Monday 13 September 2010

Manly Monday!

Hi everyone and thanks so much for all the good wishes! I did got to see Dr.C this morning (and sang all the way both ways, as usual) but I did not start my Interferon treatment. I have not been eating well lately and Dr. C suspects I have an achy tummy with too much acid in it. So... I have started a course of treatment to deal with that ouchie and make me want to eat lots again, and then will come the Interferon. Dr. C was quite pleased with me overall. She said my eyes look great and I have no fever or any other signs of anything.

You know I have been going out in my harness quite regularly with #1 and I want to tell you about some new friends I have made. I saw these guys with funny ears on the other side of the fence:

So I had to check them out...

They turned out to be really friendly, especially the blond one!

His name is Pomme. That means apple.

I shall leave you for today with a close-up of me in my harness:

Bibi-Chan: #1 keeps looking at me and saying how HUGE I have become. But I still feel like a little kitten, you know?

I keep being told I must NOT jump on the others, landing on top of them on all 4 paws. But that's so much fun! Well, I suppose I can go back to playing with bags, although #1 says that can be trouble too. Rats...

It's back to the hammock for me...

Tom: Can I start with a cute picture of me this week? This one was taken the other day when #1 and I went to visit a friend and I was in the garden, asking to be let in:

And now for a handsome and very manly shot of me:

Not forgetting the wet look close-up...

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. Yuu-Chan, so good to hear the Doctor found you in good shape. I hope your tummy will soon feel better and let you eat again.
    My best wishes to you!

  2. How cool that you got to meet some donkeys! I would have been a little bit skerred. Yuu-Chan, Harley is always trying to jump on me; it is not too enjoyable.

  3. What a lot of nice photos! I hope that Yuu-Chan continues to be well and that treatment is a huge and quick success. The different photos showing Tommy's different looks were special treats, too. Those donkeys look like most interesting neighbors, by the way.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  4. What a handsome group of guys! We like your wet ear look Tommy. We get that too on mornings when the dew is on the grass. It feels good.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  5. you are all so very handsome! we hopes you feel better soon yuu-chan!

  6. Yuu-Chan was VERY brave to approach those fellas so close! Mom had been wondering about possible acid reflux being responsible for Yuu's poor appetite.

    Bibi, it is understandable that you still feel so much kitten energy, but be kind to your siblings!

    Tom, you are such a handsome doggie!

    Mom is thinking of ordering me a Puppia harness, but has not clue about size. I am about 12 lbs (5 kg) so she thought a medium? What do you think?

  7. Love the pics! You have such an exciting life!

  8. Tom - no-one does the wet look quite as handsomely as you do.
    Yuu-Chan you look so cute in your lovely harness and collar - and so brave talking to those donkeys.
    BiBi-Chan you must be a great help to #1 when you help her with the shopping.
    Say hello to the girls for us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  9. Tommy - handsome guy - great photos, especially that last one.

    Yuu-Chan, your report sounds pretty good, hope your tummy feels better soon. You and Phantom have a lot of the same issues. He isn't a good eater either.

    Bibi-Chan ~ you really like to keep the household on their toes, don't you? A guy who really likes to have fun:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  10. Such manly handsomeness all around!

    Yuu-chan, o-daiji ni! Hope your tummy settles down soon.

    Bibi-chan, you are quite the character.

    And Tommy, you are just so wonderful!

  11. Yuu-Chan hope your belly feels better. You look quite sporty in your harness. The blond sure is a cutie. Big ears like us. BOL Oh Tommy you are always looking cute. And B tell mom it's all muscle!
    Benny & Lily

  12. everybuddy looks wunnerful today! Yuu-Chan, keep the updates coming, but i thinks you looks healthy as a horse... or a donkey like Pomme.

  13. Tommy, we are happy you don't mind getting wet. We have a different opinion...we hate it! Your wet ears are rather cute, though.
    Yuu-Chan, it's great that you are looking good and that you sang loudly in the car! We hope your hurty tummy is better soon and you can eat eat eat.

  14. Yu-- I am so impressed that you will walk on your halter! I think you were very brave to walk up to meet Pomme. Glad you are doing well. Bibi you ARE getting big! You are like Sammy, you just kept growing. He still feels like a little puppy the way you still feel like a kitten. Tommy, love your close-up -- nothing like a cute dog nose!

  15. Yuu-Chan, I am glad to hear that even if you are not feeling 100%, you are still getting out and having fun! You are also very brave - I don't think I would have wanted to go right up to the donkeys, even though they do look friendly. I hope you get over your tummy troubles very soon so you can start your treatments.

  16. Tommy we have an award for you and your cats. ~Fenris

  17. Wowie! You were not even askeered of those donkeys! We all would have been hiding! Gandalf would have been growly, too.

  18. Pant!

    OH TOMMY!!!!


    PeeEssWoo: Nice Chan pikhs too! Paws khrossed fur Yuu-Chan to bekhome munchie again!

  19. Yuu-Chan I find that fishy flakes go down particularly easily...

  20. Glad the doctors news was good. Love the clse up in your harness. Loved all the Pictures .. Hugs GJ xx

  21. Yuu-Chan I am ever so pleased that the vet thinks your in good shape! And you look stunning in your harness! Did you ever think of taking up modeling??


  22. I hope your tummy feels better soon Yuu-chan.
    All of you look soooo so happy. I love the pictures!


  23. You sure are brave going up to that big guy like that! hehe

  24. Nice photos! Wow you get to be that close to the horsey, lucky lucky!
    Glad to hear you're getting well!

    P.s - we've never seen a cat in a harness before but you sure look nice in it!


  25. You are all so cute in all your pics. Love the close-up harness picture and the one of Bibi in the bag is adorable. And Tommy, your portrait at the end is very handsome!


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