Monday, 21 September 2020

Manly Monday


Ollie: Woof, Woof! Ollie here! I found another prey in the field up behind the house the other day, so #1 got a great "Hunting Dog" shot of me again!

Plus she got this rather pensive shot too!

Genji: When #1 went to Paris on Friday, one of the things she brought back was British Extra-Thick Double Cream from Marks & Spencer. Do you have any idea just how yummy that is? Here I am, ready to help her with her breakfast of scones, cream and strawberry jam:

And she says that I look like a right little prince in this photo:

Vidock: #1 gets rather annoyed at me as I rub up against some of the trees and end up with resin deposits which are almost impossible to remove.

But my girlfriend, Aral. doesn't mind, and that's the main thing!

Here is a fun photo, showing me, Aral, Violette and young Ollie! That was when the farrier came last week.

We wish you all a good week. May it be peaceful and safe.


  1. thats so great to get all the fab things at M&S... now you can have tea time like it should be... ;O)

  2. You are a good hunter, Ollie! I agree, that cream is very yummy! Did you get some? Of course you did!
    That is a lovely group photo of you all with the farrier.

  3. Ollie, you are quite the hunter ;)
    You do look princely Genji .
    Great manly pictures today.I like the group shot too :)

  4. You all look amazing and handsome! Ollie, bravo, you are quite the hunter!

  5. That is quite a find, Ollie. You boys are all looking good today. Even Vidock with his sticky furs.

  6. Hi, Y'all!
    Oh, Ollie, wish we hooligans could find a prey like yours!! BOL!

  7. Good hunting, Ollie - what did you find? Mom worries about us getting bunnies in the yard, but we haven't been so lucky:)

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  8. I wish I could try some of that extra-thick double cream!

  9. Mark & Spencer sounds like a place to visit next time Claire goes to Paris. You're a mighty hunter, Ollie ! Purrs


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