Monday, 7 February 2011

Manly Monday: MANPUP RESCUE!

Tom and Bibi-Chan:
Today, we are giving up our blog time so that we can tell you about a rescue we have been involved in over the past few days. We think it is a great story and want to share it with you:

First of all, take a look at this little guy:

He was brought in early last week to a clinic where our friend Dr. S works, about two hours west of here. He is a four month old pure-bred labrador pup, and his breeder brought him to be euthanised. Yes, that is correct. PUT DOWN. Why, you ask? Well, it's because he has a mild case of kennel cough which is likely to take a couple of months to go away completely. Until then, the breeder can't put him up for sale at the pet shops and garden centres he usually dumps his litters at, and he would probably be considered too big by the time he is all better. And, of course, he would be eating expensive food all this time, wouldn't he? A total waste of money! So, the solution was to have him put down...

Dr. S took a good look at the pup and every bone in her body said NO! So, she took the animal, mumbled OK and ostensibly carried him to the back for his final injection. Except that she didn't... Little pup was spirited away to her flat, his cough treated, and she started to look for a home for him. Through our friend, Ms. A, she put the word out to everyone she knew, and she brought him with her this past weekend when she came to visit Ms. A.

We were touched by the story and immediately thought of our neighbours who lost their beloved lab cross, Madrac, a couple of years ago. We knew they wanted another lab but they never seemed quite ready. #1 mentioned it to them, emphasising that they would be saving the little guy, and they said they would think about it, upon which she decided that a more direct approach might be the most effective strategy.

So, on Sunday morning, Dr. S, Mr. C. and Ms. A, as well as Pie, Tommy's friend, and Mr. Pup, came for a visit! #1 went quite weak-kneed on seeing him and decided he would stay with us if no other home were found for him. He is so gorgeous, so soft and such a good puppy! He is already clean, knows the meaning of No, and generally very well-behaved. He came into the house and immediately became best friends with Bibi!

And when we went back outside, he and Tom had a great time playing together!

Well, our strategy worked! Our neighbours immediately fell in love with him! Here he is with his new Dad:

He has now gone back west with Dr. S because he needs a simple surgical procedure to remove his existing microchip and put in a new one, so the evil breeder never finds out he was not killed off. He will also have his little boy operation, and he is scheduled to come back on Thursday or Friday! We are all very excited because he is such a sweetie and he will be a great friend to us all, and of course will always stay with us when our neighbours go away!

In conclusion, here is a short message from Mr. Pup himself:



  1. Pawesome job ! ! !

    What a handsome AND lukhky fella ! ! !

    As fur the 'human' - well, LOTS of HBO words here ;-(


    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! That is just a great thing woo did!

  2. You are one lucky pup Fernand. We are so happy for you and your family, not to mention being friends with such great wonderful people at the P :)

    the amigos and san

  3. Great work all round! now let's just hope evil breeder doesn't read your blog :-)

  4. Hurray for the little pup! What a wonderful vet to do such a thing. Mom and I are very happy he found his new home away from that mean breeder

  5. Such a happy ending for this darling guy. He looks so happy with Bibi and Tommy and of course, his new dad. Hehehe love #1's direct approach

  6. What a great rescue and a happy ending for all, especially little Fernand!

  7. Such a lovely puppy - thank goodness for your vet - that evil man needs the needle in the back of his neck. We will look forward to seeing him as he grows when he visits you.
    #1 the plant you asked about is winter jasmine (mum can't tell the difference to forsythia though!!).
    It started to come out (just a very few flowers) at the end of November just before the snow came and stayed for a month or so. We thought the intense cold (not above minus 8 for days on end) had probably killed it but a couple of weeks ago it came in to bud and is looking pretty now.

  8. A very happy tail (ha ha) indeed! Can that breeder be reported to the authorities? Welcome to the neighborhood, Ferdinand!

  9. Oh! Puppy Breath! What a wonderful story and so great you were able to help find his furrever home!

  10. What a great story about a very cute manpup!

  11. Good for her--of course that is not legal for vets to do in the US. They would have to get the owners permission to not euthanize and treat at their expense. We did that a few times at our clinic when it was just wrong to do that.

  12. Fernand, welcome to your forever home. That is a fantastic story, and well done to all the 'rescuers'.

    Äiti gets so so mad hearing these stories of ********s who take the world's precious animals to the vet to be put down for STOOOOPID reasons. Hurrah for all the vets who refuse to do it, knowing there are homes out there.
    We get mad too. But there are such good people out there in the world too like #1.

  13. Oh That would have been a shame to put this lovely pup down. So glad he has a furever home now!

  14. Yay, Fernand! What a narrow escape from a total idiot (who shouldn't be allowed to have pets, let alone breed them!). You landed in exactly the right spot!

