Sunday 26 September 2010

"Good Night, Sweet Prince..."

"and flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
We were reminded of these beautiful words from Hamlet by our friends over at Cats By The Sea. They seem so fitting for Yuu-Chan who was indeed a prince in every way. He was brave, and had great dignity coupled with great kindness. He always looked out for those who needed care and protection. He loved to play and to cuddle and was always ready for new adventure. In the last weeks of his life, he befriended the two donkeys who live in the field below our garden. He never hesitated in going towards them and saying hello and they in turn came to him in peace. He looked upon Tommy as an equal and, unlike the others, never nuzzled him although he was always ready with a greeting. He was agreat hunter who caught two mice within an hour just 10 days before he died. He loved his #1 with all of his heart, curling up against her, on her, or around her hand at any and every opportunity. He struggled with a variety of health problems much of his life, but never let them become who he was. He lived the life he was given with an open heart.

I drove him to Dr. C's first thing on Friday morning. I had to be at the Percheron Nationals Friday and Saturday and knew he would be in the best hands possible with her. She was clearly taken aback by the deterioration she saw and left me with him a few minutes before I had to go. I suspected these would be my goodbyes and told him that he would be loved always and that if he must make the big journey to the Bridge, Sen-Chan in particular would be there to welcome him. I left with a heavy heart and started the drive up to the National Stud. As I drove, I suddenly saw a tall window-shaped rainbow in the otherwise grey skies. I knew they were getting ready for him over there. It was almost time for him to go.

We have so many photos of him here. He first came to visit, with his mother and three siblings, when he was just four weeks old. He was much quieter than his siblings, the sweetness of his nature becoming quickly evident:

He came to live us full-time on October 1, 2009, and Tommy was the first friend he made:

But he and Sei-Chan quickly became inseparable and were known for a while as "The Red Terrors."

As he grew, all of my friends fell in love with him and he started to mature into a magnificent cat:

He always had a very unique expression in his eyes, old beyond his months and very mature and dignified.

When he found himself briefly with Tora-Chan in the house, and then again when Bibi-Chan emerged from the back room, he was there to comfort and cuddle and offer guidance:

He was also always good with children and had a great time out in the garden with a bunch of little guys in early June:

He and Tommy remained great friends always. As Yuu-Chan grew unwell, he found it hard to tolerate the other cats but he was always happy to be around Tommy who joined #1 to sleep in the back room with him the last week of his life.

Wonderful as Yuu-Chan was with everyone, he had a special bond with his #1, perhaps born out of his fragile health.

And Yuu-Chan also had a special bond with Dr. C whose gentle hands were on him as he made his journey to the Bridge.

We will miss you, little brother and beloved friend. You graced our lives with your gentleness, so very much in tune with your name, "YUU" for "Yasashii" meaning "gentle" in Japanese.

We would like to thank from the bottom of our hearts everyone for the sweet comments, and most particularly those who have put up special posts for Yuu-Chan. Thank you to Khyra's Corner, House of Cats, Cats by the Sea, Cat Tales, Pikku Pinapippuri, Simba's Antics, Forever Foster, Mango and Dexter's Great Adventure, PEI Day, The Chronicle of Woos, The Cat's Meow, WeezDaBadCat, Cat With A Garden, Ginger Jasper, Hannah and Lucy, Doggy Days, Miss Peach, The Naughty Kitty Club, Attie Cattie and Sumac Stories. We also just received a message from Ms. S who looked after him so tenderly when #1 was in Canada in July, saying "we must try and celebrate the joy he bought to all of us who were lucky enough to be able to love him."

We will take a break of a few days to regroup. We have visitors arriving tomorrow who will help us to heal. They are two of #1's closest friends from university days, one from Canada, the other from England. They were both big fans of Yuu-Chan.


  1. What a lovely tribute to such a special friend. I am so deeply sorry about your loss of your dear kitty. Rest well, sweet one, you gave love and were loved - no one, cat or human, can leave a greater legacy behind.

  2. I am so sorry to hear your sad news, please accept my sincere condolences. It is heartbreaking to lose a kitty, but one so young seems terribly unfair!

    The picutres you posted are exquisite, and it is plain to see that Yuu Chan was a happy and loved boy :-)

  3. Our sympathies to you from across the globe.

    A wonderful post about your boy...........

    MinnaK and Mom

  4. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful photo essay of Yuu-Chan's life with us. He truly was a Prince and a Gentle-Chan.

