Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Woofie Wednesday

Ollie: Wood, Woof! Ollie here! You know how Queen Tama told you about her wonderful treats from Japan yesterday? Well, I got treats too! Here they are!

Chicken and venison. I can't wait to try them!

I promised I would tell you more about my day last week when I met lots and lots of woofies. We went to visit Ms. S who breeds and trains working sheepdog. She had a litter a few months back. Some of the pups have already gone to their forever homes, but four were still there. We in fact met two nice ladies from the Swiss Alps who had come to collect their pups!

Anyway, there are lots of dogs at Ms. S's and most of them are redheads and are very curious!

Ms. S said that I was really cool to put up with all that sniffing without growling at anyone!

There was also a cute visiting Rhodesian Ridgeback and she and I had a play:

After that, we watched Ms. S's newest girl, Jan, who had recently arrived from Wales, demonstrate how she does her job. It was really cool!

I really enjoyed my outing!


  1. ooooh we would love to see this pups at work... that is something so special!!!

  2. Those are mighty cute woofies.
    I have not met a woofie in purrson, but mum says dogs are cool. Her mum had a Border Collie and he was high energy with a strong herding instinct even if it was chasing after a ball ;)

  3. WOW Ollie, you sure met a nice bunch of new friends!

  4. Ollie, you are a great example to the other doggies.

  5. As we said the other day, Ollie, you got to be upfront and center of attention:)

    We bet those new treats are pawesome.

    #1, Timber was inside waiting his turn. Lightning always goes out alone now so he doesn't try to run with Timber and reinjure that knee that couldn't have surgery. And Misty was OUTSIDE the fence on her leash walking with Mom. She still doesn't have outside yard privileges. Mom thinks it will be quite a while before she lets her go out with Timber, just one by one:(

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  6. You made lots of new friends, Ollie. They certainly gave you the once over!

  7. You had SO much fun on your outing, Ollie!

  8. It looks like you had a fun time being the center of attention, Ollie.

  9. Such great treats from Japan! You are gonna enjoy them a lot :-) The doggies look really curious. You are a very good boy, Ollie, to stay cool!

  10. WoW! Cinnamon says that looked like fun!And they are furry pretty grrls.
    Marv, Jo Jo, Kozmo, Cunnamon and Angel Nellie

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