  15. After mom said bad words, she wanted to know if there is a place we could put the human down. Great ending
    Benny & Lily

  16. Absolutely brilliant news that Fernand now has a lovely furever home!

    Shame on the breeder. What a fabulous vet you have.

    We look forward to hearing more on Fernand. Enjoy your new friend.

    Big Nose Pokes
    The Thugletsx

  17. Absolutely wonderful account! How lucky all of your neighbors are, #1. Neighbors far & wide, 2-legged & 4. Proud to be one of those neighbors -
    LSB in WNC

  18. PTS for kennel cough???? What is wrong with those people? We won't say what we really think about them. Fernand is beautiful and we are so glad you helped him find such a great home. We look forward to seeing more of him here with Tommy.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  19. That is SO great! My human's boyfriend works at a vet clinic whenever he is not traveling around with one of his bands, and he says that terrible humans bring in animals to be euthanized for the stupidest reasons! Like most vets, I imagine, the ones at his clinic really try to prevent that from happening.

  20. Mum says it is a good job she doesnt use bad words because this would be cause for them. How could he do that. What a gorgeous woofie the little one is and what a fabulous thing your plan worked. He will now know love and friendship. Brilliant.. Hugs GJ xx

  21. Congratulations to Dr. S for doing the right, noble thing and saving the doggie! We hope someone punches the mean breeder's lights out!

  22. I wrote about the award you gave me here:

    Thanks so much!

  23. How wonderful that this story has a happy ending!!! Well done :-)

  24. Oh My ... I am so glad she did that.

    I was looking at our local online pet classified area. It had 18 pages of dogs for sell by breeders. I wondered what happens to those puppies, dogs .. when people don't pay the 200 - 800 for them.

    At least one is saved ...

  25. That is an excellent story! We love happy endings! Do you think Fernand will start blogging?

  26. Awwwwwwwwwwww!!! What a happy story(after the Vet got control)
    We are SO glad Fernand has a new,happy home !!!!!
    Purrs Mickey, Georgia & Tillie

  27. What a great story. I am so happy to hear he had a great furever home now.

  28. I am in love. With your great vet, #1, your neighbors, and Fernand! You guys are doing life right.
    If I ever get to France I'd like to hug all of you and kick that no-count breeder in the, erm, shins.
    xx trish

  29. First, can we all go poop on the breeder's pillow, shoes etc. We hate puppy and kittie mills.

    Second, we are SO happy that Dr S had the courage to say yes, but keep her fingers crossed and save such a wonderful dog.

    Third, yipee that he has a new home. That woofie is one lucky pup. And sneaky that the VET will change out his microchip! HAHAHAHA.

  30. Hurray, Fernand!
    I am very happy your enjoying the life you deserve!
    Kisses and hugs

  31. Bravo for a great person in the Dr. And, for this pet owner's thoughts about the Puppy Mill Slum Lord, you might want to keep the children from reading this post. Personally I think that individual, and any other that would do such, should be stood up against the wall and shot at sunrise. Give me the gun and the shell, and I'll do it myself.

    May that man lose all he's ever earned from dealing with pedigree animals. That is inhumanity in motion.

  32. We love you #1! And Dr S too. We thank God for you and thank you for standing strong in the face of evil. We send you big smooches and mighty purrs.
    If visitors Benny and Lily find a place that puts down evil humans, just let our mum know. She'd be more than happy to drive.
    We love you little Ferdinand. We will be here to watch you grow up loved and cherished. All because courageous people chose to do the right thing.
    Again, God's special blessings to all who helped save this little boys life.

  33. Bonjour Fernand!Tu es tres chanceux!
    What a disturbing thought that he may have been put down.Outrageous actually.He is heart meltingly beautiful!
    I'm glad for your neighbours.
    I'm glad for Fernand.
    Well played Mademoiselle!
    the critters in The Cottage

  34. Applaws, applaws!
    Hi Fernand, many concats on your forever home, complete with awesome neighbours. A happy ending to a horrible story.

  35. ::clapping paws::

    Well done and such a wonderful loving pup gets a wonderful forever family and we...we welcome Fernand to the CB because we know we'll get to see him grow up as he deserves to do, surrounded by love.

    Purrs, Cory

  36. I couldn't believe my eyes when I wead about that howwid hooman bweedew..what a selfish monstew! Then I wead about the genewosity of all the othew hoomans involved and got teaws of joy in my eyes..Fewnand is so lucky to have all of you in his life and to have found his loving fuwwevew home
    smoochie thankful kisses

  37. Heavens to Mergatroid, all you -Chans! I would have turned the air blue regarding that NOT VERY NICE EXCUSE FOR A HOMO SAPIENS-if I used such words.

    I am sooooo thankful to know such loving furple as you and your lovely #1. Thank you for taking on this young fellow..all he needed was for someone to care-and you and Dr. C did! I'm thankful he's found a loving forever home and perhaps we'll hear of him again! Yay for the Pouponettes!


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