  5. Many tears, many purrs and much love xxxx

  6. We are all so sorry to hear about Yuu-Chan. We had only just put the computer on so have only found out in the last half hour.
    #1 my heart goes out to you - he was such a handsome boy and too young for this to happen. We know Tommy will miss him as well as Bibi-Can and the girls.
    Love Hannah and Lucy and Mum Sue xxx

  7. That is a beautiful tribute. It's good that you're having company who will understand how you all feel. We will keep you in our thoughts while you're on a much needed (we think) break.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. Oh my...

    What a purrfect post for a puurfect soul...

    It gave me goosebumps when I read the part about the rainbow...

    I'm soon to hit the road for today's tranpsport which will be done in his memory...

    Thanks for sharing these special memories...

    Khyra, Khousin Merdie, and Phyll

  9. What a beautiful boy. And you are right, there is something special about him. It is so obvious in his photos that it jumps right out at you. It is this specialness that will stay with you now he had crossed. It will be there for you in those sad and lonely moments as well as moments of great joy and happiness. It will become a part of you, enriching your life immeasurably.
    Our mum has a special candle she lights when one of us passes. She will light this candle for Yuu Chan.

  10. Yuu-Chan you were indeed a prince and we will miss you very much. We are sending purrs of comfort to your family as we know they are heartbroken that you are gone.

  11. Such great memories and wonderful pictures. We especially love to remember how good Yuu-Yuu was to Tora-Chan. He was a loverboy all around. It makes us crazy to think that he his no longer with us, but it is good that he didn't suffer for too long. Dr. C took the best decision for him, we are sure of that. Not much more to say at the moment, we're all teary eyes and big sighs. And huge SMILES on our faces when we think of Yuu-Yuu. Many hugs to #1 and nosekissies to all of you.

  12. We are very sorry to hear about the loss of your sweet baby! It is always hard when a kitty so young goes to the bridge. We are sending you some ig purrs and hope they help comfort you,
    Mickey,Georgia & Tillie

  13. I am so, so, so, so, so sad to hear this news about Yuu. You so much reminded me of my Red (who went to the rainbow bridge 9 years ago)...they could have been the same they will be together perhaps. I'm just heartbroken for you. it just isn't fair that someone so wonderful and so incredible comes into your life for such a brief moment...but I guess having had him only briefly is better than never having him at all. He certainly taught you so much about love and many other things...that was his job. May he rest in peace and in the comfort that he was very, very loved not only by you, but by so many others that never even met him. Your angel is with you and always will be. Every rainbow is a smile from Yuu. Feel a big hug from us and we wish you strength during this very sad time. The badcats are sending you lots and lot of purrs. Cat, Lautrec and Tiny

  14. Yuu Chan will live on in all of our hearts. His life may have been brief, but it was rich and full of love.

    Purrs and love, Raymond and Busby and our Moms

  15. Hugs and purrs to you all. I love how Yuu-chan always had a smile on his face when he was cuddling with #1. he was truly a gentle serene soul.

    Marlene, 9 and Chani

  16. We don't know you, but we do sympathize with the loss of a beloved companion. Our hearts go out to you and your family. Yuu-Chan was a beautiful boy!

    Bunny and her mom

  17. Tears again from Mom. We went back earlier to refresh ourselves about the meaning of his name "gentle one" - he surely was a gentle one, so very sorry his life had to be so short here on earth, but he is in good hands across the bridge. We are so happy to read that you were able to say your good-byes, how well that you knew. You have done a most fitting tribute to your sweet Yuu-Chan.

    Hugs and Woos ~ Mom and the OP Pack - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. purrfect tribute for a purrfect soul!
    rest in peace yuu-chan, you will be so missed!


  19. We are devastated to hear that beautiful beloved Yuu-Chan has gone to the Bridge. This is the most awful news.
    We cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling. Please accept our love and most sincere condolances. We will miss your beautiful boy so much. RIP.

  20. Thank you for being able to post this wonderful tribute to your handsome Yuu-Chan. He was a special special boy and my heart is aching at his passing.
    What a comfort to see the rainbow bridge in person.
    Love, Peace and Purrs from all of us at the Katnip Lounge

  21. We are so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of purrs and prayers.

  22. How wonderful to see all those loving photos of Yuu-Chan. I am sure he appreciated having Tommy and #1 by his side even when he was too sick to come out of his room. Run free, little one.


