Monday, 28 February 2011

Manly Monday!

The Beebs here. # said I could kick off today's post. Look what she got for us!

We're still figuring out how to enjoy it best. Mama Tama has been squeezing herself underneath!!! Oh, and, by the way, in case you were wondering... I had just finished polishing off a little bowl of yoghurt when this photo was taken..

I have been enjoying the sky hammock in the study:

And been spending some time in the run when it's dry enough:

And when it's time for my bath, there is nothing like a ray of sunshine on #1's bed!

Tom: These days, I am spending a lot of manly hours with young Fernant, trying to teach him stuff. He is very energetic but not always very attentive. For example, when the frisbee is about to be thrown:

Good job I'm there to catch it!

I have also been accompanying #1 whenever she goes to visit our brother Vidock:

I'm still a little nervous about going right into the big stable where all the girls hang out...

Oh, and we have a guest appearance today. This is Diego:

Diego was rescued by Vidock's breeders a year ago. It is believed that he fended for himself for a year or more before he was caught and put up for adoption. He has had some bad experiences with other woofies so we have not yet been allowed to play. But his Ms. S and #1 are planning to take us to a big open space one of these days and see how we get on. #1 says he is a real sweetie.


  1. I khan tell by the paws Diego has a great deal of pawtential!

    Thanks fur sharing all those manly Monday pikhs!


  2. Diego is so big, we thought he was another horse for a minute there!

  3. Diego is a cutie pie (that's what Grete says)...and Grete is not surprised that Fernant is a wee bit distracted by the world! So much to smell and see!


    reporting from her iPaw, somewhere over Georgia...and heading towards France...

  4. Poor Diego - thank goodness he has a loving home now. We love your flying ears picture Tommy - we've not had one of those for ages.
    Oh Beebs - you've got a wave scratcher - ours gets turned upside down and generally takes a lot of punishment - we love it! Say hello to #1 and the girls for us.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. Bibi, looks like you are enjoying yourself there and Tommy too. Careful of the big hoofs on the big girls Tommy!
    Pee Ess: Yes, our mom's job is consuming her so she is having almost no time to blog. We miss you guys and all our friends!!!!!!

  6. Bibi - we can see that you truly know how to enjoy life to its fullest. We finally have some sun today, so we will all be looking for some good rays for snoozing too.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. We have one of those S shaped scratchy thingies. 9 loves it.

    Fernant is getting so big! Good job you are there to teach him, Tommy!

    We have never tried yogurt. Maybe we can get Mom to give us some thanks to you, Bibi-chan!

  8. Thats a very nice scatchy board you have there and I love the sky hammock. Great pictures and I think that sweet woofie could become a friend. I am glad he got to enjoy life after his start.. Hugs GJ xx

  9. Manly stuff overload! And you are showing your caring side too, as well as being all assertive and adventurous!

  10. Bibi - our the mom is squeeeeeeeee-ing ofur your pikshur - we has to admit you does look cute.

    Tommy - good catch!!!

  11. OMC!!!

    #1 got y'all an ESS!!! You're gonna love it, we bet Tommy might even use it as a pillow!
    And, you are all looking quite manly today!

  12. Diego is certainly a cutie! Is he named for the footballer Diego Forlan? They're both blond, strong, fast and quite good looking. (lol). But there is no one as handsome as you, Tom, and that is fact.
    You are such a dear boy to teach the little pup how to be a manly doggie. He'll be quite a dog if he grows up to be even half as wonderful as you. Your behavior around horses is perfect. It's proper to mind yourself around creatures so much bigger than you.
    We're glad to see you got an ESS. Since so many kitties seem to like them, mum may get us one too! Yay!!!

  13. Be brave, Tom! You can go meet the horses!

  14. You got new toys over the weekend too. Hurray for new toys, they are always lots of fun!

  15. I was thinking about getting Ozabella one of those toys....I bet she would like it too!

  16. BiBi you must be busy over there trying to figure out that new contraption. Tommy we hope you are teaching the kid some manners. Have fun
    Benny & Lily

  17. I've seen those s-shaped scratchy things at other kitties' blogs and they look like lots of fun!

  18. Aww...he sure does look like a sweety. Sorry he had such a rough start but hope the rest of his life is wonderful.

    Love your new toy, that sure was nice of #1.

    We thought of you guys last night. We went to a horse barn to play and my mom is kind of scared of horses (just b/c she doesn't know them and their behaviors real well) and one made her jump, it was pretty funny. Dad took some photos, will post on my blog soon. :)

  19. ビビちゃん、こんにちは!!You got a very nice scratchy post. My Goro likes to be UNDER it like Tama chan...well it is one way to enjoy it :-)
    Diego is a very handsome boy. I can tell he is very sweet--I hope he will soon be able to play with other doggies and make a lot of friends.

  20. We think you will figure out how to use your new scratcher. We have one and we like to lay on it most of the time.

    Tommy, we love seeing you have fun with the frisbee!! And Diego is a very handsome woofie!! We hope you two will be able to play together soon.

  21. Bibi, that's ESS , I used to see it in Katnip Lounge, And all cats love it ! I think your mom chose the right one for you : )

    And I agree with you Bath on the Bed that's the best : )


  22. Guess what, Bibi, Tiger likes yogurt too! Especially blueberry. Tommy, you are excellent around horses, so well-behaved. Diego looks like a sweet dog & glad he has a good home now. Poor guy!

  23. there is a lot of stuff going on here - lots of friends! we love seeing your manly pictures. you are the bestest beasts we know!


  24. Diego looks like a lovely boy and I hope you get to be friends.

  25. Glad you are showing that youngster the ropes Tom. Hope you will be able to play with Diego soon so he can have a good friend.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  26. Teri has been looking at those curvy things for a while...but we haven't gotten one yet!

    We think horses would make us nervous, too but we know lots of horses have cats of their own we hear.

    Diego is fortunate to have found a loving home, we hope he and Tom can play real soon.


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