Saturday, 25 September 2010


June 9, 2009 - September 25, 2010

Our beloved Yuu-Chan got his wings in the early hours of this morning. After our last blog post on Thursday morning telling you he was doing well, he started going downhill very fast on Thursday evening. I took him to Dr. C's on Friday morning and she was shocked by the deterioration in his state. He received a transfusion (thank you, Luke, for donating your blood) but he was already too ill for it to help. Dr. C, who loved him almost as much as we did, was with him at 2am and made the decision to help him to the Bridge. In her words "He was such a wonderful cat that I could not bear to see him suffer as he was beginning to suffer." Thank you, Dr. C for your kindness, care and compassion. And thank you, Yuu-Chan for gracing our lives with your gentle soul this past year.

We are all heart-broken today. We will put together a post celebrating Yuu-Chan's short but wonderful life tomorrow. Thank you all for your kindness and support during his illness.

#1, Tommy, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan and Bibi-Chan


  1. Mom and I are devastated for you. Dear sweet Yuu-Chan, we will miss your sweet face on the blog. What a beautiful cat you were. We pray you are well and running free now, meeting Ikkyu and Sen-Chan, and all playing together.

    Our hugs and deepest sympathies.

    Simba and Mom

  2. We are sending you our deepest sympathy. Yuu-Chan, we will miss you more than words can say. The Bridge has gained a wonderful Kitty today.

    Love and Hugs from all of us at the Lounge, MomKat Trish, Daddy Scott, and the Kats.

  3. Profound sorrow from your friends in California. Thank you for sharing Yuu-Chan with us. Our hearts are breaking for you.

    Love and tears, Raymond, Busby, Rocky (blog Mom) and Jean

  4. We are extremely sorry for your loss. YuuChan was an extra special cat. Thank you for sharing him with us. We will miss him very much.

  5. Oh no -

    We just got back from the hike and opened GR to check for things -

    NOT expecting to see this -

    We are without words - just tears are finding here -

    We'll light a candle for Yuu-Chan tonight -

    Watch out Yuu-Chan - there are Sibes with their eyes on your handsome self -

    Khyra, Khousine Merdie, and Typed By Khyra's Mom Phyll

  6. O, I cannot believe this.
    Yuu-Chan is gone.
    We will miss him so furry much.
    I's maked a memorial for him on the Cat Blogosphere.
    Fanks to Raymond and Busby fur letting us know.
    We are sending you purrs.
    Our hearts are breaking.

  7. Oh, #1 and the Poupounette gang, we send our deepest sympathy to you all. Thank you so much for sharing your short time with Yuu-chan. Blessings on you all,

    9, Chani and Marlene

  8. Mommi and I awe in shock and so vewy sad..We've not been able to visit lately and didn't even know that sweet Yuu-Chan was so ill..You must be heawtbwoken..we cewtainly awe..such a bootiful and sweet boy. I know he was loved evewy moment of his life and knew nothing but comfowt and joy in youw family. I'm glad he doesn't have to suffew..some lives awe measoowed in seconds..his was much too showt , but pawfect until now.
    We send you ouw love and condolences and asta's smoochie kisses fow youw heawts
    Ami and Asta

  9. Blogger wiped out our comment with Service Unavailable for some reason.

    But we came by to leave purrs and tail wags from all of us for the loss of your handsome Yuu-Chan.

  10. We were very sad to read about Yuu-Chan going to the bridge. Comforting purrs for those he left behind.

  11. Little Yuu-Chan! You were so brave and strong. Our hearts are breaking. We will look for your star in the sky tonight.


  12. So very sorry to hear this. I know we all love these beautiful kitties as our own as we follow their daily adventures. I dreamed of this last night and have been hoping against hope it wasn't true. Edgar and I will keep you all in our thoughts as you work your way through this time.

    Debra H (aka arbed and edgar)

  13. Dearest friends, I'm so sorry for the loss of the Gentle Yuu-Chan. I send you a big ol' wonky-pawed hug.

    Your friend,


  14. I am so very sad to learn that your beloved Yuu-Chan had to go to the Bridge. We will miss him so much. Soft purrs to you during this sad time. Rest in peace, Yuu-Chan. You were a Good Boy.

  15. We are so sorry to hear of your loss. Yuu-Chan was so loved. Our deepest sympathy.

  16. Been trying to post a comment but wont let me. Couldnt believe the sad news tonight. The tears are flowing. Yuu-Chan you will be missed so much sweet one.. Run free.. Sending love and purrs.. GJ and Carol xx

  17. We are heartbroken by this news. I'm certain Mica and Sen-Chan and Ikkyu were all there to welcome this sweet kitten at the bridge.

