wish they remembered that here!

    - Clive!

  16. We're glad you got some ham! We haven't visited lately so we are just catching up on things and we are so sorry to hear Yuu-Chan is not feeling well. We hope he is feeling better soon. We're purring for him!

  17. Nice team work!
    Got anymore ham left?


  18. Ham helps makes things better but still doesn't make up for it.

  19. If you need more ham let me know and I will send over some of my weekly ration.

  20. Ham solves most things. Like Huffle, we will send yoo emerjancy supplies if necessary.


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