Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thankful Thursday - Boys and Their Toys!

#1 was gone most of the day at more horse meetings and we are hugely thankful that she came back earlier than expected! But our topic today is the toys we boys love. You see, toys are very important and I believe in taking very good care of them, as good care as I take of myself! So, here I am, cleaning my own machine whilst hugging my favourite yellow ratsie with the huge tail, just to make sure it is safe and feels loved!

I do also like the trackball and am thankful that it is there, just in case I get to urge to play with it!

Tom: I have been on a bit of a destructive rampage with my stuffies recently so am surrounded by tatty bits of material. It is so disappointing that they do not do better! Which is why, ultimately, there really is nothing better than a tennis ball, and I am so grateful that #1 keeps me well supplied with the best (she discovered a long time ago that good tennis balls have much greater staying power than doggie play balls). And I do everything in my power to keep them safe!

Vidock: In case it had escaped anyone's attention, I actually am a horse so I don't really play with stuffies or balls, or mousies for that matter. My favourite toy, in fact, is my brother Viking, and vice-versa!

Nothing better than a living, moving toy! I'm on the left, by the way!

Hope you're all having fun this Thursday!


  1. We boys must have our toys - or our playmates. I think I would like Bibi's ratsie - he looks as loved and liked as my favourite mouse.
    ¨Have a great Thursday

  2. Tha gobby ratsie and gobby tennis ball have some features in common.

  3. Toys are wonderful

    And may I just say that Vidock and his brother are quite handsome!

  4. Boodie is not so sure about the living toy part, because sometimes Binga uses her as a punching bag (she wrassles WAY too hard)!

  5. We have to agree with Vidock, we would prefer to play with a housemate before a toy! Of course, at our house SOMEBODY is always awake and rarin' to go.

  6. We're currently having a game of Mouseball round The Housekeeper's feet. However we both think that each other is our favourite toy. There's nothing like play-fighting with your brother! J&D

  7. I wish I had a horse fur a playtoy!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Woo look so sporty and handsome!

  8. Ciara loves all toys, but we do think Thunder is her favorite toy. She has also been on a bit of a destuffing rampage of late, and tennis balls lose all their fuzz in no time at all. TD and Phantom are much better caretakers of their treasures.

    Those two horses are just so handsome.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  9. Who ever invented toys should be king!
    Benny & Lily

  10. Wow those horsies are very regal looking!!


  11. Oh my gosh Beebs, that picture of you and your rattie is SO CUTE!!! What a lovely boy you are to take such good care of your toy :)

    Viking and Vidock are a very handsome pair.

  12. You are very low maintenance Vidock and my mum loves you.


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