Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Vidock Verbatim!

Well HELLO everyone! Neighs to one and all! #1 mentioned that quite a few people had been asking after me and requesting photos. That is so cool! Thanks!

The fact of the matter is that, this time of year, there isn't a whole lot to do and my bro Viking and I spend our time seeing what mischief we can get up to within the confines of our box... We hit on this great idea of re-coiffing our manes by rubbing them on the underside of the bar where our feeder is. But that did not go down well at all! I got a whole lecture about how maybe, if I eat my oats and grow nicely, I may be shown at an event in July but NOT if I have no hair.....!

Anybody know what an "event" is?

Anyway, so they redecorated this afternoon and eliminated the offending bar. They say they made access to our bale of hay easier. So I went to check it out:

Hmmmmmm....Nice bouquet!

I think I had better have a taste...

Not bad! Not bad at all!!!

See you later!

PS: This is the second time this has happened to us and we are getting annoyed. We put up our post mid-morning on WEDNESDAY, February 9, but blogger insists that we are posting on Tuesday, February 8th. WHY? Mr. Blogger, the whole world does NOT run on California time, or whatever location you call home!


  1. Very nice and it's sure Vidock understood very well
    This morning he asks me for a mirror
    He just wants to have a look at the regrowing of his hair but he is very optimist because he said that if I make him a braid it will be ok and nobody will see anything
    He just forgets that only perfect things are good and in july he will be the best

  2. From what our mum remember from working with horses is they can be very very naughty at times

  3. Maybe Tommy will let woo try one of his biskhuits!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy!

  4. Vidock - we think you and Viking were very crafty. By re-doing your beautiful manes you had the stable re-arranged to get your food more easily - and humans think they're clever!!!
    #1 - we see at the end of this post that Blogger says you posted at 23.07 and we just wondered if there was something wrong with the clock in your computer. Although we think if you posted mid morning it should still have been Wednesday with the time differences
    When we post our blog each day and put the name and title on the list it never accepts the first entry and leaves us a message saying we have a network fault but if we enter it again it accepts it!!

  5. The clock on the computer is at the right time. And we have set our Blogger time zone as France, but the editor insists on showing what looks like Pacific Time, which is 10 hours behind us!

    Technology is at its worst when it's trying to be clever!

  6. Vidock, you are very handsome! Re-styling your manes sounds like it was a fun trick to do. But I hope you get to be shown!

  7. Vidock...you are soo, sooo, soooooo handsome!! I wish I was a horse. Yes. I wish I was a horse and looked JUST LIKE YOU!! I think horses smell wonderful. Sorry, Tom, but I don't like the smell of dogs at all...especially WoodDawgs. Yuck! But mmmm, all horses smell won-der-fulllllll!!! And with or without your mane, we think you are tops. Maybe an event is when you get to show yourself to the rest of the world so that they can see how beautiful you are...not just the blogging world, but the whole, wide world!! I think you should stop rubbing your mane off because even if I like you without it, it still is an essential part of you 'look' so it can only compliment you if you have it!! Purrs, Lautrec (yeah, and Tiny and stinky DogWood)

  8. What sweet horses. I grew up taking care of my Dad's two so I have a soft spot in my heart for them.

  9. You are beautiful. If you eat all your oats we bet you will show. Maybe even win a ribbon! Thank you for your pictures
    Benny& Lily

  10. What lovely pictures. Nice to see other animal friends.. Sorry you are having problems with the blogger time and hope they get it sorted soon. Hugs GJ xx

  11. Vidock, very nice to see more pictures of you, and get a bit of your personality. You are a very handsome horse.

  12. Hi Vidock! You are a very pretty horse! Hey, we are super behind in visiting and haven't been by in a while so when you see #1 can you ask her to say hi to Tommy and the Chan's for us!

  13. Our Mama says she wants to reach through the computer screen and pet your nose!

  14. Vidock, you are just so handsome AND clever - you just have to find ways to have fun when you get cooped up in the box. We bet you will be stunning for that upcoming event.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. I think it sounds exciting that you might get shown! Although, to be honest, I have no idea what an "event" is either - maybe it is like a cat show, only with horses?

  16. Vidock you are one cool horse!

  17. Vidock you are looking great! Enjoy your tasty food!

  18. I think you can set the time zone, I had to reset mine as well for Ohio time no CA time.

    Was so nice to hear from you Vidock. You sure are cute. :)

  19. Well, hello beautiful boy. Hello to your handsome brother too. What smart boys you are! Figuring out a way to have some fun and make it easier to get your noms too!
    You certainly photograph beautifully. The last photo of you is adorable. You look so soft, sweet and cuddley. A true member of the Poupounette Gang for sure.

  20. What a handsome gentlehorse you are, Vidock!

  21. Hello Vidock, you want to be handsome for your event.

    I see you checked the blogger setting for time zone. Blogger is just wierd, what can we do.

  22. Vidock, my friend-The little Sticky Girls my mom teaches suggest you use a scrunchie for your forelock!

  23. Wow, what a huge pile of hay. You are very lucky to have so much yummy hay Vidock!

    As for your blogger and time issue - it could be that you started "creating" your post on Tuesday but didn't hit "publish" until Wednesday. Sometimes, I do that, and the date on the post is the date/time that I *started* creating the post. To fix it, I go under "post options" at the bottom of the box containing the post that I'm writing. Then, I check "post time and date" and choose "scheduled" - at that point, I enter the date and time that I am actually publishing the post...

    Sorry that explanation is so long. I hope that it helps.

  24. Blogger has a place to set your time zone, but I fear the results are sketchy at best. Even though I am set to EST, it still gets confused.

    You were correct to note that my comments regarding little Bibi were a bit, well, terse. I have corrected my error.


  25. Hi Vidock. Good to see you again!

    We've noticed that about blogger too. They're very US-Centric. Sometimes it's VERY annoying.

    Can you please tell Bibi-Chan to check my blog for today? I'm encouraging everyone to vote for him at Mango-Minster. Thank you!

    Sniff ya later!


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