Tuesday 7 September 2010


Firstly, I want to tell you that #1 is back safe and sound and we are all thrilled to bits!!!!! Thank you to the kind carers who looked after us whilst she was gone but we like it best when she is the one who dishes out the food! And our Tommy is also back from Ms.A 's!

We would like to dedicate today's post to two Aby boys whom we consider to be among the greatest. A few days ago, on September 2nd, it would have been the birthday of IKKYU, #1's first cat and first Aby. He would have been 18. IKKYU was born in Japan, which started out this whole Japanese name thing we have going on, and he lived with #1 on three continents (Asia, North America and Europe). He was a very exclusive boy who loved her and only her, and liked to scare all of her friends by growling and hissing at them. But for #1, he was the most devoted and gracious companion, and his crossing three years ago was an enormous heartbreak.

The other Aby star we would like to mention today is our friend MICA, Petey's brother. Mica is 20 years old, an age seldom attained by pure-bred cats, and was still catching mice a few months ago. But he has been showing signs of fading lately. His Mum, Jane, is absolutely distraught at the thought of losing her wonderful long-term companion, and we would like to ask you all to purr for both of them. We love you Mica!


  1. What a purrrrfekht post!

    We've got our paws khrossed fur Mica - that's khwite the lifetime fur him!

    Welkhome Bakhk!

    Khyra and Khousine Merdie
    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  2. A lovely tribute to two great guys!

    the Wriggles

  3. What gorgeous mancats they both are. IKKYU left such a wonderful legacy in founding #1 firm love for Abys. We are purring for Mica. It sounds like he had a wonderful life so far and we wish that it will be peaceful when he eventually has to leave this world. Many purrs to his loving mom, our mom says she must love Mica unimaginably much. 20 years is a very, very long time.
    Noselicks to all,
    Siena & Chilli

  4. A welcome home to #1. it's about time, BOL. Air of pawrtying going on when you were gone. Wow a well deserved tribute to those kittys. 20? Holy catnip. Have a fun day
    Benny & Lily

  5. What marvelous cats they both are. Our purrs for Mica and Jane--what a lucky pair they are to have been together for so long!

  6. That is so nice of you to do for Mica and his Mom - we are wooing for him to be better too.

    We are sorry we didn't ever get to know IKKYU but he was so beautiful.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Happy birthday to Mica, and we send purrs too for his health. 20 is a true milestone age!

    Ikkyu sounds like he was quite a character! And an International character at that!

  8. Hugs and purrs to Mica. 20 years is quite a long life. Love to his mum!

    Ikkyu was quite fierce, wasn't he? He was incredibly handsome. How wonderful that he traveled to three continents and kept #1 company so well.

  9. We are sending lots of purrs and prayers for Mica - 20 is impressive by any standard, that is for sure.

    And Ikkyu sounds like such a great cat - we love the idea that he was so devoted to #1 but was not friends with anyone else - sounds like a great idea to us!

  10. WOW! Mica is going strong! I send my purrs his way.


  11. We will be sending lots of purrs to Mica and family. 20 is a respectable age for any cat!

  12. Happy Birfday at The Bridge, Ikkyu... and wowee, Mica looks like a dashing young mancat, no way he looks 20!

  13. What handsome Aby mancats! I am sending soft purrs to Mica and his human. I looked in on Petey's blog and he has had a long, good life, and his human is really struggling emotionally over his failing health.

  14. Bet it is nice to have your #1 back!

  15. Oh, I hope I can type through the tears. It is so sweet of you to honor Mica with your beloved Ikkyu. I was very touched by your email, your experience sounds very much like mine with Maui, Mica's big sister. And it is very comforting to read so many comments from people who have either shared the same experience or know as we do, that these are not just "pets" but members of our families.

    Much love,

    Jane (and Petey and Mica)

  16. Those Aby mancats are both extremely handsome and regal. Thank you for sharing with us about Ikkyu, and it is also lovely to learn about Mica, and how he is already 20! That is a very special age for him to reach. I will purr for him to stay strong for a while longer. Mom and I will go now and read about Mica on Petey's blog. Purrs and headbutts to #1 and Mica's human.

  17. We are gratefull to Ikkyu, for starting your #1's love affair with Aby Cats. Otherwise, we may have never met such wonderful friends around the world. Ikkyu, you were a special, special Cat.

    We will purr big purrs for Mica. Every day is precious, and we hope there will be many more with Mica.

  18. Mica and Mom, we are purring, purring, purring for you and your forever love for each other. We hate goodbyes...whether they are for a few days or forever...so we feel for you. Ikkyu was VERY HANDSOME!! Wow!! We bet #1 was sick with sadness when such a good friend and companion went away...we are glad that she has the rest of you now though to make her laugh, smile and be happy. Purrs, Lautrec and Tiny

  19. I have my paws crossed for Mica. It's nice to remember the ones who came before too.


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