  23. His time with you was too short, but filled with love. Thank you for sharing this tribute to Yuu-Chan. We are just so sad.

    Purrs, Cory and family

  24. Oh no! That is just so sad! I cried when I read your beautiful tribute over gentle darling Yuu-Chan. I know just how hard this must be for you. From the deep of my heart, I am so sorry for your loss!

  25. We just heard about your loss of such a beautiful kitty. We are so very sorry and you are in our prayers. Godspeed dear free at the Rainbow Bridge. Lots of love, Holly and mom

  26. New to your site, read about your gorgeous boy on the CB and at Milo and Alfie's blog...I send my sincere condolances on losing your precious family member much too soon...Wishing you comfort at this difficult time...Love is an energy that never dies and in that way, your beautiful baby will always be with you and you with him...So sorry for this devastating loss to your heart...hugs...Jacqueline, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  27. What a beautiful post that must have been so difficult to write. I always adored how Yuu-Chan wrapped himself around your hand as you worked. Take care.

  28. We are all so sad to read of beautiful Yuu-Chan's journey to The Bridge. We are sure he is playing again with Sen-Chan, stopping now and again to gaze down through the clouds on everyone he left behind, gazing with love.

    This is a beautiful tribute to a very special cat. He did have a wisdom about him that was very special & different. May memories of him make you smile again soon and ease the pain.

    We send you rumbly purrs and love

    Whicky Wuudler
    & The Ape

  29. We didn't know him, but wish we had....what a wonderful tribute to him. We are sending purrs and purrayers to those he left behind in hopes they will somehow give some comfort.

  30. Until we read your beautiful memorial of Yuu-Chan, we didn't know him. But now we do and we would like to offer our condolences to you as you regroup.

    Stella and her kitty, Ali Zophia

  31. I have just come over from The Cats Mieow. SO sorry for the loss of your beloved boy, he was far too young but I can see he crammed a lot of love into his short life.
    My thoughts are with you.

  32. Sad Woooos to you today. We do not know why he had to leave us so soon, but he will be happy playing at the bridge now. Our condolences on your loss.
    ~husky kisses~
    -Kira The BeaWootiful

  33. Such a handsome kitty who seems to have had a happy life filled with love. Purrs and tail wags.

  34. Run free Yuu-Chan, you will be greatly missed.

  35. #1, your post was exqusite. YuuChan touched many people's lives and will be missed. Take care.

  36. That was a beautiful tribute to Yuu-Chan. I will keep his memory in my heart.

    "Say not in grief 'he is no more' but live in thankfulness that he was."

  37. We are so sorry to hear about your loss. Your tribute to Yuu-Chan was really lovely. He sure was a very gentle kitty.

    We have our paws crossed that he continues to watch over you all the time.

    Piappies Fudgie, Princess, Frappie, Mocha, Sugar, Wai-Pai & Wai-Max

  38. I knew when I saw the title of today's post that Yuu-Chan was gone. I'm so sorry for your loss. :(

  39. What a wonderful tribue to such a wonderful, special boy. We are still so sad that he is gone, but we know he will be up at the bridge with Sen=Chan looking down over everyone. We feel so honored to have known him, though we wish it had not been such a short time. We are sending over lots of purrs and prayers of comfort for all of you.

  40. Great post for your great friend. I am so sorry for your loss. You are in our thoughts and prayers....

  41. That was a beautiful tribute to a fine Prince of at cat. Our purrs.

  42. Blessings on you all at this sad time, and many (((hugs))). Yuu-Chan is now running free beyond the Rainbow Bridge with all the others, happy and painfree, and patiently waiting for those left behind.
    Watch in each sunbeam, listen in every small breeze. Angels surround you, bringing messages from the Bridge.

  43. We are so very sorry for your loss. It is really very unfair that a beautiful, loving friend should die so young...but he is free now, of all his pain...
    We know you will be loved forever, Yuu-Chan,
    Buddy n Ginger

  44. What a lovely tribute for such a wonderful fellow. He had a great life with you, Tommy and the other cats. Such a loving nature, really captured in the photos. Glad to hear that you are having friends visit to help heal your heart.

    Manly Monday will not be the same without him.

