Friday 1 March 2024

Violette & Co. Vendredi


Violette: Pretty neighs, everyone! How are you all? We are....MUDDY! It has been raining, and raining and raining and, if things continue like this, I shall soon be the same colour as Heloise!

#1 took some pics of us when she came to see us late last week.

And on the subject of black... we mentioned that #1 is at the big agricultural fair in Paris today and tomorrow, to help out a friend with her donkey. But she also went to see someone else. One of our great-nieces, the great grand-daughter of our much missed Mama Hotesse, is at the show! The Percheron competition was on Monday and she came second. Just look at her! #1 will take more photos of her at the show herself.

Her name is Louve, which means she-wolf! Isn't she stunning?

#1 prepared this post before she left. She is likely to be very busy whilst in Paris so we don't think we'll be able to post, or if we do, it will be single photos. Please bear with us as we won't be commenting much either.


  1. wow you look like a half weimaraner hehehe

  2. Yes Violette, it is impossible to keep clean with all the rain we are having. March started with a big bang for us with a big thunderstorm right overhead. Luckily our power is back now.
    Congratulations to Louve, she is beautiful.

  3. Oh goodness, yes, Louve is stunning indeed!

  4. She wold is stunning! but then all of your horses are stunning. so big and so beautiful...

  5. Mud is good for the complexion, no?

  6. You girls look great even if you are a bit muddy. Congrats to your relation on her accomplishment at the show.

  7. What a great post of HorseDoggieS!

    Of course, you know you had us with SheWolf!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Ollie - we get to look at YOU all month!!!

  8. It's nice to see you sweeties even if you are muddy. Louve sure is gorgeous!

  9. Lulu: "Look at all that lovely mud! I can't decided if it would be more fun to roll in it or dig in it."
    Java Bean: "Ayyy, we can do both!"

  10. Nothing wrng with looking like a plough horse Vidock !


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