Sunday 12 September 2010

Snuggles on Sunday - Bumper Edition!

: Our day started out rainy but the sun has now come out so we are hoping for some run time later on. It has been a busy weekend for #1 who has been feeding the babies every few hours and still has her usual round of looking after us and Tommy and ViVi. Yuu-Chan is going to Dr. C's tomorrow morning for a complete blood panel and perhaps to start his Interferon treatment. He is not eating well at all and we are all concerned.

We do have a great crop of snuggle shots for your this week.

I was happy to get in my snuggle time with Tommy:

And also shared some snuggles with Sei-Chan:

Bibi, as usual, spent half his time with Tommy...

And Sei-Chan got in some Tommy-time too.

Here is an unusual shot of Bibi and Yuu together. We don't see much of that these days as Yuu-Chan has very little tolerance for Bibi's energy overdrive.

It's certainly a great way to see the colour difference between a sorrel and a ruddy Aby!

Yuu-Chan did get a treat yesterday. We had a visit from Ms. S and Mr. S who have house-sat for us so many times over the past three years. They are heading back to Australia on Tuesday (going your way, Huffle!) and we will really, REALLY miss them! Ms. S looked after Yuu-Chan with such devotion when #1 was away in July and he was so sick. You can see they have quite a bond:

And Yuu-Chan of course spent a lot of time snuggling with #1 (she says sorry about the stupid expression on her face...).

Since we hapen to have kittens in the house this weekend, we thought we would share a couple of shots of them snuggling.

They are all ruddy (same colour as me and Bibi) even though their mother is blue. Here is a portrait of the little princess:

Wishing you all a snuggly Sunday!


  1. Well of course Mr and Mrs S are wonderful if they are Australian! Happy Sunday everyone.

  2. Wow! A blue cat is something we have never seen before. But snuggles are something we look forward to in your house chans :))

    san and the amigos

  3. I find that blue kitty to be very pretty. Of course you are all fine examples of what a handsome and beautiful kitties should be. That snuggle fest, wow! Something to strive for.


  4. All such beautiful and handsome kitties and Tom. I am purring for good test results for Yuu, and a good outcome from his Interferon treatment.

  5. We enjoyed this weekend's picture gallery - we hope Yuu-Chan's visit to the vet and his blood results don't hold any nasties and his interferon treatment can begin.
    Thank you for all your great posing
    for the camera - and we include #1 in this!!

  6. Glad to see everyone snuggling. We sure hope Yuu-Chan has a good trip to the vet and can start treatment soon and get back to normal. Those kittens are lovely!

  7. The snuggle pics are precious. We like to snuggle too. Hope things turn out well for Yuu-Chan at the vet.

  8. Just when I though the snuggles couldn't get any cuter you post kitten snuggles? OH MY!

  9. Oh my!

    So much khuteness - even if they are khats!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    It is purry khool to see the difFURence in the kholourings!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy - I'll khross my paws fur Yuu-Chan!

  10. Love all of the snuggling. Say hi to ViVi for me please!

    Nose kisses,

  11. Wonderful snuggling from everyone! The ktten tots are adorable, Mommy wishes she was there to attend to them, and all of you!
    We are purring for Yuu-Chan, he is adorable with his curly paws on #1! Good luck at the vet tomorrow.

  12. What beautiful pictures of all! I, too, had not seen a blue Aby, and the photo showing the difference between ruddy and sorrel is very good! Bibi-Chan, I am saying many much purrayers for you that your blood is clear and the treatments can begin. We need you healthy, my friend!

    ::sigh:: Sunday Snuggles make me sleepy....honkshoooo

  13. The kittens are adorable, and the mother is stunning!

    Sending lots and lots of purrs to Yuu-Chan. I'm hoping the treatments can start soon!

  14. Wow you guys have been busy!
    There is definitely a difference between the Sorrel and the Ruddy! Both beautiful though!
    Hope Yuu's Interferon treatment goes well.


  15. So sweet! Love those snuggle shot and I am always a sucker for kittens.

    And #1, do not worry about your expression. You look very happy.

  16. Those pics are SO cute! Have a great Sunday, my friends!

  17. we get all distracted when we see kitties and all we can do is say 'awwwwwwww.... so cute!'


  18. We are really behind with our blog reading and our comments are having to be brief. But we so wanted to send good wishes for Yuu-Chan, we are sorry to hear he still isn't doing well. All our best for good health for him soon.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. Such sweet snuggles! What a Sunday!


  20. We enjoyed seeing you all snuggling!! And those babies are adorable!!

  21. We are sending big rumbly get well PURRS for Yuu-Chan.

  22. Awwwwwww!! You guys are THE BEST cuddlers!!! it nearly brought tears to my eyes...ok, IT DID bring tears to my eyes...I love to cuddle, Tiny loves to cuddle..we just don't like to cuddle with each other...can we come cuddle with you? And those babies are SOOO CUTE!! We bet they are lots of fun. Fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!!!!! And we like the floppy ears and skin pictures of DE DAWGS! Action shots are cool!! Have a great week, Purrs to all, Lautrec and Tiny


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