Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Tama-Chan's Tempestuous Tuesday

First of all, we would like to say how touched we were by all the nice comments yesterday about Dr. S and Fernand. Dr. S is a wonderful young woman and we are all in awe of her. As for Fernand, we can't wait for him to arrive and we promise to share his adventures with all of you!

Now ME! Yesterday was V-Day and I am sure you can guess that this was not the V of Victory... It was time for my annual check-up and jabs so Tommy, #1 and I headed to Dr. C's. I don't do well in the carrier so I wear my red Puppia harness for the drive. Here we are, pulling out of the garage:

after which I settled down to ride shotgun:

All went well at Dr. C's. I always like to have Tommy along, and he even willingly hopped up onto the examination table to have his temperature taken (#1 and Dr. C were testing the new Pet-Ear thermometre we just bought against the standard rectal one). I was declared in fine form. I have put on some weight since my glamorous pre-op days but Dr. C says I look great!

On the way back, I spent some time cuddling with Tommy and in the open carrier at the back:

Now I do have an embarrassing confession to make. That awful Manoushka has continued to come around and pretend we are friends, with the ensuing total hysteria on my part. Sei-Chan has the good sense to head for the hills at the first sign of trouble, but that Bibi of mine is still a little innocent, and yes, dear readers, I confess, I mauled him in my rage a couple of day ago! #1 actually found one of my claw sheaths embedded on the top of his head.....

Can you see the wound? Poor sweet Bibi. I wonder if he will forgive me...

#1 had to confine me to one of the bedrooms again until I calmed down. She stayed with me which was really nice of her.

I have been pondering the question ever since, but we don't know what to do. Dr. C said that Bibi will eventually realise that he needs to do what Sei-Chan does, and make himself scarce at the first sign of trouble. I wish Manoushka would stop coming around. Sigh...


  1. Oh dear, poor Bibi!

    We hope you calm down soon.

  2. Wow, Tama-Chan, we understand your rage and going into the wild zone when you see the introoder. Hopefully Bibi will get scarce and not take it personally. I'm glad you checked out healthy!
    ~Lisa Co9T

  3. How about I send Teddy over and he can deal with Manoushka? He is enough to wear anyone out.

  4. Hey, you are just doing what you need to do - and everyone has to understand that you do not go within swiping distance (or any close distance) of a girl cat in a rage! Everyone has to learn that else claws and paws and jaws just get into the wrong places.
    But the real problem is your intruder - you are just protecting your patch!

  5. Tama, we're glad your check up went well. We don't like intruder cats either. They make us both very edgy.

  6. We missed the post about Fernand, wow wow wow wow wow! It brought tears to our mum's eyes. What a gorgeous pup he is, he looks so full of joy and love. We wish him the most wonderful life:)

    Tama-Chan, we feel for you having to deal with that pest Manoushka.

  7. Tama, it is very good news about your vet visit. However you mustn't beat up on poor Bibi. Maybe #1 can spray Manoushka with a water bottle to discourage him from coming around. or make loud noises with kitchen pots or something.

  8. We're glad you passed at the vets with flying colour Tama-Chan rather the the flying paws which poor Bibi-Chan got the wrong side of when that naughty Manoushka came trespassing.
    Tommy you are a good fellow for being chaperone at the vets for Tama-Chan.

  9. Oh Tama-Chan! Why do you become so enraged with this particular kitty. Or is it all other kitties that walk by your door? Some sort of desensitation program maybe for you? Is the introoder kitty healthy and vaccinated? Maybe #1 could bring in something that Manoushka has rubbed on for you to smell. Maybe if you got more familiar with the scent on a regular basis Manoushka wouldn't be seen as an introoder.
    Bibi, love, kisses , hugs and cuddles to you. Our advice: Run, Bibi, Run.

  10. Mom once found one of my claws in Alfie's head :snicker: I'm sure I don't know how it got there!

    Love Milo xx

    Please give sweet Bibi my sympathy ~ that just wasn't a nice fing to happen!

    Love Alfie xx

  11. Oh you were just protecting him! You are so sweet. It is all that intruder's fault!

  12. Oh Tama-chama, it's so difficult being the defender of your realm! Poor Bibi-chan. I'm sure he will forgive you.

    Hugs and purrs to both of you.
    M, 9 and Chani

  13. Manoushka!You like to stir the pot!
    Tama,hopefully you will learn to ignore that pot stirrer soon!
    Bibi,you were in the wrong place at the wrong time! Oopsie.:(
    the critters in The Cottage

  14. Tama, it is so hard being a warrior kitty, and then not being allowed to do battle with the transgressor! Bibi needs to know when to stay clear...

  15. Good news from the vet Tama Chan but you need to keep your paws off BiBi silly
    Benny & Lily

  16. Tama-Chan
    I'm suwe Bibi will fowgive you..i hope that dawned Manoushka stays away to help evewyone stay calm
    I love youw haltew and so glad tommy went wif you to help you be bwavew at the vetties
    smoochie kisses

  17. That Manoushka is a big troublemaker. We hope you and Bibi can figure out a plan so he can be safe - we never knew that cats got so upset about intruders. We also could never understand why cats get to roam freely but dogs can't.

    Glad to hear the vet appt. went well.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  18. Glad that your V check went well.

    Hope Bibi settles down soon.

  19. Tama-Chan, Tinkerbell understands completely. She gets so stressed and upset when another cat comes into the garden. Now that she lives inside all the time (since she got sick) she is a bit more relaxed about intruders into the garden but she still gets upset when they come in to say 'hello'!!! We send Clive out after them!

    take care


  20. I'm so happy happy !!!
    No scary bit from your VET : )

    PS : Love your photos in the car

  21. Tama-Darlin', I agree. I wish Manoushka would stay home. She riles everyone so!

    I'm very glad to know that you and Tommy are healthy!

  22. Pleased your vet checks went well. Lucky you getting to ride shotgun...thats really cool!

    we hope Manoushka learns to stay away.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

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