Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Tama-Chan Tuesday: Me, Me, ME!

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. I got lots and lots of cuddles from #1, including at 6am this morning when I threw another hissy fit at that Manoushka. It was nasty outside. Why doesn't that boy go home?!

Anyway, the week has been a lot better than the last one as there were no dreaded "V"isits to endure. And for some reason, #1 has been following me around with her camera a lot this week. Being the Diva that I am, of course, I don't mind one bit!

I found a nice sun puddle the other day:

And even enjoyed a peaceful nap within striking distance of my Bibi (BTW, he is getting cleverer. He ran for the hills this morning...).

Nothing like being able to sprawl!

And sometimes, one needs a little extra warmth...

Of course, when #1 is working at the laptop downstairs, I like to supervise...

And when she's in the bedroom, I have my favourite cushion there too!


  1. Oh the pillow on the heater. That must feel great.


  2. We don't blame #1 for following you with the camera. You are a natural model, Tama-Chan :) We love your eyes when you're looking over your shoulder at us.

    We are sorry Manoushka was back bothering you again. What a pest!

  3. We think our Äiti would follow you with a camera too, Tama-Chan. Not bad for a girlcat ;) Hehehe.

    Oh, and our word verification is 'strops' - like Bibi when he is caught maybe ?

  4. Hi Tama-Chan! I enjoyed looking at all these pics..you are sooo adorable! Enjoy your day! :)

  5. We hope the photographer realises she has a very glamorous model as her model today - and what a warm and comfy spot you have on the radiator. We haven't heard you mention Manoushka for ages so thought he had received your message loud and clear Tama-Chan but he must have thought you were worth another visit in case you'd changed your mind!!

  6. Sounds like things are going pretty well for you at the moment. May it be ever thus. Love your photos. No wonder you get followed around with the camera. You are very photogenic.

  7. More channeling his inner Husky, eh?

    Woo do look furry furry khomfy!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Those khats!

  8. Tama, we're glad Bibi ran away when you had your intruder cat fit this morning. He's learning!

  9. You make napping look so glamorous!

  10. Tama-Chan, you just must get used to having the purpurazzi following you around. You are a beautiful LadyKitty. As for the introoder, he knows when to scat.

    I'm thinking the pictures are gorgeous ..... well the kitty made them so, don't you think.

    Love from the 6 Mouskateers of Five Oaks Manor, SouthWoodsUSA.

  11. Oh, Tama-chama, you are so beautiful!!!

  12. You are so beautiful, Tama-chan - those last photos where you are being so playfully coy are just adorable.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  13. Tama-chan you know how to work that camera lense just as well as Mitalee does.Your are lovely!
    the critters in The Cottage

  14. I wish every day could be Tuesday. *;e wistful sigh*

  15. Tama-Chan, you are so photogenic, I don't know how your human could ever resist following you around with a camera!

  16. Ah, Tama-darlin', how could your #1 NOT follow you around with the camera? You are irrisistable, cherie. I am sure she couldn't manage a lick of work without you near.

  17. Is there ever a photo of you that is not totally gorgeous? Of course not because you are such a beautiful girl. We guess maybe your kitty admirer can't leave you alone.

  18. I need a pillow on a heater like that!


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