    Much love,

    Jane and Petey

  18. We were so sorry to read about Yuu-Chan, we are heartbroken for you.

    hugs from us all
    Fiona, Murray and Clive

  19. Oh no!! We are so very sorry to hear about Yuu-Chan! Our hearts are breaking! We send you all comforting purrs to help during this sad time.

    Wally, Ernie, Zoey and mom Sue

  20. We are so shocked and so sad to hear this about Yuu-Chan. Our purrs to all of you.

  21. We're so sorry to hear the unexpected sad news about Yuu-Chan, and we send comforting vibes and purrayers for your loss.

  22. We your headline when we logged on and of course, we knew. Right now Blog Mom is tearing up and we are so very sad, most of all for all of you. Once again, we find ourselves wishing there were something we could do, but we do want you to know you are uppermost in our thoughts tonight.

    love from Lola and the family

  23. Sending Nose kisses to keep you all strong.

    Bolo, Mom, Dad and Puppy.

  24. WE are in shock and have no words. We had no idea Yuu-Chan was in such a state. Our hearts hurt for you. We are all sending over purrs and hugs and more purrs and hugs. We are so sorry to hear this.
    --JB, Chester, CB, Armani, Gaia, Dharli and mom Deb

  25. My furiend Lola told me 'bouts your sad news. My mom and me is so sorry fur your loss. You and your family is in our thoughts and prayers.

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  26. We are so sorry to hear about Yuu-Chan. Gentle purrs and hugs to you all.

  27. We are at a total loss for words. We were so not expecting to see this. We know how heartbroken you must be after all you have done to make Yuu-Chan well. You have a wonderful vet who knew the right thing to do. We know there are many beloved pets there to welcome Yuu-Chan home. Our very sincere sympathy to you.

    Hugs, the OP Pack

  28. Our deepest purrs for your loss of Yuu-Chan.

    Abby,Boo,Ping,Jinx, Gracie
    & Mom Debra

  29. We are so very sorry to hear that Yuu-Chan had to go to the Bridge. Thank you for loving him so much and so well, and please know we are purring and praying for you all.

  30. So shocked to see this news here today. Hugs and purrs to all of you, we will miss the little guy.

  31. We are sorry to hear that sweet Yuu-Chan has gone to the Bridge. We know Sniffie will be there to greet him and they can learn their way around the Bridge together.

    The Florida Furkids and Angel Sniffie

  32. Rest in peace little Yuu Chan. Hope your big bros will keep you happy at rainbow bridge. Snuggle and stay warm #1, Tama, Sei, Bibi and Tommy!

  33. We came over from Lola's. We are so sorry. You will be in our prayers.

    The Katastrophe Klan

  34. oh dear, we are so so sorry. there will be an extra bright star in the heavens tonight.


  35. I am heartbroken too. I thought for sure Yuu-Chan would get over this because he was so young.

  36. I think Blogger is acting up because it posted my comment before I was finished! I am sending you all lots of purrs of sympathy - I will miss Yuu-Chan so much, he was such a sweet and adventuresome spirit.

  37. The mom is in shock, she was just finking of coming to see all the wonderness of Aby's when she read the news.

    Soar high sweet Yuu-Chan, you were loved and always will be.

    headbutts and purrs


    Mom Laure

  38. Oh my we are just in shock right now - we don't even have the words to tell you how sorry we are to read that Yuu-Chan had to go to the bridge. We are sending over so many purrs and prayers of comfort - we wish we could do more. We are just so so sorry.

  39. We are so sorry about your loss. We did not know your little Yuu-Chan, but he looks as though he was absolutely sweet and gorgeous.
    Please accept our condolences and may his spirit fly free at the Bridge with the ones who came before.
    ~Da Fab Five: Dr Tweety, Iris, Maximillian, Delilah, and Auntie Stinkie, and da Momee

  40. We are so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))

  41. Oh, we are crying here. We just found out the news and we are just shocked and sad and just wishing we could do something to take your hurt away.

