Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Words on Wednesday

: Having, as is so often the case, had far too little blog time of late, I asked #1 if I could have today and tell you about a lovely award we have received from both our friends at Pikku Punapippuri and the beautiful Carolyon! It is called the Stylish Blog award:

The rules ask us to link to the blog(s) that gave us the award, state seven things about ourselves that our readers may not know, and pass on the award to seven more stylish bloggers.

Now, as there are five of us, we decided to have one fact each and then see if we could come up with a couple of group attributes.

1- SEI-CHAN: They thought I was a little boy until I went for my first shots...
2- TOM: When #1 went to see my litter, she wanted a girl, but my breeder told her I was the gentlest of all of them and looked after my sisters. So she picked me!
3- TAMA-CHAN: I have only three toes on my right front paw.
4- BIBI-CHAN: I was born at the vet's because Mama Tama had to have a Caesarian, but I have lived here, at Poupounette Central, ever since I was about 7 hours old!
5- VIDOCK: My great-great-grandsire was a famous American Percheron Stallion called South Valley Did It
6- We are ALL love-bugs!
7- We are all pure-breds but only Tama-Chan and Vidock have the actual paperwork to prove it!

Our heartfelt thanks to our dear friends Caro and Puna-Chan & Co. for the lovely award. It has been making the rounds quite a bit lately and we have lost track of who has had it and who hasn't, so we will just pass it on to Cat Tales and The Dogs of Greenhill Farm, as well as to dear Poppy Q who has just returned to blogging after moving house.

In other news, it is still cold and grey and #1 is very busy with work, so we are staying in and napping. I spent some time this morning with Tommy:

Whilst Tama and Bibi were helping #1 with her breakfast...


  1. Thanks fur sharing those great stuffs!

    Any chance woo khan share some of that breakfast?

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! Khongrats AND KhonKhats!

  2. Interesting facts, Gang. I especially loved the one about #1 wanting a girl dog before getting Tom.

  3. I always like learning new things about my favorite French Furples. I did NOT know about the three toes!

    I wonder, what will Vidock do when he grows up?

  4. Thanks for sharing all that with us!
    Is that a raisin muffin i see there...:)


  5. You all are very interesting, but I wonder will my Mom let me help her wiht breakfast after seeing this picture?

  6. Aww... thanks so so so so so so so so much for giving us the award! Means a lot to us!

  7. No, Maxx, it's a chocolate chip muffin. #1 does not like raisins!

  8. Chocolate chip muffin for breakfast - mum was quite envious!!
    We didn't know you only had 3 toes Tama-Chan - were you born like that or did you hurt it. It is cold and grey here too but think we are much more fortunate than the Australians and the Americans.

  9. It's lovely to read about you guys. Äiti has gone all gooey about a 7hour old kitten, and what it must have been like watching Bibi grow up......

  10. Breakfast looks delicious today! Did you like it too?

  11. We are all love-bugs here too!
    the critters in The Cottage

  12. We like learning more stuff about our friends. Tom, #1 was lucky she selected you out of the litter!

  13. Well that must have been quite a surprise to find out Sei-Chan was a girl kitty!!!

  14. Those are interesting facts about you all! Sammy-Joe had a similar thing happen to him! The people who gave him to Mama said he was a GIRL! So Mama named him Sammi. Then when she took "Her" to the vet, they said THIS IS A BOY CAT! ROFL!

  15. I love to learn more about my friends! Thanks for sharing! BTW -- they thought Oz was a boy that was when we got her at 3 weeks....the next vet visit turns out she was a Ozabella! ha ha!

  16. Congrats on your award. You deserve it for sure. :)

  17. Interesting facts about you. You all certainly got a great style. Many noselicks!

  18. I love reading about all my friends who get this award! Concatulations on getting it!

  19. We love to know more about the Chans, Tom and Vidock. It was #1's lucky day when she chose Tommy. So handsome and amazinglysweet! What made her decide to get a dog? How did she settle on Tom's breed. And how did he get his name? Same with Vidock. Sorry if we are too intrusive. Most of us are moggies , and were homeless, aged, handicapped or abuse victims when mum got us.

  20. Congratulations on your award! I loved your 7 things.
    You have such a beautiful family! You must have been so surprised when you found out Sei-chan was not a boy :-)
    Thank you for visitng my blog. Yes, my boys are named Purry and Smily:-) It is very nice to meet you!!

  21. Congrats on your stylish award!! We enjoyed learning more about all of you. And Tommy...we're glad #1 chose you!!

  22. Congratulations on your award, we love your special list
    Benny & Lily

  23. Concats on your award! Very interesting facts. We have no doubt that Tommy was the most gentle of all the puppies in his family.

  24. Congratulations on your Award!
    It was pawesome to read those things about you!
    Kisses and hugs

  25. Congratulations on your award!

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx


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