Saturday, 26 July 2008

Award and Markings

Sen-Chan: We are starting this post in fine style, with a big thank you to our friend Abby for giving us The Cool Cat Award! Wait a minute.... why am I saying "we" and "us"? It's ME, ME, ME!!!! I am the COOL CAT!!!! Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!! #1 says she is going to look for an extra cool photo in honour of my honour! In the meantime, here is the award:

I am probably going to be accused of Aby-centrism, but since the award did come from "Abby" I thought I should pass it on to "Abys"!!! So, I would like to pass on The Cool Cat Award to BAF, Mica, Isis and Ramses.

So, what cool shot of me did you find, #1?

and one more...

Tom: Well, nobody gave me an award today, but #1 told me a bunch of times that I was a "Good Tom" so what more could I want? #1 decided that today would be a good day to show off my beautiful markings, starting with this rather poetic photo:

Followed by this one:

Wishing everyone a good weekend!


  1. Mee-wow! I've never gotten an award before. (Only Petey and I tell him what to write!) Thank you so much. I will save it to post on MICA MONDAY so everyone can see it!

    You are the coolest of the cool cats, Sen!

    Ton ami,


  2. Congratulations , very nice award, well deserved!
    the AB

  3. Napping on the tile is good for keeping your belleh cool! Congratulations on your award.

  4. Sen-Chan, my mom just loves to look at you..she says your coloring is her favorite...after MINE, of course! Concats on the award..And ARE a Good Tom!


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