    Yuu-Chan was such a sweetie pie and he was so young. We are purring that he and Sniffie are paw in paw, exploring the Bridge together.

    soft rumbly purrs from all of us kitties and nose licks from the woofies

  42. We are so sorry and shocked about the suddenness. We are also sorry that we could not get our vet to help little handsome Yuu. We wish we could have been faster. We are so sorry.

    san and the amigos

  43. We are so sorry to hear of the loss of Yuu-Chan!!! Lots of purrrrs and prayers coming your way!!
    (((((((HUGS))))))))) from your TX furiends,

  44. Hello friends!
    Mom just got the computer working again and we are so saddened by this news about Yu-Chan..
    Our deepest condolences to you and family. thoughts and prayers for you.
    Rest in peace Yu-chan.

    Maxx and family

  45. Oh we are so sad for you all. Our deepest sympathies and purrs to you all. This was so fast and shocking, after it seemed he was getting better. We look forward to reading a tribute to Yuu and remembering all the good times of his beautiful life. We will also light a candle here for him which maybe he can see from the Bridge.
    Purrs to you all. Punapippuri and family xxxx

  46. We are SO sad. Momma is so sad too.. Lots of good memories of Yuu-Chann
    Benny & Lily

  47. Gentle hugs to you all, we are so very sorry for the loss of little Yuu-Chann.

    Julie and Poppy Q

  48. I'm so shocked - poor Yuu-chan had such a short life. How sad for Yuu-chan's family and all of us who loved him. Bless you, Yuu-chan.

  49. I am so sorry to hear that Yuu-chan had to go to the bridge. Comforting purrs for you.

  50. Oh Virginia. I'm so very very sorry. Thankyou for sharing your dear boy with us. Yuu-Chan was a darling and we loved him very much. We are sending lots of purrs and love to you, and great big hugs.
    Yuu-Chan, you were a very good boy.

  51. As soon as I saw the words in blogger, I started to cry. I'm so sad he is gone. You must all be devastated.

  52. Oh, I can't begin to tell you how desperately sorry I am to hear this news! You must be absolutely heartbroken.
    I am 'virtually' putting my arms around you...I wish you comfort and strength at this difficult time. Please just know that we are all sharing this tragedy with you.
    Sending lots and lots and lots of love to you all.

  53. Oh, we're so very sorry for your loss. Yuu-Chan was a wonderful boy, and we understand that you'll miss him so much.

    Purrs & {{{Hugs}}}

    Gypsy & Tasha

  54. Me and my kitty Charlie came over from Amy and the House of Cats. We are truly very very sorry for your loss of beautiful Yuu-Chan. We are sending tons of purrs and hugs to all of you. Take care

  55. We are so very sorry to hear your sad news. We send you our consoling purrs.

  56. We got to know the news from Amy and the House of Cats.

    We are so sorry that Yuu-Chan had to leave, please have our purrs and hugs to help you through this diffficult time.

    {{{Hugs}}} Purrrsss

  57. Oh no! We are all so sorry about Yuu-Chan. Such a sweet boy and this must be very sad for all of you. You gave him such great care.

    Your friends,
    Niamh, Ambrose & Barbara

  58. We just saw the news and came to offer our deepest condolences. We're so very sorry for your loss and are sending purrs and universal Light for comfort and peace.

  59. My sisters and I are so very sorry to hear the news about your sweet Yuu-Chan. We send you purrs at this very sad time, we will have you all in our thoughts and prayers.

  60. We are so sorry about Yuu Chan. That is so sad that he had such a short life. Lots of purrs and hugs coming your way. We are so sad for you.
    Take care.

  61. We are so sorry to hear this news - sometimes the great die young and leave us. We're sending you hugs at this sad time and are thinking of you all.

  62. We are so very sorry to hear the sad news about Yuu-Chan. He was such a sweet and beautiful boy. That picture of him reminds us of what a happy and wonderful life he had surrounded by such a loving family. He will be dearly missed. We're sending you comforting purrs and hugs.

  63. Oh no, I'm so sad for you all. I send you my best purrs.

  64. Hello, I read about your loss at Mango's blog. I'm so sorry. He was so sweet! Please accept our wags and wiggles for your sorrows and health of the rest of your fur-family from your neighbors in Switzerland.

    wild dingo (Loki & Juno)

  65. There are no words that I can say to lessen the loss of your sweet Yuu-Chan. Know though that you are in my thoughts and prayers as I am thinking of you all. It was so kind of your doctor to make that difficult decision to help Yuu-Chan go to the bridge. You all loved him enough to let him be free. Know that even though his life here was way too short he left his footprint on many hearts.

