Monday, 14 September 2020

Manly Monday

Genji: It's the start of a new week, whatever that means. We don't have anything very exciting happening at Poupounette Central, and that's just how we like it!

I have been enjoying the sunpuddles (and the new throw on our sofa).

Life is good! This next one was with our old throw!

Vidock: Handsome neighs, everyfriend! I am really pleased with this pic that #1 took of me!

Do I look like a hillbilly with that bit of hay sticking out of my mouth? You can see it better in this next one:

Ollie: Woof, Woof! I had a great play session with my buddy Fernant the other day!

And then his Dad got out one of his trail bikes, and I just couldn't help myself! I chased it, and chased it, and chased it some more! #1 kept trying to get me to stop, but I just couldn't! Thankfully, Mr. P was really mindful of me.

We have a guest in today's post. #1 met this really cute little guy when she went to a friend's to pick some hazelnuts. His name is Sylvain.

We wish you all a good week. Please stay safe! Our thoughts go out particularly to our friends on the west coast of the US , where all those terrible fires are raging.


  1. Hi Sylvain, nice to meet you. we would chase bikes and cycles too, therefore the mama works with us to stop us... without bikes and cycles it works but with... ummmm not so much LOL

  2. I bet you slept well that night, Ollie!
    Sylvain looks very sweet.

  3. I hope we get some sun puddles again soon, instead of this overcast orange-gray we currently have. It was nice to meet Sylvain.

  4. Genji, sunpuddles are purrfect for snoozing ;)
    That sofa looks mighty comfy too.
    Bet your hay is tasty Vidock,but you are not a hillbilly ;)
    Ollie you are too silly and Sylvain is quite handsome.

  5. Oh, Ollie! Bet you slept well after all of that exercise!
    Sylvain is gorgeous; those eyes!

  6. You boys are all looking great today. We think the only way to stop Ollie from chasing that bike would have been a leash.

  7. Those are wonderful photos everyone and that Sylvain is a looker too!

  8. We didn't realize #1 had an Energiser Bunny!

    We thought woo were an English Springer Spaniel ;-)

    Happy Manly Monday!

    NAK and The Little Blonde
    PeeEssWoo: HAZELNUTS! Some one HERE loves hazelnut things! Stay KHOOL!

  9. One way to wear you out Ollie, let you chase the bike.

  10. Sigh, we are going to have to give up on trying to comment from the tablet...they seem to disappear, but we do so love reading your blog in the morning! Any way, all you Manly Men are spectacular!
    Love Barb

  11. Great action there, Ollie.We chase things as best we can until the fence stops us, BOL! We used to chase the lawn-mower, but now we do not anymore...we got 'taught' not to do that... We try to chase the neighbour's kitty, too...and Pipo sometimes, but then we hear a new name for us...NO-CAT!


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