    Your friends,
    Niamh , Ambrose & Barbara

  45. So sorry..what great pictures and tribute. We mentioned Yuu-Chann today in our post
    Benny & Lily

  46. We were very sad to hear this news. His life was too short, but he had a fantastic family to spend that time with. He will be missed!

  47. Purrs and prayers go forth from us, to you. We share your sadness.

  48. It was with sorrow that I read of Yuu-Chans passing.I have not been keeping up with visiting enough and though I knew he had been fighting the good fight, reading of his decline was difficult to imagine, as my wishes for his good response to treatment were in my thoughts often. You have been through some difficult and may you be surrounded by those who understand and love you and that you may heal and smile of happy memories instead of sorrow...

  49. Oh everyone at the Poupounette, we just learned this shocking news. We are absolutely stunned and crushed.
    Yuu-Chan, you were such a great little mancat and now you are at the bridge. I just know that our big mancat Caesar was there in the crowd of loved ones to welcome him to peace and rest. You will never ever be forgotten.

    Our prayers are with all of you.
    We will purr for healing of your hearts.
    bonks dear friends

    Rest peacefully Yuu-Chan <3

  50. I read about your sweet kitty on the OP Pack blog and wanted to offer my condolences. I had a kitty who had multiple health issues too before finally succoming to them.

    I'm so sorry. Yuu-chen was beautiful and you gave him a wonderful life.

    You and your family with be in my thoughts and prayers.

  51. What a beautiful life Yuu-Chan lived. We are blessed to be living with our 7th Aby, Phoenix. Our first, Fara, was a gift in 1972. Thank you so much for your blog. I read it from the mountains of Western North Carolina where I, too, work with horses. Know that you all are being lifted & embraced throughout the world.

  52. Very beautiful tribute post.. So very sorry for your loss.. Yuu-Chan will be so very much missed.. Love GJ and Carol x

  53. What a wonderful tribute to a very special kitty. I have also enjoyed reading the tributes others have posted for Yuu-Chan. After looking at some of them, my human gave me a big kiss on the forehead and, funny thing, I did not mind.

  54. That was such a beautiful tribute to Yuu-Chan, we have read it through several times and Murray just wants you to know that he lit a special candle for Yuu-Chan at mass this morning. Not only did he say a prayer as well, but he told Fr John on the way out of the church about Yuu-Chan too.

    We're very glad that you have friends staying with you for the next few days.

    Look after yourself ...

    hugs and kisses
    Murray, his Mom and Clive

  55. A lovely retrospective. No words can help the sorrow, but know that sweet memories will soon replace the ache.
    Run free Yuu-Chan!

  56. Purrs to all of you, this was such a loving tribute to Yuu-chan. He will always be in your hearts.

  57. What a wonderful tribute to such a special kitty. We will miss sweet Yuu-Chan...we send you comforting purrs....

  58. What a lovely tribute to Yuu-Chan. I send purrs your way.

  59. We are so sorry to hear that Yuu-chan has gone to the bridge. Our brother Yuji is heartbroken as he was so happy to meet another "Yuu"-chan... We know he had the most wonderful life and will be an angel over at the Rainbow Bridge. RIP Yuu-chan.... Hugs and purrs,
    Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  60. This is such a lovely tribute to Yuu-Chan. You picked great pictures to illustrate his life's story too. The rainbow that appeared certainly seemed to be a sign, a benediction. Sweet Yuu-Chan might not be here anymore but his memory lives strongly on in all those whose lives he touched.

  61. this is such a nice post about Yuu-Chan. he was a sweet little kitty boy. we hope that #1 will find comfort in her wonderful memories of him. sometimes, angels just have to be in heaven.

    sad woofs.

    from the 4Bs and our P human

  62. I'm so sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved Yuu-Chan. Your tribute to him moved my mom and I to tears. He was a beautiful cat in body and heart and had an amazing life. We're all blessed for having known such a sweet and gentle soul. You're in our thoughts and prayers.

  63. The cozy cottage is so very sad to learn about your beloved Yuu~Chan going to the rainbow bridge. Your heart is still aching from last year when Sen~Chan left so suddenly. We are so sad for you...please know how much we care. We have dedicated our post to Yuu~Chan today and made a special colorful collage to show his beauty. Please visit when you have the time and take it home with you. Soft hugs and purrrrs from Miss Peach

  64. Those we love remain with us
    For love itself lives on,
    And cherished memories never fade
    Because a loved one's gone.
    Those we love can never be
    More than a thought apart,
    For as long as there is memory,
    They'll live on in the heart.