  66. Madi and I read about your beloved Yuu-Chan over on Lola's blog...what a beautiful kitty...we can see well loved he was by the contented look in his picture,
    Madi and Mom

  67. We read about Yuu-Chan on Lola's blog. I am so very sorry for your loss. He sounds like he was a very special and much loved kitty.


  68. We just now received the sad news. We are at a complete loss for words. Rest in peace, sweetest Yuu-Chan. You were a wonderful mancat and our mom feels very blessed that she got to meet and cuddle you. We know what an empty space your passing leaves - in so many hearts and at your house. #1 will be showing pictures of you to her dear friends and they will talk about you and cherish your memory. Too soon, dear friend, too soon. Please give many nosekissies to Sen-Chan from us.
    Siena, Chilli and Britta

  69. we r so sorry that your beautiful baby is gone, purrs

  70. Sunday:
    We read only today that Yuu-Chan had gone ~ we are weeping for you all. We are so very sorry.

    RIP sweet boy.

  71. I am so sad to see this :(. We are all very sorry for your loss. Prayers and purrs of comfort-

    Cara and Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, Wriggley

  72. oh handsome and gently Yuu-Chan, we are so very sorry you had to go to the Bridge. we will miss you very much.
    we won't say good buy, we will only say Until we meet at the Bridge.

  73. We read about Yuu-Chan at Mango's blog. We are so very sorry for your loss.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  74. So sorry for your loss. Our thoughts are with you.

  75. We're so sad to hear about YUU-chan. Too young,too soon. Prayers and purrs.

  76. I was so shocked to see that YuU Chan has gone to the bridge. I am so heart broken for all of you. You have been such good fur friends of Harry and Fiona. You are in our thoughts and prayers for comfort and healing. We are sending you hugs, purrs and prayers.

    Blessings from Terry, Harry and Fiona~

  77. We are so sorry about the loss of your beloved Yuu-Chan. We are sending pawerful prayers for your hearts to heal quickly.

    Nubbin wiggles & love,

  78. We are shocked to hear this news. He was a beautiful boy and had special spirit.

    Moe, Carmela, and Catmomma Diane

  79. I'm so sorry that i just learned about Yuu-Chan's death...poor little guy, he was a very special cat who managed to do a lot of loving in his all-too-short life. I know you all will miss his very special presence. Sen-Chan left 'way too soon, too--i'm sure he's there to welcome Yuu-Chan to the Rainbow Bridge. Please accept all of our hugs, purrs, and tears of shared loss and sympathy.

    Paula, Sylvie, Louie, Fuzzy, and Gingy

  80. Dearest #1, Please know that beautiful, sweet, Yuu-chan brought a smile to my face so often and Im sure that goes for many others. I am deeply deeply saddened and I offer my deepest condolences for your terrible loss. I will miss him very much. He was indeed a Sweet Prince.

  81. Sweet Kitten indeed,
    Altogether loveable
    Cat Blog misses you...

    The Big Thing, Ayla, and Iza

  82. You don't know me, but I am sending you a hug all the way from Minnesota (USA).
    My heart breaks for your loss... your losses. Although your little ones' lives were short, they were so blessed to have you in their lives, and I am certain that they felt a lifetime's worth of love in their short time on this earth.
    May you see them again someday.
    Heather in MN

  83. We are sorry for your loss~

    We read the sad news on house of cats

    Our thoughts and pawrayer are with you~

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  84. We're so terribly sorry that little Yuu-chan has gon to the Bridge. We just don't know what to say - no words will ever heal that Yuu-chan shaped hole in your heart.

    Please know that we're sending soft purrs to comfort all of you in your grief,

    Charlemagne and Tamar
    (and a teary Momma)

  85. we came to paw our respect & consolation, soft husky woooos,

    RA & Isis

  86. We are so sorry to hear about Yuu-Chan! We haven't been checking any blogs, so so sorry.

    What a brave little fighter he was. Sen-Chan will be waiting with open paws.

    The PM is all teary. We are so sorry.

    Gentle purrs and hugs of comfort,
    Goldie, Shade and Banshee

  87. We are behind in our visiting. We are so sorry to hear you lost your very special boy. Sending loving purrs and healing light to you all.

  88. Oh noes.. We are so very sorry.. We'll miss our cute and furry buddy. And we're sorry we haven't seen this until now, we haven't been online much lately.

    Pugs, hugs and kisses,
    Ane, Bajas, Virus and Hyssing

  89. You guys are lucky to have such a nice and caring vet that help him with his journey. May he be pain free at the bridge.


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