Saturday, 19 March 2011

SEIturday Once More!

Sei-Chan: What a week it has been! So much worry about what has been going on in Japan, fuelled by the shameless international media for whom the more catastrophic the better. There is a well-measured riposte to all that here.

The brave people of Tohoku are finding comfort and smiles wherever they can, and so we consider it our duty to delight in every moment. As you know, I took an early fancy to our new "Ess" and continue to enjoy it enormously.

But the question is this: do you think it makes my bum look big?

Yesterday, we showed you the delights of our Kitchen Bird TV Channel. Believe it or not, we do even better on the Study Channel because, aside from the numerous birdies who come to the feeder, we also get this...

This little guy lives under the roof tiles and occasionally comes out to get his share of sunflower seeds! He kept Bibi-Chan and me quite transfixed yesterday!

So much so that it tired us right out:

#1 noticed that today's theme for Photo Hunt is "License Plate." We don't usually play Photo Hunt but we just couldn't resist this one. You see, when she lived in Chicago, #1 had the following license plate:

IKKYU was of course her very first cat, who lived with her at the time, and 3 is read "san" in Japanese, making a plate that read "IKKYU-SAN" or Mr. Ikkyu!

Too bad there are no vanity plates in France...

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Thanks so much for the link. As we have been saying ..........

    Love your pictures today and that license plate is awesome!

  2. Bibi-Chan
    I posted your award on my blog because I am not confident in the peemails to France. So come and get it. Besides, it was a good excuse to let everybody know that their awards are coming and to make sure they ALL got to their destinations (plus your photo is quite stunning).


  3. You have mouse tv? How cool is that?!

    Love the license plate. Have a great weekend.

  4. Our kitties are enjoying their channels, too. They have the kitchen channel and the living room channel, mostly.

    I love the license plate. We have vanity plates here, but our humans seem to be too cheap to get them.

    Uh oh - my captcha word says, "mange". That's not a good word at all.

  5. What a wonderful licence place #1 had in Chicago. We love your mouse TV and would like one of our very own - we think we'll soon be getting birdie TV as Lucy has been investigating the tree in the next garden. Fortunately the tree is a conifer of sort so mum thinks it will be too thick for her to climb up inside. She keeps sitting and staring at it so watch this space!

  6. Is it all license plate in France have that many words? Ours have more numbers than the words thou


  7. A great Seiturday post. We agree with you about enjoying every moment and also turn our bottoms of disrespect to the media loving all the panic.

  8. We like your great plate! Excellent

  9. I think that your tail is greatly enhanced by the rich colours of the carpet. Nice photo of your rear!

  10. That is a great license plate!!

    My human has been frustrated by all the media coverage about the Japanese nuclear plants too - she had no idea who to believe or what to think!

  11. Your butt is perfectly lovely Sei-Chan! We like your license plate.

    Your friends,
    Niamh & Ambrose

  12. mouse TV! We're coming over
    Benny & Lily

  13. The mom wants a vanity plate wif TT's name but she is too cheap to buy it right now. MOL We fink dat is a pawsome idea for a plate though.

    Question, as we heard yer #1 can translate (and google tends to do a bad job) we found this blog - we know its from a person whose daughter lives on Cat Island Japan -

    We wanted to share some news wif yoo about it.

  14. Thanks for the link to that report on Japan. It is often very difficult to filter through all the differing stories.

    We just have regular number and letter plates here, the vanity plates cost lots of extra green papers. But the Momster enjoys seeing them all and trying to figure out what they are saying.

    Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  15. Your TV Channel always have a good show about " LIVE YUMMY THINGS" . Around your window must be soaking with drooling effect..MOL


  16. OMC we would have been out of our fur suits trying to get mister squirrel! We have never seen one except in pictures...drool...

    We like #1's plate! How long ago did she live in Chicago?

  17. How furry khool!

    Thanks fur sharing that special plate!

    PeeEssWoo: Hi Tommy! One of woo were out fur a jog Saturday AM when Mom had me out fur the last time prior to heading to work - the lukhky one didn't have to have their human on a string - khan woo believe that!?!

  18. You have a little mousie! What fun. One day we fully expect to see him curled up with Tommy! A full member of the Poupounette Gang.

    We worry and pray for the cats and people of Cat Island, Japan. If your wonderful #1 can read the blog listed in The Misadventures of Me post (above) could she please let all of her readers know what has happened? we thank you.

    Very cool plate, #1. We love it!

  19. Nice bum. Glossy bum. Here glossybum glossybum glossybum. I have something very special for you --


    What can I say. Monster ManCat.

  20. Oh is that a little mousie we see?? We bet he is quite entertaining!!

  21. That's a fun looking mouse! Mine doesnt move much and just sits on mommy's computer table..:(
    Have a terrific weekend!


    P.s- Paw a hi to Tommy!!

  22. That looks like a purrty big mousie! Gosh, #1 lived in Chicago? Not really far from us in Whiskerconsin.

  23. Your new outside friend sure is cute. Bet you guys would love to get out there and play huh? :)

  24. Mouse hunting is very exhausting!

  25. That is an awesome license plate!


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