Sunday, 25 August 2019

Other Snuggles on Sunday

Ollie: Woof, woof, woof! It's me again. I hope you are not getting too fed up with me! I wanted to show you a few snuggly shots from my stay in Normandy. As you can see, there are plenty of kitties here too!

Mr. R and #1 snuggling with lovely Suzie:

Lydia and Missy (short for Mischief!)

#1 snuggling with Missy:

Me, with Georgie (and #1!)

With Tommy's sister, Sophie:

On the beach with #1:

Me with Georgie:

Me with Missy:


  1. Aww, what a lovely bunch of fun snuggly photographs.

  2. That sure looks like a fun time Ollie!

  3. There sure are lots snuggles going around on your visit. Everyone looks like they are having fun.

  4. It looks like you're having great time in Normandy ! Purrs

  5. Nice you could all get a chance to cuddle up with someone.

  6. I loved seeing photos today from your visit, Ollie! I spent so much time snuggling with cat show visitors yesterday that I'm just about snuggled out today! So I'm just gonna rest up.

  7. You had a wonderful time snuggling with friends and relations, Ollie.

  8. Ollie, your time at the beach looks like so much fun. It is easy to see that both you and #1 enjoyed your time with Tommy's family.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Looks like a whole bunch of love and companionship!


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