Monday, 19 August 2019

Manly Monday

Genji: Did I ever mention that I have lilac-coloured pawpads?

We had guests last week, and I helped prepare the room!

Ollie: When I went to the big Percheron festival last week, I bumped into my pal, Merlin!

When Ms. C was working with her two mares last week, I helped to supervise!

Vidock: I don't have anything very new or exciting to tell you this week, except that I continue to be the first one at the gate whenever she comes to visit!

 By the way, we wanted to tell you that #1 will be having surgery today for carpal tunnel syndrome, on her right wrist. She has heard so many totally conflicting accounts about recovery that she has no idea how much use of her hand she will have, when. So, we just wanted to warn you that we may be a bit MIA for a few days. We have prepared posts for tomorrow and Wednesday, though.


  1. we send hugs and potp and we hope the surgery goes well and your #1 has a super fast and super good recoverx after the procedure.

  2. Of course you have lilac paws, Genji - all my blue hued relatives do! Tell #1 I'm purring hard for a good recovery!

  3. We love Manly Monday!
    Pawsome pawpads Genji. Lilac is neat.
    We all have dark colours. WE are purring for #1 to have a successful surgery.
    Purrs,Georgia,Julie and JJ

  4. You have lovely lilac paw pads, Genji. I am sending good wishes to #1 for a quick and pain free recovery from her surgery.

  5. Surgery is no little thing; hoping #1's wrist is improved by this!

  6. You all do look fantastic and we all send purrs to #1.

  7. You boys are all looking great today. We have our paws crossed that #1 has a speedy recovery from her surgery.

  8. We know you boys will do all you can to help #1 with her recovery. We hope the surgery goes well.

    Woos - Lightning, Misty, and Timber

  9. Hope #1 is back at it really soon. The Chans need to give her healing purrs.

  10. We hope #1’s surgery went well and that all of you take good care of her while she heals.


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