Thursday, 3 February 2011

Tom's Thursday Thoughts

: Guess what? It's lovely outside today! We feel a little bit bad, knowing that many of our American friends are under several feet of snow and our Australian friends in Queensland have just been "cycloned" but we had to share this photo, taken in our garden yesterday:

Yes! There is hope for spring!

The other day, #1 and I went up to Titan's house to see his owners driving out with him. I was given the job of guarding the vehicles as Titan was being harnessed up.

And I then supervised that he was moving along well, which he was:

And at the end, I supervised that he was properly attended to after all that hard work! One day, I will need to do the same with my little big brother Vidock, so I need to learn!

In other news, Bibi-Chan would like you to know that he has entered one of the MangoMinster side contests. This is the one run by Noodles and called "By Any Other Name" where you take the letters of your name and use them to write a plea as to why you should win. This is Bibi's entry:

I'm a winner...

Because I am the Best Boy

Interesting in Innumerable Incarnations

Bright, Boisterous and Brave

I am Infinitely and Immensely

Charming, Caring, and Charismatic,

Heaven-sent to Highlight How

Affectionate Adorableness

Now has me as a Namesake

We think he did pretty well, so paws crossed for him!


  1. Great snoopervisory skills Tom! Good luck with the contest Bibi!


  2. I love that "carriage". Bibi-Chan, that poem is surely a winner.

  3. Tommy,you are complete adorableness in the last picture.I think Issa has a little crush on you.
    The poem seems to sum up Bibi well...he does have a good sense of himself! Heehee.
    the critters in The Cottage

  4. Tommy-Kun, we love the last picture of you, its a very handsome one. You did great wrk supervising everything. Bibi-Chan's poem is very nice, wow!

  5. Wow! We think you did an excellent job in the contest Noodles is running! Great entry! Best of luck Beebster!

    Tommy, you can come over here and supervise our Mom when she furminates us any time you want.

  6. Good at poetry, great at snoopervision, good looking, and generally a fun crowd. Our clowder sends a happy Hello and a thumbs up for you all.

  7. We love Bibi's poem! Very good!

    And we like seeing your spring is coming photos--I am certain those cold kitties are too because it means it will some day come for them as well!

  8. You are just beautiful, Tom, with the soft, sweet, gentle look in your lovely eyes. What a loving and thoughtful big brother you will be to Vidock. You'll teach the ways of the Poupounette Gang and their trademark cuddle. Careful though , he is a BIG little brother and traditional methods may not work. Enjoy the flowers and this sunny day.
    Bibi! You are THE man. What an awesome plea. Not just words that use the correct letter but words that actually describe YOU. We've got everything crossed that you will win.

  9. tommy
    thank you so vewy much fow the look of spwing to come..I think most of us awe weady.
    I wish Bibi-Chan vewy good luck..I think he is a wondewful boy
    smoochie kisses

  10. You did realy well at snoopervising.. Good luck in the contest, great entry. It is lovely to see a spring flower, do we dare hope for better weather.. Hugs GJ xx

  11. Good entry BiBi-chan. We feel sorry for all those friends too. They sure are getting nutty weather. We love your pictures Tommy
    Benny & Lily

  12. Tom, Your photos are look awesome !
    I love outdoor as you do : )

    Have a great day : )

    PS : Thanks to metion about nasty weather in Australia, I purrs for them as well

  13. It's very pretty right now where we are too in Southern California, so we also have a dose of the guilts every time we read about our friends who are having weather disasters!

    I think Bibi's entry is GREAT!

  14. Great job from Bib - good luck to him.

    That flower put a smile on the Momster's face. She isn't quite as enamored with the snow as we are - or the -8 degree F temps this morning either.

    Tommy, we are sure you will serve your duties for Vidock very well. He will be one very lucky horse to have you there with him.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. You are an excellent guardian for the horses. We love Bibi-Chan's entry. Good luck.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  16. What a great TOMMY post!

    Great pikhs!

    I know woo had a big paw in khrafting that entry!



  17. Enjoy spring where you are! Please mail some to us! We wish you good luck in the contest.

  18. Good job, Tom!
    Snoopervising is a hard work!
    Good luck to Bibi-Chan. I like his entry!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  19. Tommy, you are such a precious and wonderful woofie!

  20. Tom, you are the best snoopervisor. Maybe soon you can give some pointers to The Wood! No, we don't have a horse or anything, but as he is a puppy, he does need to learn certain manners, right. Yes, we say!! As for Bibi, we think his entry is smashing!! We will keep all our paws crossed that he wins, but even if he doesn't we all know that he is a WINNER!! A winner of our hearts!! Purrs to all, Lautrec, Tiny and Ellwood

  21. P.S. Tiny here....we are so jealous of your weather...I was just outside and it is snowing - again - and there is snow and ice everywhere and certainly no flowers or grass to be had. Can you send some warm weather our way, please???

  22. That flower is so beautiful and such a wonderful reminder of Spring.
    Tommy, yoo make an excellent snooperviser!
    All our paws are crossed for Bibi!

  23. Talk of spring makes us feel happy.

    Welldone on all your jobbies of guarding and supervising. You are so talented.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  24. You did great. Hope he wins. We are entered in the costume contest. :)


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