Monday 4 March 2024

Manly Monday


Momo-Chan: Miaows, everyone! I hope you haven't forgotten about us! We're sorry that we were not able to post over the weekend. #1 was crazy busy. She put in 12 hour days and was just exhausted. The crowds are huge at this show and one of her main jobs was to keep people from pawing at the poor donkey constantly. Even though there were signs not to touch the animals, so many people just don't listen. Anymiaow, here is a pic of #1 and the beautiful Jade:

So, on to us. Here I am in all my floofiness:

And Benny doing a decent dangle:

Mr. G got this fun one of us three boys. I have no idea what Benny was looking at.

And I can't remember what I was saying to Ryū-Chan!

Not forgetting Ollie, of course!

The Big V finally sent us some fresh (and very muddy!) footage and we will share that with you on Wednesday.


  1. oooh sure she is wonderful... and we love Jade! the mama was not allowed to go to paris, because our dad feared trouble after her friends planned to throw with recycled food ..... so we wish your #1 a super time there...

  2. I hope #1 enjoyed her time at the show even though she was very busy. Lovely photos of all of you.

  3. Momo, silly hoomans just luv to touch and pet any furs they can. But they really should learn better manners. We are glad to see #1 with a big smile on her face!

  4. Your #1 is surely something else!

    PeeEssWoo: OH OLLIE!!! *SWOON!*

  5. you are indeed, floofy. everyone looks well cared for and happy, butt Ollie you look a little sad, like missing your #1.. I think dogs miss humans more than felines do

  6. You boys look like you're having a fun time together. Jade is a beauty!

  7. Jade looks fabulous, too bad people just ignore most rules these days. You boys all look terrific!

  8. People at Yellowstone like to pet the bison and buffalos. When they do they get to be in the newspaper with their name followed by the words: "they are survived by."

  9. Java Bean: "Ayyy, huge crowds??? Hard pass!"
    Lulu: "I would go. More belly rubs for me!"
    Charlee: "Ha, good luck getting Dada to take you somewhere like that. He hates crowds almost as much as I do."
    Chaplin: "Ollie, you almost look like one of us Tuxies when you're all curled up, did anyone ever tell you that?"


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