Thursday, 24 July 2008

Tummies on Thursday

Sen-Chan: The sun is shining, it's warm, but there is quite a wind blowing out there, so in fact, inside is not a bad place to be today. I had my little romp earlier but when the guy came to cut the grass, #1 thought I would be better off inside.

Being a cat, of course I can sleep wherever I want, be it #1's bed, sofa, Tom's large and comfy bed etc, etc... But my absolute favourite spot is the one #1 has made for me between her keyboard and screen. Here it is:

Pretty nice, don't you think? And here I am, enjoying the entertainment:

And to get to the point of today's title, here is a tummy shot which I dedicate to my beautiful girlfriend ISIS:

Tom: I have been looking through my files to see f I can find a suitable tummy shot. This I what I came up with:

What do you think? Do I have a lean and manly tummy?


  1. You BOTH have lean manly-man type belleh's! The girls will all go ga-ga!

  2. That's a great spot for you in front of the computer screen!

    You both have wonderful tummies. :)

  3. You both have very good-looking tummies! They are not soft and squishy like my belly.

  4. I am so jealous of the fur on your bellies! If my skin were striped instead of just being pink, I would not be nearly so self conscious.

    Abby Normal

    PS. Ms. C is having problems getting her camera to connect to her computer so her update will be late today.

  5. Hey Abby! I think I mentioned that I got my tummy shaved a few months ago when I had "the op" and #1 thought it was the most divine, softest, most kissable skin she had ever seen! So, use it while you have it!!!

    Your Pal,

  6. WOW!!! What a tummy and a great sleeping spot.


  7. Sacre bleu! I have that exact same catnip scented pad as you Sen-Chan. Is it an Aby thing? And I love the computer, I usually gracefully drape myself over Mommy's right wrist when she's trying to type.



    Tom - I'm having limited luck with the ladies. Perhaps you could tell me some romantic phrases in French that I could try on them, mais non? "Tu est ma petite chou-chou," you know, that kind of thing?

  8. Hi Petey. Actually, I am English-speaking, being an English Springer Spaniel and all that, but I asked Sen-Chan for advice on your behalf. He says you could try "Je te trouve très belle" (I find you very beautiful) or "Tu fais battre mon coeur" (You make my heart go thump.").



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