Friday, 11 September 2020

V&H Vendredi

Heloise: It's my turn to headline this week's "whinnies" post. We have a pretty nice line-up of pics for you today. I think I shall start with myself. In case you are wondering, I haven't started school yet. I hope it will happen soon. In the meantime, I continue to enjoy life and the visits from #1 (she's coming today!).

Let me start with this photo. Do you notice that my bum (we call them "rump") is higher than my front end? Do you know what that means? It means that I am still growing!

And here is a pic from the front:

I really like this pic of me and my Mama:

My Mama, Hotesse, is a pretty classy lady, don't you think?

My Mama really loves her treat buckets!

I haven't yet spent a lot of time with my sister, Violette, but I think she looks a lot like our Mama!

Here is a nice one of The Big V. It's funny how he and Violette  both have pink kissing spots, but neither Mama Hotesse nor I have one!

That boy spends all his time with his lady love, Aral, so now #1 needs to take twice as many apples and carrots when she visits!


  1. Hello pretty Heloise, it's nice to see you doing the post today. You are looking lovely and I like the pic of you and your mum.
    Vidock and Aral also look good together. They make a fine couple.
    I think you are pretty classy too :)

  2. You are a gorgeous sweetheart Heloise! We sure enjoyed seeing all of you today!

  3. All of you are looking quiet lovely, or in Vidock's case, handsome. Happy Friday.

  4. We LURV to see your horsie selves!

  5. You look like you still have a lot of growing to do Heloise. Am I remembering right that you are a 2yo? I am assuming in a few years you will turn grey like you mama Hotesse?

    1. Heloise is three years old. And no, she will not turn grey. She will stay black. like her daddy!

    2. Thanks for the reply. I did wonder as she is so dark.

  6. How nice that the girls got lots of blog time this week!

  7. You all are so beautiful...or handsome, as the case may be!!

  8. All you horses are looking great today. Your noses are all kissable even if you don't have a little spot of white on them.

  9. What a beautiful horse family ! Purrs


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