Saturday, 26 February 2011

Super SEIturday!

Well, friends, she kept her word! #1 came back yesterday evening after three exhausting but fun days at the national agricultural fair. For us kitties, the worst thing was that not only was #1 away, but Tommy was gone too! He spent the last few days with his Briard friend Sissi and apparently had a great time.

It's always rather boring when #1 is away. Fortunately, we had some fun before she left. Last Monday, we had a visit from one of my favourite people, Mr. T! There is something about him which is quite irresistible, and so I find myself just having to give him lots of kisses!

I also spent some time getting reacquainted with our trackball toy:

And making sure that all the connections in and out of the TV were A-OK!

But now that #1 is back, I am back at my usual supervising post!

I am graciously giving a little space to #1 so she can show you the photos of "our" Champion Stallion, Titus de Vanoise:

And our Champion Mare, Toupette des Forges:


  1. Oh my I knew I was going to like this blog. Those horses are so gorgeous. Do they just show them or do they do some work too??? Those are great pictures. Glad #1 got home all safe and sound. Take care and have a super week end.

  2. We're glad #1 is home. We find it odd that the argricultural fair would be in the Winter, when there isn't much growing. But we LOVE a good fair.

  3. Our guess is that it is held in the winter because that is a slack time for most farmers and it is therefore easier for them to move animals long distance. Few farmers could afford to be away from their farms for 10 days at the height of growing, or calving or lambing season!

  4. Sei-Chan we are glad #1 came back as she promised yesterday - we know how much you all miss her. We loved the picture of you smooching with Mr T - he looked as though he was thoroughly enjoying it too. Lovely pictures of the champion stallion and mare - their manes were plaited beautifully - it must take a long time to do them
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  5. You must be so happy that #1 is back home again. Those horsies sure are magnificent!

    xoxo Cory

  6. The horses are super stylish with their do rags all woven in like that. I suppose that #1 feels torn about leaving you as well. Hopefully you are now preparing for snuggles on Sunday.


  7. Yes, we understand everyone purring, every Tom, that #1 is home and oh, those horses beauty made Teri sigh.

  8. Glad #1 had a grand time with the hoses (they look fantastic), and am glad for all the 'home-folk' that she is back at home. A family is more fun when everyone is there, especially #1. I know Mr Tom enjoyed the visit and the kisses.

    Have a good re-union and a great weekend everyone.

  9. I am glad she got back. I Tommy is one lucky guy to have you say you all missed him more than #1!

  10. Sei-Chan, You are very sweet !!!!
    Mr. T must fall for you badly : )
    Have a great weekend !

  11. We are glad #1 kept her word.Have a fun weekend. We just love those horsies
    Benny & Lily

  12. Happy that #1 made it back safe and sound.

    What nice looks horses. :)

  13. Just look at you and Mr. T! Both obviously enjoying each others attention But isn't that always the way with a handsome man and beautiful woman?
    We are so glad #1 had a splendid time at the show. How is she feeling after her fall. Recovered, we pray.
    You are such a little angel Sei-Chan. Sharing your day with #1 is so sweet! Kisses on your precious little face. We hope Vidock isn't jealous of your mum spending time with other horses. Love to all.
    P.S. Hi Tommy!

  14. It is great to have #1 back, isn't it? Those two champions are so beautiful - are they #1's?

    Ciara was quite proud to be compared to a Percheron, and Mom thinks you may be right - there could very well be some kitty in her too:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. What lovely picture of beautiful you and of the amazing horses! #1 is very lucky to have such a good helper to inspect the TV connections.

  16. Sounds like you guys survived having #1 away but I bet your all pleased she is home!

    Now I have nominated you guys for an awesome blog award. Pop on over when you have a chance to pick it up.


  17. I hope Titus shows The Twins the champion named fur him!

    How purry nice to see woo again!

    Glad woo had fun AND that #1 has returned!


  18. Sei-chan
    I'm so glad youw family is back togethew again. I'm suwe Tommy has some good stowies to tell you. Youw Mawe is gowgeous!!!
    smoochie kisses

  19. Wow look at those handsome regal horses!
    Have a super sei-turday! Hi to Tommy and the rest!


  20. Glad to see your beloved is back with you all! Sounds like a fun time was had at the fair.

  21. Thank goodness she's back and didn't get lost on the way home! Your horses are beautiful.

  22. Glad #1 did not leave you for too long. Those horses are just so gorgeous!

  23. WOAH your horsies are STUNNING!!! Just look at their necks! So thick & muscular!


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