Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: Hello there!

The weather has been odd. Warm and then cold. Rain and then rain with maybe a sunbeam or two. We have been spending what time we can in the run:

Otherwise, it's back to bird TV from the warmth of the great indoors!

And napping on #1's bed...

And don't think that my Bibi is the only one to curl up with her at bathtime!

Ah the life of a Diva.....

PS: We just wanted to mention that there are some utterly amazing photos of beautiful Bengal Asia of Pet Meadow playing with Da Bird here.


  1. Your weather sounds like our weather. It just can't decide, at the moment. Were the pictures of Fernant yesterday really Fernant?! My goodness, how much does he eat to grow so quickly?!?!

  2. Good news that you at least are getting SOME time in the run.

    Yes, aren't those photos of Asia amazing?

  3. Love the close up Tama-Chan!

    And a wonderful Manly Monday post from the boys yesterday too!


    Pei-Ess, thank you for sending POTP to my Auntie - she claims she got a snuggle from one of you, but she won't say who! Nose kisses!

  4. It was very windy and rainy here yesterday and we thinks today is going to be more of the same so it is a nice bed inside for us.

  5. We prefer those photos of you guys relaxing! Asia is too energetic. Äiti, however is getting ideas.

  6. We have just been and looked at Asia's photos - they are amazing and now we want one of those toys too!!
    We love the pictures of Tama-Chan she looks very much in charge and seems to be enjoying snuggles in bed.
    It is furry cold here again today -the thermometer says it's warmer than yesterday which was +1 but the wind is so cold it feels like
    -5. We hope Spring will come soon and the sun will wake up and warm us!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. Tama-Chan, are you sure you didn't move to OP - you are describing our weather too. Beautiful day here today.

    We would have to say that the life of a Diva at The Poupounette is pretty darn good.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  8. Such is the life of some spoiled kitties :)

    Our weather is acting all crazy too...warm then cold, storms then clear...guess Spring is here!

  9. our weather has been the same here too!

  10. Napping is just a good thing to do in the Winter.

  11. Oh Tama Chan we love that first picture. Bird TV is actually fun, BOL
    Benny & Lily

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  13. Sounds exactly like Tiger and GK's routine (tho I think Gold Kitty might sleep a little more....) and same weather, too.

  14. Tama-chan, you have the most gorgeous eyes! Hope the weather balances out for you soon!

  15. Here too ! the weather is so weird !
    But it's still nice to go outside : )
    Love your outdoor photos

    Whatever the weather will be, Have a great day buddies !

  16. Hi Tama! Wow those are beautiful pictures of you - especially that one of you sitting in the run! We hope the weather gets nicer there soon so you can spend a lot more time out there!

  17. Tama, you are gorgeous in your close up! Our weather has been strange here, too, we had rain which is unusual for early spring. The life of a Diva is indeed good!

  18. No matter what your weather, you always have great places to play and interesting toys to play with. And there is always a welcoming spot in which to cuddle. Unseasonably cold here last week 14C. With rain! But now we are back to 24C with sun and spring on the way. Have a wonderful day. Kisses to you.

  19. You guys have the life for sure! :)

  20. Tama-Chan
    youw pawfect eyes and body, make you a twoo Diva.
    I hpe you have a most wondewful day wif youw siblings
    smoochie kisses

  21. We think the rain will bring some very pretty flowers.Remember to look out for signs of them when you are out in your run Tama-Chan.In the meantime,continue to get plenty of rest and lots of catnaps so that your energy is high when Spring does arrive!
    the critters in The Cottage

  22. Khwite the purrrrfekht eye shot!

    As fur Diva - it takes one to know one ;-)

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! I saw my furiend Zoey The GSD|Collie jogging with a liver kholoured woo this afternoon! Oh how I khould have gone along but my mom doesn't run -

  23. Thanks for telling me about the photos at Pet Meadow - they are PAWSOME!

  24. That's a great way to spend on a fickle weathered day!


  25. The weather is unsettled here in Virginia too but we know spring will be here soon--more open window time, since we aren't lucky enough to have a catio like you!

  26. Wow Tama-chan, thank you for mentioning miss Asia! We had lots of new visitors this week. Asia has been bugging us everyday for 'Da Bird' play time...I think I will have to take some more photos for all the new folks stopping by!


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