  65. Ohh, little Yuu-Chan, no.... Just heard... So heartbroken... We will set up a post in his honor for tomorrow morning. We love you, Little Sir Yuu, wherever you are.

  66. That is a beautiful tribute to Yuu-Chan. He will surely be missed by all of us.

  67. What a lovely tribute to wonderful little Yuu-Chan! He was such a magnificent cat, surrounded by so much love during his much to brief time here.

    Sending purrs,
    Charlemagne and Tamar

  68. We had come over from Misses Peach's blog to give you our condolences for the loss of your sweet boy. You made a wonderful tribute for him, which made mom cry as she read it. We never had a chance to meet him, but we do know that he was greeted by MANY furriends at the gate (our sisfur included) and his healthy and happy once again. He will watch over you and send signs letting you know he is ok, while he waits for the time you shall meet again.

    Gentle Hugs and Purrs to you...
    The Kool~Kittie~Krew and Shannon

  69. A wonderful tribute. We are sending soft purrs and hugs from all of us.

  70. #1 we are so sorry about Yuu-Chan going to the bridge. We did a post on him at the Naughty Kitty Club - even though he was a good boy, if it wasn't for his naughtiness in your Dec. 3 post there wouldn't have been the idea - we used a picture from your Dec 3 post of him - we hope it is ok (we woudl have emailed but I couldn't find the address, which is why I commented) - please let me know if it is not ok and we will take it down. We are all sending you tons of purrs and prayers of comfort.

  71. We missed the news till we visited khyra. We are so very sorry for the loss of Yuu-Chan. At least he is healthy now and roaming all over the place enjoying things that he may not have been able to before. We are sending purrs and gentle headbutts to comfort you.

  72. We are so, so sorry for your loss. Yuu-Chan was a very special boy. Thank you for sharing this beautiful tribute with us. We will light a candle for him tonight.
    Hugs and purrs and gentle dawg kisses from all of us.

  73. sorry top hear tht
    may he rest in peace

  74. What a gorgeous tribute. What a special little fella.

    You all will be in our thoughts this week.

  75. I'm new to your blog. I just read the beautiful tribute Attie Cattie wrote to Yuu-Chan. I'm sorry for your loss but happy that he is at peace and pain-free. xoxo

  76. We are so sorry to read about Yuu-Chan. I have leaky eyes just reading this nice tribute. He was a wonderful cat and I hope Tommy will be able to handle the loss also. Big purrs and hugs to you.

  77. I am very sorry to hear about Yuu-Chan. I'm glad he has no more pain.

  78. We are so sad to read about Yuu-Chan.
    We are keeping you in our thoughts and sending you many comforting hugs and purrrrs

  79. ....tears....

    We are heartbroken for your loss. You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing him with us.

    Sending BIG hugs from us.
    Lots of Luv & Kisses
    Addie, Lucie and Hailey

  80. Dear Poupounette Family,
    Jocebean (of the Whippy Curly Tails) called me to tell me of your sad news, and I want to send you our deepest sympathy. Your tribute post is very beautiful. I once had a kitty very much like Yu, and I know how heartbreaking it is for you. We are thinking of you!

  81. We are so saddened to read this news this morning. We will miss sweet Yuu-Chan, but are so glad to have met him as he briefly shined his light on us.

    Soft purrs to you all.

  82. I was have just begun getting to know you and have been there as Yuu-Chan went through treatments. I'm so sorry for your loss, but clearly, you knew what a treasure you had. This post is a beautiful tribute - the pictures tell the story as well as the words. My heart is with you.

  83. Hello again. I so hope your friends visit has helped a little. Please can I ask you to email ne your snail mail address to Thank you so much.. GJ and Carol x

  84. My Dear Friend,
    I just saw and read this post today. My heart breaks with you and there are no words. I am so sad such a young and gentle boy was taken.
    In a prophetic twist, my daily calendar of cats featured today an Abby asleep in the trough of a Buddha water fountain. It looks like he was in the Buddha's arms. I found some comfort in it and wanted to send you a scan of it, but the comments won't let me upload an attachment. Feel free to email me (address is at our blog) if think you might find comfort from seeing it.
    Peace to you all. ~Lisa Co9T

  85. I am so very sorry to hear about him. I am not very good at this sort of thing, but please know that my heart goes out to you all. :(


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